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  1. I really hope this communication problem will somehow get solved (if that is even possible now), because I think that Reaper does all things they can to get our stuff to us, and I think that stuff is also really great (especially at the Kickstarter price). But I have the feeling that the ongoing silence (at least from the perspective from someone who isn't digging all day long trough the forum/Kickstarter comments) doesn't does Reaper (or anyone) a favour. I don't know whether I will support a second Kickstarter, and I must say that the communication is one possible factor to not support Reaper again. To be fair, I'm not a really avid miniature gamer/user, so it would need to be a really awesome deal again in the first place. But having mixed feelings about the first, doesn't increase that probability. PS: For anyone interested: Received my Bones last week (Vampire+Kaladrax+Cthulhu to Germany)
  2. NO, but they do often say, "its probably gonna be a couple more days... we're waiting on parts." Reaper didn't say "eh, we can't get it to you, its to hard". They just said its gonna take longer than expected. Not saying you don't have a complaint, but it was a terrible analogy. Mh, In some points for me it looks like Reaper didn't say anything and it just took longer (like the extra delayed ROW-shipping).
  3. I would really like to see either: More Kickstarter updates, especially when problems show up. Saying that you can't do Kickstarter updates just is a bad excuse (If you need company-intern green-light every update or something like that, maybe you should change that system somehow). That seems even more absurd if you see that during the funding process there where 1-2 updates/day. If you think that would spam the updates (I don't think so) [or it is still somehow impossible to do more updates], at least set up some place that is easily follow-able. Just make a pinned, locked thread and post all information there and link to that post (simple put a link to it in every update). Everyone who cares, can simple follow that thread. Everyone who doesn't care, doesn't need to go there. It isn't good costume service if I need to track down information, that I think should be easily available - needing to watch Kickstarter comments if something interesting crops up, simple consumes too much time [and yeah, the Kickstarter comment system pretty much sucks - but you can't change that, so you need find suitable workarounds].
  4. Mh, that alone kinda doesn't say they work. 1) What would you do without an EB-level? (Ignore the project or pledge the normal level?) 2) What will you do when no EB-level-spot becomes available? (still back at a normal level or not back at all?) I can say I have followed at least one project that an EB-level and camped the campaign waiting for a drop out. But since that didn't happened, I didn't back. (I can't surly say I would have backed without the EB-level existing, but it would be possible.) Also EB could make it harder to sell higher reward tiers, because you have an additional jump (if you have an EB-pledge with upgrading you loose that value). I followed the Darkraven Fantasy Soundscapes Kickstarter, and that was (imo) quite absurd to watch, they added more EB levels, changed the number of open slots, and in the end I would question whether the normal price is something you should pay for it (EB-levels for 44, 54, 59, 65, 79 - Normal level for 84). I wasn't sure whether I should back in the beginning or not, but didn't want to really back and maybe drop - because I really don't think that is really fair. So even if I would have convinced myself that this is something I need, I wouldn't have changed my mind, because I would now pay nearly double for the same stuff. As for "normal limited" rewards: I think they are fine. There is some kind of special stuff for more serious fans, and most often there is a good reason why there is only a limited amount of them available (say out of print stuff. Or that some creator only want to make a certain amount of custom artwork). With EB-levels there is no reason why they are XY pledges of that level (Instead of some benefit for a minority of backers, I think it would be better to have a smaller benefit for the majority of backers).
  5. I don't have a problem with shipping US first. (Actually I would like to see to ship non-US first, because that would probably minimize maximum waiting time - but you need to apply some order to such a process, and no matter what order you do, someone will make arguments for and against. I'm realistic enough that I know that living outside of the US seems bad most of the times :/) But why didn't they tell that? The last update-information was that shipping order is from easiest to most complex. [i don't know whether the shipping zone rotation was an update or some other piece of information in some random forum post/Kickstarter comment.] There is not a singly word (other than the problems with Canada) about shipping US first! If it is somehow not possible to get such information into an update, I think Reaper should consider somehow changing their work-flow how to make an update. (Seriously, while the Kickstarter was ongoing you did 56 updates, that is an average of 1.7 updates per day. While I am not saying you should have continued that rate, it seems quite ridiculous not being able to push something for over three weeks.) While I think that Reaper did in the beginning quite a good job at communicating with us, in the last months it got much worse. While some of it can be excused with the giant task of shipping that is done, I think that isn't a reason to more or less shut down official communication - and some random Kickstarter comments here and some random Forum posts there, just doesn't work. To Reaper: I still think you do/did a good job, and I'm not yet unsatisfied, but without your communication troubles, I think that would be a nearly perfect Kickstarter, and I wouldn't need to rant here about your failure to communicate. So keep your good work and hopefully we will see some step in the right direction. It would work just so much better if every backer would somehow just get that information delivered to them. Oh wait, there are tools for that, like Kickstarter updates. I have some dozens projects backed, many of them not finished yet - being required to hunt information about every on of them just isn't feasible. (And having an order with 3 line items not shipped nearly a month after shipping starting got announced forced me to hunt it down. But simple having one update saying that something doesn't work would have saved me that trouble (and Reaper/others to read me ranting about that))
  6. I really don't like them. If there is an early bird level I'm interested, and no slot available I will simple skip the Kickstarter (I might look from time to time whether one is available again). All backers invest trust to the project creator way before seeing any reward - so I don't like to treat some of them who got extra lucky better then the rest, I think it would be much better if all backers would benefit. And other times these slots are gone in hours, which makes it inherently even unfairer, because no matter what - you will miss them if your timezone is sleeping when the project starts.
