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  1. I wondered into a FLGS (not so F) and walked out with http://www.reapermini.com/ShowcaseGallery/lord/latest/14599#detail/14599_w_1.jpg Is he out of print? It was a really good deal for a resin/metal- makes me think that they marked him as the bones version, or they were closing out on him because of the bones version. I didn't realize his retail price until I got home- there was another on the shelf.
  2. I was happy with the last one, so I'll get a mini or two this time around.
  3. Bryan answered my questions in the noise of kickstarter: the gate is fixed, so if you want it to swing, you've got to mod it yourself.
  4. I think it might depend on how big they are- they could be pretty solid. As far as I know, there was only one addon from the first Bones that was about equal (or slightly more) than retail: the stone and tree elementals. Most are less expensive. My guess is that these two are a bit bigger (denser?) than the other addons.
  5. There is currently wave 1 and wave 2 slots open, but they won't last long.
  6. Ha! I am wrong, they would bonesify one of the newer ones. The stretch goal makes me really happy! I'd love for some more NPCs from the line, but I am seriously getting two sets of those!
  7. The new iconics are terrific- I want the investigator. But they haven't been released for very long, so I'm guessing they'll bonesify older ones. The ogres would be a great choice- they're big and heavy and expensive in metal. I'm hoping the snake men make it, the grey maidens, and maybe the red mantis assassins.
  8. Did he answer my question on Iconics? He did mention medium size, which rules out the ogres. I'm painting two in metal RIGHT NOW as I read this, so I can't be too bummed.
  9. Well done on the 20 guesses folks. We narrowed it down to formerly metal, pathfinder humaniods of both genders in 9 questions.
  10. We haven't seen a pathfinder set yet, but Bryan alluded yesterday that it was coming. One of the posters gave a wishlist, and Bryan let slip that *some* on the list were slated to be bonesified. I have a long wishlist (and own a fair number of metal releases already), but would love (and buy multiples of) the following: Aglanda: http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/Pathfinder/latest/60136(I have almost bought this one 4x) Any of the ogres (I'm painting two in metal. They're so heavy and expensive!) http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/Pathfinder/latest/60027 Red mantis assassins (I own one
  11. I'm doing this as well. Anyone on the road around 11am should look out.
  12. One of my pics in my new Rise of the Runelords campaign wanted to play a catfolk male. I couldn't find a match, so I'm making one. This is my first real attempt to mash together some bones. The victims: The result: What I'm bringing to the table: And we're off to the painting table:
  13. I ended up just getting a single hut. The leap to the stretch goals was just too high. I might add one or two things- but am overall happy I could participate without going whole hog.
  14. I think I've reached the point of being so overwhelmed by what I wouldn't be able to get that I'm debating not getting any. I have the first two kickstarters in small amounts. I toss them around the table to build on the fly during our pathfinder game.
  15. I received mine as well. They look good- big. I was mostly glad that the edges of the cards weren't sharp. Two previous kickstarters from different company came with decks that could cut a finger off.
  16. I wonder how much of Kickstarter spending is related to the reward mechanism of unlocking goals- sort of like gambling without losing money each round. Someone should do a study...
  17. Oh the curved wall = doorframe is an awesome idea! Thank you for sharing that!
  18. At least they're listening on one aspect: they just announced that they'd unlock Sewer Only pledges- so those that want the Monster Sewers (and other addons) don't have to buy the single hut first. It will be more than the addon itself in order to account for shipping. It doesn't help for those who want less than the full sewer set, but it's a change some people will appreciate. It certainly makes me debate a sewers only pledge.
  19. They revised down their shipping estimate, at least for US. Instead of the $40 it's $15-20. I'm still in.
  20. That image is interesting because it looks like normal 2x2 dungeon tiles on the upper level with the battlementsl. IF so, what is holding them up? My guess is stacks of money.
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