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  1. Hey.. thx guys !! I never expected so much answers... Now I'm REALLY interested in buying the game... Finding players is another matter ... ( I live near Montreal in a small town)... Thx again !
  2. Hi everyone. I am a newbee here and I want more informations about the Warlord game. Currently, I'm turning my back to Games Workshop because of their stupid sales policies. I'm a Mordheim player and i'm looking for another similar game to play. Warlord seems to fit but does it really ? I need more info about the game itseft (mechanics, number of models in a typical warband, characters work as units or as single models...). I suscribed to the kickstarter project and I am a bit sad that they did'nt gave us the option to buy the Warlord book as options or PDFs as ''pledge gift''. I think this would promote the game and encourage some people to buy more miniatures (give from one hand, receive from the other no ?). They should think about adding it to the pledge manager. But, hey, I'm not their marketing manager ?! Feel free to share your tought about your own warbands style of plays (I'm craving those bloodstone gnomes!!!), your opinions about the game and anything that would help me to get a glimpse... Thx. Goglutin
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