  7. I don't want daily updates of "nothing changed". But there never was an update "ROW has problems"! Last official announcement is that stuff from China has arrived, and shipment has started and is ongoing. From the official information my package should have long being shipped, being relatively small. So from the easily obtainable information I'm more or less needed to ask Reaper "Where is my order?" or to investigate and see: "Oh, there is a problem - why haven't they told me, then I wouldn't needed to worry about it." So while I am (and others are) aware of this problem, that doesn't mean there might be a lot more who don't know about - and in my opinion that is the real problem.
  8. Yeah, maybe it costs some time to write and update. But if you need to "waste" that time anyway (because this information is somewhat available in forum-posts or Kickstarter posts - so someone already "wasted" that time), it really shouldn't add anything severe on that time to make it accessible to all backers (and maybe even save time, because you don't need to reiterate it multiple times). And while it is nice I know that there is still ongoing progress, I think that affected people deserve to know they get additional delay. And in that case the counter doesn't really help. From what I have heard it is certainly possible that the counter will simple halt when all non-ROW packages are sent, because it might not be possible to process the ROW packages (if we are lucky the problem doesn't persist long enough, but I wouldn't bet on that). So it could be that that counter does exactly zero for all ROW backers. Also I don't have a problem with Reaper taking a day holiday off, neither have I have the feeling that they are slacking (nobody can work 24/7). From what I have heard Reaper does a really great work, but I think they could (and should) communicate better with their Kickstarter backers. I will probably not complain when my packing still can't be sent this month, or even next month. But I will complain when there is no accessible information/communication about why that is so.
  9. And all it would have taken is a Kickstarter update stating that the all minor news would be located in one thread on the Reaper forums, those that wanted more updates could check the forum thread and the others only have major updates via Kickstarter, job done. This. Simply having one (official, locked, for announcements/news only) thread and pointing to that, would be enough. (If you use that thread often enough.) To Slinky: I think there is not really a threshold of people you need to affect to warrant an update. (Best example: Order of the Stick Update 53, it only affected around 80 of nearly 15k backers, but I still think it was a good update). Every update you do (even if it is only for a small part of backers) tells that you care about your backers and your project. And I personally will never* complain that any project will do too many updates. (Honestly, the last two updates with the count down counter didn't really interested me, but it still has shown that something is happening, and if I had the choice between these updates and no updates, I still would take the updates every single time. It takes not really that much time to see that these updates have no information I need at the moment. But it is really hard to get any information from no updates [unless you have other options of information-sharing, that are easily doable].) And for people about complaining about too much updates (I honestly can't fathom why), there always the possibility to stop them from happening (if you have no other solution, every Kickstarter-update-email has a "Unsubscribe from this project's updates with one click"-link at the bottom, or you can set it at https://www.kickstarter.com/settings/notifications). * never is a hard word, but I think even if an project would do updates every hour, I wouldn't complain. If it gets more frequent than that, my opinion might change, but for every practicable update frequency I surely wouldn't complain.
  10. Thanks for the posting. But I think still it would be post an official update with that information. (At the moment it might be even available in the Kickstarter comments, but in two days this might change). The last official information (not buried in a heap of other stuff) is that everything (-probable Canada, I have no clue) is working fine. Hearing that ROW is halted (for whatever reasons beyond your controls) is in my opinion a new information that should be shared.
