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  1. Yeah, at this point, the stretch goals don't make enough difference- I'd almost rather spend $70 to get two houses.
  2. What I'm having trouble the most with is visualizing what the higher level pledges look like in terms of building. The basic $35, one story huts are obvious- but the jump to the next $165 level is less clear. On the surface, it appears like the basic level gives you 2 x 3 story buildings (one of each style). The stretch goals add some bits to swap around: a set of stairs and a set of trap doors effectively complete the 3 story buildings. I echo previous sentiments that I like DF and went in at the stretch goal level for both previous kickstarters (even adding 2 add on sets for #2), but I
  3. FINE PRINT: You will be charged shipping after the kickstarter ends. They just sent out an email with an estimate of $25-40 domestic shipping. So a $120 pledge might actually be $160 (or more). I know EU and other international folk already deal with this + taxes and import fees. I just want to make sure that other domestic backers notice this (particularly if budgets are tight). I pledged for both- but I may drop down to one (or just the new rule cards). I bought into the original myth for the minis (and have used a few so far), and I'm not sure if I have a lot of use for gators. T
  4. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dwarvenforge/dwarven-forges-city-builder-system
  5. Sigh. Number 92. Doom to your wallet.
  6. It's glued onto the left side of the 92701 Mystic Theurge mini.
  7. Thanks Pingo! Bases are the last step - so the bulk of minis here are yet 'unfinished.' The PCs have either the wooden stamped clay (or epoxy) from Happy Seppeku, or cork. I'm sad that the sea priest's fake water collapsed- it was thin layers originally. It looked like waves splashing over a rock in the water- but a few months of traveling back and forth to game night has squished the layers down to a white, fake water blob.
  8. I've been working on my set of bones I (and now bones II). First up are the PCs in my Pathfinder group. I painted them up for each player- the ninja in the back is from another manufacturer. 77076 is a new PC- that only lasted for 3 sessions before dying (again). The player has killed her PC 3x in dramatic ways. Next up I have a slew of Skull and Shackles villains: From the new bones, it's Mr. Bones II The rest are all works in progress. The cultists and hellknights: I still have the others (and one metal one) to paint up- I'm still trying to figure out what kind of them
  9. I received the rest of my missing minis yesterday. They didn't tell me that they were shipping- they just showed up in the mail. I've painted a few - but haven't run the game at all.
  10. I washed most of the single part minis, so I had a big tub. After sorting some of them down, Mr. Bones II jumped into my hands- so he was the first one to get painted. I have plans for my pathfinder villains next. I got two sets (and have a metal one of the knights), so I will have a little troop to throw at my group.
  11. I loved the idea of dwarvenite. I went in (fairly small, but enough for the stretch goals) in the first two. If I were gaming out of my house, they would be perfect. As it is, lugging the 30lbs back and forth to the game shop is getting a bit tedious. Maybe if I were running a more dungeon/urban setting I'd have used them more. I've got a +10 on my will save for this one.
  12. I am pleased as punch to have received my Bones II kickstarter. I do have one quick question for anyone out there. Does Mashaaf have a right arm and a left arm, or are both identical? If the former, then I may have gotten two left arms. I remember that a few of the models from Bones I had the same problem- so it might be worth checking a few before they go out. Thanks!
  13. Nooooo not a tracker! I was going to do work today. I was going to get some writing done!
  14. The psychology of patience is fascinating. The only thing worse than human memory is our ability to predict the future. If you've ever waited in a long line, only to get to the very front and have the lane close down (or the ride break down, or whatever the queue was for stop), you know how more frustrating it is than having to wait in the back. Heaven forbid someone cuts you off to take your spot! Reaper has done a fantastic job of filling the time with the stories from Sir Forscale.
  15. I realized once we had put it in the mail (the address label was printed by my wife) that I had left the note off. I'm glad that it arrived!
  16. I was on the receiving end of NomadZeke's mad experiment! The box contained a cryptic note about needing a hammer. In the box was a half dragon and a large bones fire dragon- which I will definitely put to good use and feed my players to. There was also a plate of molded chocolate controllers. The mystery was shrouded in bubble wrap. I braved opening it- to find a D20 chocolate mini transport case. I debated throwing it in the microwave for a few minutes, or boiling it in hot water. Luckily, instinct took over and I broke it open carefully. Inside is an excellent dragonman:
  17. This thread is too much about how the sausage is made. What ever happened to an air of mystery? The enchantment of surprise? I, for one, won't even check a tracking number. Ok, just kidding. I love the details and I'm pretty sure that my f5 key gets just ad much of a workout after the shipping notification as it did during the kickstarter.
  18. Down to the wire, but mine is sealed, labeled, and being picked up tomorrow.
  19. I have a tracking number. No ETA yet.
  20. I got mine. I thought it was just going to be the enforcers, but they included some dwarves. I can't figure out why...
  21. I've got my shipment of stuff from Reaper for my partner - my painting has started. It'll be a bit before I finish it though.
  22. The wife won xmas this year: she consulted a friend and got me an airbrush. Badger/Sotar 20/20 and a Masters compressor kit (with an airbrush with it). I've got a whole new skill to learn.
  23. Ditto for me! I've fallen off posting on the boards, but am still checking and painting. Next one I'll have to join!
  24. I got my modest 2 sets, plus lava/water and the wicked addition - all unpainted. I'll definitely look for a painting thread!
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