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  1. I see my shipping notice for 16lbs, and remember that I cart around a bag of 15lb game tiles to game night now... I might need a wheelbarrow.
  2. That's exactly what mine did. I washed them with soap, primed them with my normal krylon. I'll have to take Orlando's advice on the automotive primer- I'll look for it next time I'm shopping. You folks rock.
  3. They are slow at shipping. I ordered something (a paintbrush, I think) that was out of stock- and didn't know it until a week or two had passed. They don't have a mechanism for contacting customers when that happens, as far as I know. I ended up contacting them to cancel the item that was preventing shipping. Their monthly adventure path seems to take forever - shipping ups to usps to get to me. It's not a complaint, just something worth knowning- if you need something shipped fast it might be worth the expedited shipping.
  4. My order (mostly unpainted) arrived yesterday. Everything was intact, until I touched the painted mermaid- she broke off her base immediately. It looks like she was painted and then glued. I'm pretty sure I can repair it. Overall, I'm happy - and by sheer luck my Sunday game was postponed a week- so the Mermaid will be facing the players next week. Tentacles to follow.
  5. I primed mine similarly- the primer scraped right off a while later. I washed them first, and gave it plenty of time to dry. Other suggestions?
  6. I received my second shipment today. It looks fairly good, the minis are well done. The minotaur seems to be missing a shoulder. I'm missing the announced skeletons and bosses. The only thing I added on was extra pairs, which were smaller than I thought. I thought the lairs also included traps, so I might be missing those. I'll contact them later to find out, after the hullabaloo calms down. It's time to reread the rules and learn how to play the game.
  7. These look like they would be more resistant to water the pathfinder ones. 2d stand ups come in handy over minis for mooks, or summons on the fly. The pathfinder ones were one of the most useful purchases I have made. These are a bit pricey: pathfinder ones are about a dollar for a full sheet, which includes a fair number of different sized pawns. I'm going to watch this to see if any set catches my eye.
  8. I'm also waiting for the second box here in the states.
  9. I want the molds for traps. I've got Dwarven forge and some hirts art knockoffs, so I don't actually need the tiles themselves. Still, I loved their first kickstarter stamps, so I'm in at #11.
  10. New goal screams "I am Groot." They're making this tempting.
  11. I'm glad I'm not the only one underwhelmed by the initial offering. I haven't used my dead zone game yet, but it seems like they do petty good work. So looking at the box for $100 seems a lot light. I get the kickstarter mojo, it just makes me wonder whether they lose some initial momentum but not stacking the boxes early on. If I were new to kickstarter, I'd pass without hesitation. As of now I'll probably put in the pledge to see where it all goes.
  12. Did anyone see if they are allowing us to get the free stretch goals for increasing our pledges now? I didn't plunk down the extra $$ to reach $200, but now I'm debating doing so to get the extra old ones.
  13. I am patiently sitting on my hands at this point. I couldn't afford the whole kraken, but I definitely could use the giant tentacles I've ordered for my pathfinder Skull and Shackles game. I'm sorely tempted to ask if I could get unpainted versions of the two that I'd ordered in order to get my shipment soon! Too much later and we'll be well past where it would come in handy.
  14. Bah, I missed the end- I was stuck at my sister's wedding with a dead cellphone, otherwise I would have gone in for at least the PDFs.
  15. Bandwagon nonsense. There's no way you've convinced me that I should join up. They aren't going to have grid lines, right? Tell me there's no grid lines.
  16. I'm patient. Or trying to be. I think when I finally locked in I was 660 or something. This has been a pretty long wait.
  17. I received mine! I haven't gotten a chance to post pictures yet, but I will. They are awesome.
  18. I'm awful at pinning, so I am repairing a bit of damage on my exchange. I should have it at the post office by tomorrow morning though!
  19. An elevation pack depends on whether or not one of the last addon sets includes a waterfall.
  20. Will saves are holding strong at two sets + one water tile. Floors are hard to resist, but I figure I'll rarely ever field all of my dungeon and cavern tiles at once, so I have plenty of floors.
  21. I know they said they would NOT allow people to up the number of base sets after it ends, due to the quick turn around at the factory and needing those numbers. I think they said they would allow more addon packs.
  22. Two sets are a sweet spot for me: I'm almost never likely to lay out a complete, massive dungeon in a place where it'll stay for more than a game session or so. I don't have a dedicated game table in my house, and my current pathfinder group is at a game shop. We've just started, and I've barely cracked using my last DF kickstarter- but they were impressed by how sturdy the pieces were, and how quickly we could throw down a mocked up version of wherever we're playing. The bag of two sets weighs 15lbs- so I'm likely to mix and match cave and dungeon pieces for future sessions, but not cart t
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