  11. I'm not a Reaper Peep, but here's what I've absorbed through the forums / KS comments: Last I saw (Thurs/Fri of last week), RoW wasn't leaving the docks until USPS can schedule the requisite supply of trucks to ReaperHQ...but having seen a handful of overseas addresses go by in the past few days, am operating on the assumption that there's at least one pallet for RoW waiting for the truck to show up. It's not a huge facility, so that could also be playing into how much is or isn't already staged. Canada is in limbo until the issue of the rejected orders can be cleared up; I think the orders have all been repacked [thought I saw Bryan say something about that] and are waiting the return of the FedUp rep to certify that it won't happen again. It's also been mentioned that it's a byzantine, complicated set of paperwork, which I can guess slows things down a bit there. Given my interactions with Reaper over the past 10 years or so, there's no doubt in my mind that the only way they won't drop everything and go all-hands-on-deck to get RoW and Canada out when either situation clears up is if they're so close (say, 50 orders or so) it'd be more trouble to resume than to finish. Until the third parties get a move on, though, Bryan's stuck between fire and gunpowder...with customers understandably upset that things haven't gone as planned, and trying to light a fire under the third parties bottle-necking things. The MO to date has been no news means no new developments. What I can say for certain is that KS fulfillment is consuming every second of free time down in Denton. I wouldn't be surprised if there's a few packing lists in the wild with 'EP'...Ed Pugh, one of the founders...on it. They've even got Matt (Clark) and Kit (the webmaster) out on the floor packing boxes in their free time. I have no doubts in my mind that nobody's taking this more seriously than Bryan; dude cancelled his vacation and is working on his birthday to get things one step closer to dealt with. But to gather that information you need to hunt it down. The following information is the we got from the Kickstarter updates: 5/6: Canada's shipping shenanigans, waiting for China 5/14: Still waiting for China 6/10: Most stuff is here, shipping starts really soon *6/17: Last address change remainder [* Not a Kickstarter update, but another piece of easy obtained information] 6/20: Shipping on the way (Countdown started) (6/21: Problem with countdown traffic) So from this information everything should moving fine (minus possible Canada; but from what I have read on the forum Canada is moving. Or is it? I haven't really the time to try to figure it out.) Instead it seems that international orders have some kind of problem. That it is somehow possible to get this information somewhere is I in my opinion not enough (and it isn't really that easy to scan the forum and especially the Kickstarter comments for the information that is relevant). It should be no problem to make a short update with that information. But from what I read there are >3000 ROW shipments left. That is a significant amount of people that do not necessarily have any clue about those problems. Again: I can understand problems (problems happens, things go in the way, etc.). What I can not understand is not communicating about problems in a way that reaches most people that are affected by them. If you think that problem solves itself really fast than I'm fine to wait a bit to announce it, but from what I read this problem is known since over two weeks and may persists for an unforeseeable amount of time. I'm sorry to say this, but at the moment I am really disappointed about the communication level.
  12. Some kind of official update on the ROW-status would be really appreciated. I don't frequent this forum that often now, and from what I am reading here ROW is halted. So if this is correct, then I think it would be an important update. I'm having a vampire+Cthulhu+Khaladrax pledge (Germany), and I'm not exactly sure if/when I should start to worry. Having a simple update what is going on would stop that (just say there is a problem, best to say what is the problem and what is being done to end it or when it will being done). I fought you have learned something out of past problems (that sharing information is a good thing), but (at least from my perspective) it hasn't really changed. [The problem isn't that there is a problem. The problem is that there isn't really that much communication about that problem. Needing to hunt down such import information in the middle of some forum threads or Kickstarter comments just doesn't really work.]
  13. And even if you say Force of Nature was a bad option value wise - you still needed Vampire first. So you can really first complain that your deal was bad, if your pledge was Vampire and 300+ Force of Nature and nothing else (and I can't imagine anyone having such a pledge).
  14. There have been a number of things said in places other than the updates section that seem as though they would make worthwhile updates. This is even more true since the last stretch of silence in the update section turned out to mean things were very much not on track with the previous updates. This doesn't appear to be the case this time, but there is no good reason to make people dig through three different places to figure that out. Yes, but we also know people suffer from email fatigue. We're trying to strike a balance. Still learning. I personally think they aren't such thing as too much updates (ok, if you dish them out every other hour, maybe than I would even be more than a bit annoyed). Personally I think the sweet spot is (depending on what is going on) somewhere around 1-2 weeks per update (doesn't have to be long posts), but I think at least an update every month should be done (you have done that, so I think it is ok - but if a project isn't finished and I haven't heard anything for more than one month, I start to getting bad feelings. And if that's happen often or long enough, this would be a good reason for me not to back a project from that creator again.)
