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  1. Thanks Gene! but could we get names? I don't know what to name the 2 archers.
  2. thanks for making my list addiction a little easier on me.
  3. damn. Airborne was my first guess, since he was less overtly native american, I went with the safer bet.
  4. Blowtorch, Duke, Scarlett, Spirit, Roadblock, Beachhead thanks for the fun game! very interesting how the sculpts pretty much dictated which character it should be. You truly are a Joe fan. now, just dig out the bird from the familiars, paint him like a bald eagle, call him Freedom and stick him on Spirits shoulder!
  5. what I meant was that KS1 was a great deal, I'm happy I backed it and I don't regret anything. But, given how many unpainted bones I have at the moment, I would need an even better deal to consider spending that much money again. I'm not trying to sound greedy, it's like passing on seconds at supper. to put it simply: my appetite is sated.
  6. True, but some of us from KS1 may feel like we have enough minis. OK, to be fair, no mini painter ever feels like they have enough minis, but the wallet (or wife) may make us believe that we feel that way. I'm still on the fence for KS2. If this one is as good as the first, I probably won't back it. We'll see.
  7. I have a hard time accepting the price on the smaller expansions, but I tell myself that it's the content, not the plastic that costs that much. But $60 and $90??? Suddenly, Star Wars Pocketmodels are looking a whole lot better!
  8. I speculate Warlord minis. It can't just be adding on to the Dark Heaven Bones line, why would we Kickstart that when we all have a bunch already that aren't painted? A lot of board games on Kickstarter have different armies/factions as add-ons, so you don't have to buy all the armies. Therefore, in my opinion, boxed sets of Warlord starter armies in Bonesium would be a big shot in the arm for the Warlord brand. Several army options with tons of possible add-ons are the perfect recipe for a successful Kickstarter campaign. Just a thought anyway.
  9. Wow! So it's been a few months but the day finally came. Last Thursday we began our first session and it went quite well. I gave him an old tackle box with my old, no-longer-used supplies, then I let him pick out of the pile of "Vampire Bones doubles". Thereby teaching him about inspiration without saying a word. Apparently, Kobolds are what spoke to him the most. I wished he would have picked one with less skin, but he taught me "it's just for practice, right?" See? teachers do learn things from the students! Anyway, I did my best to briefly teach him things to know before the actual physical painting (don't let paint dry on brush, keep paint out of ferrule, mash the brush and you'll be kicked out of my house, the brush is your most valuable tool, etc.) Then painting began. He asked where to start, and based on the model in hand I suggested basecoating all the areas first. This gave him something to do while I continued to impart information at a more relaxed pace (different paints have different consistencies, when you need thicker or thinner paints, looking at character backstory for a reference point for what colors to use, muscle memory, different paint styles for different purposes, drinking tea appeases the miniature painting Gods, etc.) Then while we both painted, he asked questions, and I kept my answers in a conversational tone, and it really helps to have painted examples nearby. I intentionally avoided certain areas of information, but if it came up, i just said we'd see it later. I learned that you have to read your student while you teach, mine read "no need to explain, just an answer and an example are enough." At this point, my first advice to anyone about to teach others to paint, is to watch Bob Ross vids on Youtube. Hearing things like "every day is a good day when you paint" and "we don't make mistakes, we just have happy accidents" really puts you in the right frame of mind. Remember to impart that there is no right or wrong way to paint, you can do it however you like. It's just that some ways work better. Hard to tell from his first basecoated mini, if there's potential or not, but he enjoyed it and that's what matters.
  10. I took the time mark the product number on each baggie with a sharpie. It took a long time but it'll be worth it in a couple of months when I don't remember who's who. I'll probably transfer the codes to the bottom of the bases when I have more than 2 painted. nice work on Mr Sandman, and welcome to the forums
  11. got mine Thurdsay, but couldn't open it until after work on Friday. I've been speechless ever since. Happy to report that my order was 100% accurate, although an error in my favor would have been nice.
  12. so..... anyone know how late the trucks run? I'm still due By End Of Day, but it's 7:30. (gettin' nervous here) I think I'd rather they update my tracking to "We'll bring it tomorrow, stop looking at the road"
  13. Mine is scheduled for By End of Day. I'll hand out cigars to celebrate my 7.2 lb baby. I'm just glad there's no F5 key on my front door...
  14. I regret telling myself recently that it's OK to not paint them and to just collect them "as is". So being a completionist, when I get to it, I will regret not getting Kally.
  15. Title Edited accordingly. nice. Now, even though I lost, I can still win! Now I can hardly wait to get my Bones, cuz all I have left to paint is Warmachine Warjacks. And I just discovered that I don`t like painting Warjacks. But I`ve been keeping busy by snatching up clearance Star Wars pocketmodels at the dollarstore. I now have a new addiction (God help me!)
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