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  1. actually building a lightbox is the next thing on my list of projects. whenever that gets done is any ones guess. would a stiff poster board cut to size work? or just any sheet of paper?
  2. glitter found at A.C Moore, .4 round MM. i got the idea from this article on the site. http://www.reapermini.com/TheCraft/33.
  3. Been rather busy and haven't had time to post or paint in a while. these are gifts for the in laws. Eagle for father in law, Owl for mother, Dragon for brother. most of the pictures i have are blurry. working on going through them all to upload the rest. C & C Welcome.
  4. more base coating, did a wash of ogryn flesh to the skin. removed the base and added the little wooden circle.
  5. I gave up on it. Mold lines all over him and I started to destroy the mini when I tried cleaning them. I'm hoping the KS Bones comes cleaner than my Ogre did. i have given up on them as well, i have several bones minis that i have attempted so far, and this one is the worse so far with the "fuzzy" residue, and not just cutting away pieces of the mini.
  6. finished base coating his skin, how is everyone removing the lines on there bones?
  7. I can't believe this was done in four hours. the work is simply amazing. Favorite thing has to be the mace. love the base work, and the shading on the books and scrolls.
  8. my second bedroom is my personal office/work area for minis. the shelving unit contains about 100 GW 40k orks and two battle wagons, 9 Killa Kanz yet to be painted. plus several other minis from reaper/dark sword. it also contains all of my GW paints.
  9. love the little flower bush. where did you get it, or how did you create it?
  10. I painted this guy up for my DnD campeign. i have a couple of things i need to touch up(toenails are missing paint, back bottom boil flowed over when doing the wet blending, and for some reason i Dont think you can tell from the pictures, his loin cloth is super shiny. needless to say this brought about many a cod piece/loin cloth joke at my gaming table. But since they were all new players it took them a while to figure out how to get the troll to stop coming back from being mostly dead. C&C welcome!
  11. The paint went onto this mini beautifully! I tried to file down the mold lines, but that simply felt wrong and it appeared to not do anything. i tried my hobby knife but i couldn't get a proper angle on a lot of the mold lines to cut them away. after two slips and a couple of hello kittie band aids since my wife refuses to buy anything else, I decided El-Blanco can have some more character with the mold lines .
  12. love the skulls, and the arrow on the quiver. I believe that is a very nice touch!
  13. I started with an ork army from GW for 40k. Friends played for years, so with some disposable income i started to buy my own(almost a decade later). i started to paint my orks, and was not happy with how they were turning out so i started to do some research for painting information on the internet. I mean who didn't love orks right? Found the DakkaDakka forum and lurked their for a while. Someone posted a DarkSword mini for a contest they were entering, and went to that site, purchased the one video with Anne Foerster and Jen Haley, saw the paints they were using, and tried some and fell in love with them. my love for reaper was further reinforced once the kickstarter happened. At this point my first born will be Named Reaper Miniatures. ill let them sort out high school.
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