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  1. I'm in on this one, even though I've only painted maybe 20 - 30 minis from the first two kickstarters (and I got nearly EVERYTHING from both). I love Reaper, even if I kind of disappeared from the forums because life. I still want to support them in at least some way, so I'm at least getting the base pledge here. But I'm getting ready to move to China for a year. A year without a job while my wife works on her dissertation. Can't really take minis and painting supplies with me, so no more progress there. I'm hoping to get a couple of books written, which would be awesome... but who knows. That also makes it hard for me to go really big like the last two times. I'm feeling a touch guilty for even the 100 bucks I threw in now... but I'll also be bummed if I don't get anything at all. Still, if I do get those books written, and even better, manage to sell them... then I'll have a lot more time for mini painting. And I'll have even more minis waiting for me
  2. Very nice - These are one of the few things I didn't get from the few things I didn't get from the first kickstarter (Nethyrmaul and the Jabberwock being the other two) and I'm now regretting it - my players are doing a Cthulhu based story right now, and these would have done very well in it :( I love the slimy look and the dead eyes, great touches!
  3. Hey, the box might be "Interesting"... but the game is actually a lot of fun!
  4. I already have this game... http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/42939/invasion-from-outer-space-the-martian-game
  5. Argh... the suspense, it burns! Edit: And now I have to go to a lunch meeting... sigh...
  6. Thanks all! I've done a couple of Legend of Zelda themed bags, which were fun (green with golden tri-force), but people liked them and keep buying them from me. Can't say no, it's mine when it's not too hard to make another hehe. I do need to order more rings soon. Chainmaille can be riveted or butted. I do butted for jewelry, since most people like that look rather than the riveted look when using it for fashion. When I start doing armor I may or may not try riveted... it's a lot of work for something that you don't actually have to count on to save your life! Ooo... definitely share if you do something with them. I've been debating trying scale, but I'm still having fun with general rings at the moment.
  7. Thanks! And no, just bright aluminum. Works well, looks great, and is very inexpensive. If I used silver, I'd have to charge quite a bit for something like that C.c
  8. Yeah... the negativity in their mini-campaign is kind of making me feel bad for posting this here in the first place. I don't understand the rage and hate - and it seems to be just a few, very vocal users.
  9. So, I've been out of the forums for a while. Getting married, honeymoon, starting a Master's degree while working full time and other such things kind of hinder a lot of free time hehe. But one of the things I've been working on is my making chainmaille jewelry. One of the people I've made a piece for liked it enough to take a picture with it and sent it to me, so I thought I'd share with a group who can appreciate artsy things. I'll get to armor eventually, but for now this is a lot of fun! Let me know what you think. Oh, and some painted minis will show up in show off when I get a chance to take a few pictures - and possibly a new camera. The old one didn't quite survive the trip to Europe C.c
  10. Oh, and they've dropped the price of shipping to 10 bucks for everyone outside the US, as an FYI.
  11. They have 3 days left, and just added a standalone expansion to the game for all backers getting the base game. If they reach their next stretch goal, they will add a Steampunk version as well. Not too shabby, all things considered. If the funding for this thing really picks up, they may even be able to reach the miniatures! If they manage that, that's the base game, three standalone variations of the game that can be incorporated into the base game, and a ton of minis for 65 bucks. Here's hoping!
  12. Hey Ringskipper, Here you go: http://fairytalegames.wordpress.com/kickstarter-miniature-list/ I asked them update the page as well - happened due to a re-write of their stretch goals.
  13. And if it wasn't for that horse, I never would have graduated.
  14. Thirded. The wings are awesome!
  15. There was people who mentioned that, so he's doing two editions of it. One edition is tamer, and that's the one that everyone gets. The second is what he calls the "cheesecake" edition, which is an add on where the art like the White Rabbit card goes.
  16. I'm getting it for my fiancee, she loves fairytale retellings of all sorts and is pretty excited about this one.
  17. This one seems fun - a board game about fairy-tale characters in a duel to the death with each other. If they make their final stretch goal, then they include minis of all the characters in the game - So that could be an axe-wielding Alice in Wonderland, or a sword-carrying Cinderella. For people outside the US, their 45,000 stretch goal will reduce international shipping to 10 bucks. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/682539325/fairytale-games-the-battle-royale
  18. ... Secretly hoping that shipping on the big orders DOESN'T start until mid-July. I really don't want to have a giant box of mini's sitting on my doorstep for a couple of weeks while I'm off in Europe for my honeymoon C.c
  19. Coffee with butter? I do like butter, but never thought of putting it there... It's got to be good quality, organic, and from grass-fed cows. Your brain runs off fat, caffeine from coffee essentially goes straight to your brain. when mixing the two, the fat from the butter piggy backs on the caffeine to go right where it's needed most. It takes a bit to get used to the taste, but it gives you a huge energy boost. I have half a stick a day in my coffee alone. Good stuff! And yeah... How's it going, Darsc?
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