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  1. I received: A few painted bones- the minotaur is particularly nice. A few unpainted. What looks like an orc assassain and an elf (I'm guessing games workshop?). I've got to figure out how to use the battery and LED for one of the translucent bones.
  2. I received my package all the way from the frigid north (Canada)! I'll post pics soon- but thank you. I will have to figure out which forum member sent me some nice bones, and a few other models, along with a bottle of Peacock green- which I'm definitely going to put to use soon.
  3. Mine is mostly finished. My excuse: the inlaws (and my parents) swarmed our house for the holidays. My office was the first to get taken over. I would have done more, but I don't want to dawdle, so it should be mailed out sometime soon.
  4. It's a landing pad isn't it? i bet you got my landing pad! Noooo!!! No, just the basics. I'm glad it didn't come out of your shipment, otherwise I would have to paint it up and show it off!
  5. I really wish I had bought the skald instead of the spriggan. I'm really drawn to the bagpiper for some odd reason.
  6. I think I'm missing only the random dreadball mini. I haven't double checked with the most recent blog post, though. It also seems like I may have gotten more scenery than I was supposed to. Sorry Darsc!
  7. It looks like the mantic blog is going to help us out. Here's the breakdown of the Marauder's faction unboxing: http://manticblog.com/2013/12/10/unboxing-deadzone-the-marauders/ Here's terrain:http://manticblog.com/2013/12/09/unboxing-deadzone-terrain-ahoy/
  8. I received mine! The minis look fine- I'm not sure how much flash is common with this type of plastic, but it looks like it will take a lot of clean up. Only one of the marauder's sniper rifles were damaged. The edge of my rulebook was also beat up. Like everyone else, I'm not sure what I have or don't. I have more of some factions (plague) and fewer of others (enforcers). I know there was a change that was announced a few weeks ago on enforcers, but haven't gone back to figure it out. I'm definitely missing the dice and the random dreadball mvp. I have no idea how I would store/tr
  9. The paint job is excellent! I loved the sculpt, and painted one for the last exchange. Thanks for doing what you do!
  10. Hmm.. http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/previews/latest/77325 70k SKU? doesn't that mean bones? [Edit]Oh yeah, that was in the Bones II kickstarter. Dur. [/edit]
  11. I got double tracking numbers as well. I certainly hope they're only sending one (if only that by the time they've sent double to everyone else, they won't be able to fulfill the rest of the kickers or starterers or whatever you want to call backers).
  12. I don't think I got more than the basic set- mine weighs 10.8 lbs apparently. It should be here early this week, if the shipping estimate is accurate. I always take those with a grain of salt, though, particularly when the package itself hasn't officially left.
  13. How heavy is it? I like a lot of the different accent, but I already have dwarven forge pieces so I don't need a whole dungeon set. I've also got a set of itar's coming eventually.
  14. Ruins of battle would be an awesome stamp. I'd consider buying it.
  15. Thanks for the compliments. I stole the idea from Gailbraithe's very excellent pathfinder goblins: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/46123-pathfinder-goblins/ I have the whole set more or less done for table, they just need bases.
  16. I'm still working with my goblins. Now that I have my new basing stamps, I'll start adding some decorative bases! Bah, it looks like I have the wrong focus for the archer! Here is my first (pirate ship) stamped base: I've also started my pirates:
  17. I received mine- my grates don't seem too bad. The details on the accessory stamp (ship - a tiny chain, and tavern - the food and bottles) seem a bit too small to work, but I haven't tested them with anything other than playdough yet. My first wooden deck base is drying. Is Milliput the best step down from green stuff? I have really only used plumber's epoxy (gritty and sticky), so I'm sure greenstuff is a much better, more crisp experience.
  18. I'm not sure if it's a perk for the AP subscription or now, but they also usually send a holiday card out with a coupon code of 10% for January.
  19. I'm teaching of psychology of language course this semester. One of the topics we cover is how we resolve ambiguous sentences. JFG would you mind if I used the title as an example of one? It's pretty funny.
  20. I pledged for an adventuring party initially, but just can't find one that I like. Unfortunately I'm just dropping down to buy bits.
  21. I might have to look into those cards. I have the original AP series (I've been a pathfinder subscriber since it started), but also bought the updated book. I mean, how could I not play pathfinder, they stole my forum name to label the game!
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