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  1. Amazing, very inspirational! Thanks for sharing!
  2. Sweet altar! I'm painting one myself now and was thinking of adding some moss to it. Nice to see it works very well, thanks!
  3. Oh my. So 25 days to get some extra money to back this up... Although I'm a bit worried that the international shipping costs will prevent me from backing this time... =/
  4. What a great idea! Lovin' it! Be sure to show it off when painted =).
  5. Looking at those miniatures, my first choice would be to just file off some pointy parts and then paint the upper body as clothing. BUT I really want to encourage sculpting, as it's so much fun! Frustrating though, but fun =). And I totally agree with the use of vaseline. I started with water as a lubricant, do not go there...
  6. Oh, what a beautiful work of art this is shaping to be.... Thank you very much for sharing this!
  7. Lot's of really good paint jobs here, but I'm really digging that female samurai! I'm certainly not a fan of golden metallics, but you nailed it!
  8. Looking good so far! I got my sculpts a LOT smoother when I started using vaseline. I don't have those clay shapers so I smooth with just a regular sculpting tool.
  9. Thanks a lot! I've been distracted from this project not only because of other projects, but also as I went blind on that picture. You know, been looking it too long, and don't see the mistakes and so on. It's good to have some suggestions so I can see again =). I have another project that has taken my time, but I think I can visit this one again next week, and I'll look more into your suggestions then, thank again! I think you could add a few drops of water to the bottle and bring it back, I've done that with my own bottle. I heard you could do that, but it didn't save my bottle...
  10. It's my WIP thread where I plan to paint a dragon and a little horde of other miniatures, and place them digitally in to the castle and make a painting of it in my wall =). The project is just lagging behind right now 'cause I have to finish a whole lot of other miniatures for my game... And thanks to everyone still finding their way to look at this one! I don't actually feel that sad anymore of the models fate as now so many people have seen and enjoyed it!
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