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  1. thanks to everyone, now i have a shopping list to complete before march!
  2. Do you recommend any Brand name of brush or brush point round or narrow? MiniCannuck I have most of that stuff already so it seems i might be close to ready for the Paint to fly! thanks for the advice just to pick up a couple of brushes. Buglips I like your ogres they are nice, what is the extra stuff i'd need for more detail? just in case i turn out to be a decent painter ;)
  3. unlimited Mountain Dew or other caffeinated drink and whatever sugary candy Kit likes!
  4. I need some help getting together a list of materials - that will be needed for the reaper kickstarter mini deluge that will hit my house soon. Is there any and all recommended brush sizes? paint thinner, brush conditioners, palettes or any other things i've forgotten or just don't know about? it has been quite some time 10+ years since i've painted and have never painted these bones minis. i will appreciate any info you can give me. once i know what to look i'll be ok. THANKS
  5. Thanks to everyone for the information and advice.
  6. Hi, Just looking for some advice it's been around 10 years since I painted any minis and I backed the Kickstarter so just wondering what kind of brushes people have been using and where do you get them? The small town I live in has no hobby shop! Any help is appreciated thanks in advance.
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