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  1. I got minis also. A Bones drow and a halfling. Now if I got a rock I would hope it was a naturally occurring rock from TX and not bought from Wallyworld in a bag of landscaping rocks.
  2. Willen needs to put a drop of each paint on its cap.
  3. I see one rock... what else have folks been getting as their mini? I'd love to get the caryatid columns like in the ad!
  4. I also use Liquitex Airbrush Medium to thin reaper paints. I don't know for sure what's in it but it works well with bones in base coats. I used to use liner unthinned but learned here that if you thin it your coverage won't be a solid color and you still see the details of the mini.
  5. PS these are bones figures. I doubt I'll do one bone per bag, I do that with metals. I think a reasonably sized bag-o-bones should be tough enough. A bog of bones goblins, for example, shouldnt hurt each other inside a plastic bag. I wouldn't crush them together or anything.
  6. I plan on having the finished minis in plastic ziplock bags, like a bag-o-orcs, bag-o-wolves, etc. What I am reading is that I should "seal" with brush on gloss varnish, then another coat of brush on matte varnish.
  7. Thornies (to go with the vegepygmies) Mundane animals Pack animals Wyvern Stirges giant ants (1x1" bases) more giant insects, some large more NPC 0-level types LESS dual wielding adventurers.
  8. Sculpting updates will be spaced out throughout the coming months to give us something to showcase in our updates, but absolutely we plan to showcase as many final sculpts as we can.Our goal is to have sculpts to showcase right up to the week prototypes* arrive, and then we can switch to showcasing approved prototypes/production copies. *so they aren't TRUE prototypes. We get copies off the mold that's the production mold, in every way identical to any other copy produced later for production. So they're technically "pre-approval production copies" that by the time we show them are "approved production copies". We tend to refer to them in-house as prototypes, probably because it's a fun word, and also because it reinforces that there's a required approval process. Will Reaper allow folks like Vulture (Enos) to post WIP pics on his Froghemoth?
  9. OK, so my varnishes are also the brush-on type, I have big bottles of Liquitex for both matte and gloss. So I can can just apply to finished minis and it will seal and protect as well as possible (for tabletop play)? I was thinking I had to seal THEN varnish.
  10. I have a bottle of Reaper's Brush on Sealer. Is it necessary to use this before applying varnish to a miniature? Are there other options in larger volume out there? I have plenty of both matte and gloss varnish. Thanks in advance
  11. I just wish that they were scaled up a tad for the tabletop.
  12. I have this stuff and I have a couple of comments. 1) it dries out. I just add water to the pot, stir, and it seems to come back. 2) It shrinks when it dries. I'll have a slight crack that I apply this stuff to. It looks perfect. When it dries it shrinks back and my crack has reappeared. God only knows how many more coats it would take for it to actually stay filled. I'll try "real" modelling paste next time.
  13. I thin with Reaper flow improver all the time to create washes. I sometimes do 2:1 flow improver:paint and it works fine, especially to really get down into the deep places.
  14. This is an outrage. That settles it; Bones 3 is nowhere near as good a deal as the first two. I'm dropping my pledge! I'm hoping for air elementals, clear translucent minis I suppose.
  15. Could the big green monster on the middle right be the Froghemoth? Edit: chances are it was that other "eldritch monster" we saw in the glass case.
  16. Made Wave 1! I have no idea what backer number I am though.
  17. My BBEG wants to hire a Froghemoth, some Vegypygmies, and some Thornies!
  18. He's about 50mm tall. Pictured here: http://minisbyfinch.blogspot.com/2014/12/christmas-after-action-report.html Hey Finch. I enjoy your blog, please continue to paint Otherworld Minis, I love these. I am hoping these Fractured Dimension minis become available on web stores at some point.
  19. It just seems kind of goofy and obscure compared to creatures like a dracolich or tarrasque. Like something used to out-nerd other nerds, or when your gaming group has literally seen everything else and the players are getting uppity... This happens EVERY game!
  20. YES Okay, so I have seen ALOT of requests for a froghemoth but didnt they do one in Bones II? If this is not a Froghemoth... I am sorry for any blasphemy... but what is? That is a toad demon. It is a D&D thing. It is NOTHING like a Froghemoth, which is a mutant frog monster originally from "Expedition to Barrier Peaks" and drawn by the god of D&D art Erol Otus. This is the one I was hoping for. Look up 'Expedition to the Barrier Peaks'. That's where the froghemoth, vegipygmies, and thornies all come from. Three classic monsters, that to my knowledge, have never seen the light of day as miniatures. I desperately want ALL three of these! There were some great sculpts for vegypygmies made too that may never see the light of day.
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