  15. Yeah, I really have the same problem. I know that the 80$ lvl is a great deal in a vacuum - but comparing it to what you get for 20-40$ it doesn't really add that much (even compared to 20$+40$ for all addons vs. 90$ you only miss the PDF's (and I'm not sure how useful they are) and 9 extra mp3). But since he announced that 35k will be the last goal, I don't think there will be much to change that (Maybe the 80$ lvl will get some of the custom tracks, that would make the comparison at least a little better)
  16. On the plus side there's probably only one of those. I suspect as they move up in complexity the orders will get more eccentric / personalized. I hope you don't think that that is the top pledge. I have 4x vampire and 48 options. Oh, I didn't say it was the top pledge. I imagine there are some doozies (and I wonder if Reaper will announce the last one the way they did the first). It's just, by the time you get past those single Vampires plus a half dozen, I bet there's hardly one order identical to another. Actually Bryan said their largest order was 60 vampires + options (Link to Bryan's Post)
  17. Yeah, with this update (AddOn2 included @ 50$+, future AddOns3/4 included @ 80$+), the higher rewards does beginning to make sense for me [only questions is whether you want to pump in that much money into background music]
  18. It's quite probably that I'm going to jump unto, too. Probably anywhere between 20$-40$ - but as things are now, I can't think I'm able to pledge for the 50$ or 80$ lvl. Maybe int the sum the price for the lot is worth it, but still the difference is IMO too big - compared to the 30$ lvl the additional tracks costs to much (10$ each for the two from 30$ to 50$, and 7.5$ each for the four from 50$ to 80$, Averaging 8.33$. Compared to <1$/track @ the 20$-lvl). The projects looks really great, and the price seems good, but the exclusive stuff seems ridiculous expensive compared to the the rest (and I'm not a big fan of exclusive stuff anyway - especially with digital content).
  19. Never used the "Rimend Me" button, and I don't think I will ever use it. (Hearing it suddenly changes behaviour doesn't increase the likelihood). If I find a project somewhat interesting I follow the updates via a RSS-Feed that includes the updates from this update - so I get reminders for each updates the project sends out (and it's easier to follow whats going on). [For those who never heard of that feature: It's somewhat hard to find, but I think as I started with Kickstarter there was an open link with each project. The Kickstarter Help claims that pointing your RSS-Reader to the project page should work, but you can simple jump directly to the Feed at <Link-to-project>/posts.atom , so for example the Bones-Update-RSS-Feed is located at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1513061270/reaper-miniatures-bones-an-evolution-of-gaming-min/posts.atom ]. And if a projects doesn't sent updates before closing and I forget about it, I think it wouldn't have the greatest idea to pledge (communication is in my opinion the most import thing on Kickstarter, so without some updates a project doesn't look that great).
  20. With the talking about tiers and big stuff shipment, I'm thinking that I have to wait a lot longer for my shipment than I thought (It is only Vampire + 2 addons; but these addons are Cthulhu and Kaladrax :x)
  21. Really cool project, first board-game I pledged! (only the thread-title is somewhat misleading)
  22. Project canceled. Project Creators account deleted. So pretty sure to say this one was scam.
  23. Yes, you can't alter the deadline (and I think that is good so), but you can limit stuff - but the only project I have seen that limited its pledges midway was Pebble (still being the most successful Kickstarter (in terms of money, >10M$)), but in the last week there where no pledges available (bad if you wanted to chip in later, funny graph on Kicktraq). If you know you can't manage greater numbers, you can even start with limited pledges (I think I have seen some projects with that approach, but no one was hitting the limits) I don't think there is really a bubble to burst. Even if there are some pretty big failures, I think there will be enough small projects that will survive (but for other big projects that could be the end). Single creators of curse can burst, after a failure all your next projects have a much harder life.
  24. Vampire -Sophie +2 extras so I hope I will be more in front of the line :)
  25. Yesterday I've backed my 20th project (starting with Kickstarter exactly one year ago). Most of the projects are late - but as long as the project creator keeps the backers informed, I have zero problem with that. The Kickstarter I still think is the best Kickstarter I participated (The Order of the Stick Reprent Drive), is horribly delayed (the only Project I've backed with a higher Amount/Target ratio is Bones, so the scale of the project was much larger than anticipated - 1.25M$ of a 58K$ goal. Problems with manufacturer and ultimately an accident of the creator are the reason of this). But with regular updates I really know what is going on, I think the longest delay between updates is maybe three weeks. As long is I'm informed why delays happen, I have no problems with them. Problems can arise with projects in many ways. But not communicating with your backers is the only problem that is not acceptable.
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