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  1. I can't find pictures showing most of the larger models with Sir Forscale to get an idea of how big they are. The last Kickstarters they included Sir Forscale in most model pictures. They added Sir Forscale to Narthalyssk's picture, but what about Valfuryx, Aganzarax & the War Mammoth? I really would like to have some idea how big the dragons and mammoth are in relation to a normal human sized mini.
  2. Dear Reaper, I really enjoyed looking through your Inspiration Gallery for color and painting examples and otherwise checking out people's awesome painting jobs. Also, I'm having a hard time trying to find the Craft tutorials. Are you planning on adding these back to the new website? Please do so.
  3. If you are a fan of miniatures & dungeon crawl boardgames that have a campaign mode, like my group, Swords & Sorcery might be for you. My group is also playing Gloomhaven (just fantastic) and we'll be resuming our Descent gaming afterwards. Descent & Swords & Sorcery have a lot of nice minis. S&S Kickstarter ends Weds! I believe that the KS product ships out in Dec 2019. Right now there are about 100 minis (some creatures are duplicates). https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ares-games/sword-and-sorcery-ancient-chronicles
  4. Thanks to Reaper for putting on another great KS. They produce so many great sculpts and, with Bones, we can get more minis for the $. 3 Bones KSs and I always buy multiple core sets, an expansion set, all the paints, giants and a bunch of dragons/big creatures... oh ya... and mouslings. The core sets are such a good deal. I always want multiples of about third of the core sets so it's worthwhile for me to buy a complete extra set imo.
  5. Ugh... that big fat ugly Dragon Tyrant adds between $30-$40 in shipping for us Canuckistans. The dude needs to lose some weight. On the fence with him. He's awesome, but at $100 ... ehh. I think the Shubster and his tentacles will have to do.
  6. The Mythos Expansion is uniquely awesome. All those horror aliens are chomping to eat people and then spawn more horror aliens! I don't know which are more enticing in the Ogre Command - the little goblin buggers or the ogre chieftans. I'm going with those crazy goblins, they look like they are having fun.
  7. I have backed all 3 Reaper Bones KSs and the items that excited me the most were the new selection of bundled paints. I jumped on all of the paint offerings. Such a good deal of half price paints and a lot of them you still cannot get outside of the KSs. I highly recommend anteing up for the paint offerings. The Reaper drop bottles are great and ready made washes and liners are a huge help.
  8. I think Reaper should mention in an update or on the main page regarding the larger funding increments between stretch goals compared to their last few KS. Not everyone is going to know to go here and try to dig up that info. People might take a look and think they are going to get a lot less in this KS. That was my 1st impression.
  9. The Core $100 sets are always a great deal. Bones 1 core set had about 240 minis. Bones 2 had about 150 minis. Hopefully the Bones 3 $100 Core set will come in at least around 150 minis again. $0.70 per mini is a great deal as they usually go for $2.75 per mini retail. So even if you only want a third of them, it's well worth it. The whole thing looks great to me so far. I'm not into the savage world modern figures, but there's always a couple that interest me. Crocodileman! Half priced paints in awesome new colors! The best deal. Value!
  10. Is there any word on why the stretch goals are at such large funding increments? During Reaper Bones 2, at 16 reveals, the stretch goal was $413k with $30k between reveals. The current Bones 3 16th reveal is at $775k with $75k between reveals.
  11. what's this thread all about? Some mini or something might come out today? Something going on today?
  12. I could use a line of Lycanthropes of both sexes in hybrid form. Werebear, werewolf, wererat, werelion, werehawk, werebadger, werestag, wereboar, werecrocodile... I loved the previous wereshark and werewolf in the last Bones. Was there a wererat, I can't remember?
  13. 20 minis for $20 is a good deal. I really like the Monk and Jester. The wench looks a little plain and blocky. Don't know if I would want/need multiples of the zombie jester, wench and bard for use in my RPG games/ mini collection. Although I could probably make the zombie jester to look like a demon with horns. For me, solid value for Zombicide game related minis and cards. Maybe not so much so if used solely for non-zombicide purposes. Overall, I am more than likely tempted to buy this add on.
  14. The miniatures look like they are of higher quality/detail in this most recent Zombicide Black PLague set. I've been deciding whether to forgo the Wulfsburg set. Not sure the 26 minis and 2 tiles is worth the extra $50 plus maybe $7 shipping. The set doesn't say if it includes any scenarios. But an army of wolves is pretty enticing... Anyone else weighing the value of the Wulfsburg set?
  15. 1) I backed Zombicide 3 and the shipping cost around $20 CND for the two box sets. It shipped from Canada so no customs.
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