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  1. Super stressed today. Work has a bow wave crashing, people are backtracking on months old agreements, and schedules are pressing. Then, add in that I have put in new contacts today and they are not right. They ordered the wrong right ones. I am in between prescriptions and requested the ones that would allow far sight over near sight as I can add reading glasses. They got me the opposite. My daughter is also on her second set of lenses this year, and they still aren’t right. Insurance is used up, so to change doctors now will be out of pocket but I am so mad right now that I am probably good with that. I need a stiff adult beverage. Instead I will work.
  2. Been told I won’t be eligible for the vaccination until July. So, I guess I wait.
  3. The Emperor’s New Groove is so much better than Disney’s Hercules. For some reason I had them the other way around. Just a couple of movies I watched this last week.
  4. Here’s your ironic story of the day. Older beagle was 2 lbs overweight last vet visit, so we bought weight control dog food for him. He is constantly hungry, so we can “sneak” him a little extra food and he thinks he’s getting extra even thought it is less calories overall. The younger beagle likes the taste of the new food so has been eating everything at her meal times rather than leaving half like she does the normal food. So she is getting fat on the weight control food! Just can’t seem to win.
  5. Well, ya know, I don't see no pockets on that onsie. How do you expect her to carry 'em?!
  6. Got 18” of snow. The forecast was for 3”. Bad part of my job working from home is no snow days. Daughter is off from school, and the DMV cancelled my appointment so I have to make another that’s going to be weeks out. I hate driving around with expired dealer tags, but I have seen some that expired last August so it really isn’t being enforced. Now, creepy story time. I am not someone who believes in past lives, but a video yesterday has me wondering. It was a video discussing the history of the winter of 1880/81. Deep snow across the midwest. Cool, yeah? Laura Ingalls Wilder even wrote a book on it. Started watching and my anxiety levels pegged the meter! I did NOT want to keep watching. I was full on panic mode, and the History Guy hadn’t even got to the start of the story, which was the sudden blizzard that covered up all the unharvested crops. That date was my birthday. Separated by several decades, of course. But that doubled the willies for me. Had a hard time finishing that vid.
  7. Rats. I got distracted from the whole purpose I dropped in. I was going to take the day off and do hobby stuff, even planned to stream it. Instead work piled up yesterday along with two critical meetings so I sacrificed and gave up the painting plans. Those meetings got canceled and I figured I would have a rotten day. But I turned out to have an excellent day and was very productive. I hope everybody else had a good one.
  8. Our son was at 4 months and maybe three weeks when she did that. I think she even had to tie him upright in the high chair with a towel. Little pig ate the entire jar and slept afterwards. His nighttime sleep improved dramatically as well. Just getting flashbacks to our Night of Hell reading what you’ve been going through. My mom's rule was a bite of each thing for every year old we were. Four years old meant four more bites, etc. Very happy she did that to us, and us to our kids. My nieces and nephew are ... more particular. And one of our poor neighbors would work from the home office, then she would cook THREE dinners! One for her, one for the husband, and one for the kids. Madness. My daughter will not live down her “stomachs” explanation. See, she had a dinner stomach and a dessert stomach. The dinner stomach was full but the dessert stomach was empty, so she needed dessert!
  9. Get used to the “I’m hungry but not for that!”. It’ll only last for the next 17.5 years. Guessing on Hamsterling’s age. Can’t keep track of my own spawns’ age. And as hesitant as I am to push anything, as I don’t want to be THAT person... but it might be time for a little applesauce. Eternally grateful to my evil stepmother pushing that on us, who were dutifully following the pediatrician’s commandments.
  10. Just replaced an 11 year old Dell (spec’d well, and was still doing 90% of what I wanted) with a home built spec’d out nicely (didn’t go overboard comparing current prices). Holy hell is it nice. That SSD main drive is so sweet to have. Damn near instant reboots and wake ups. The older one was left on all the time because it was a five minute cycle.
  11. Really thought I would do the same. Exposed them to decades and genres wide and far! And so what do my teens listen to?! Musak. Specifically, Italian mellow sounds by Generic Instrumental Group #2515. On CD. Bleah. I’m not entirely sure they don’t have a years long troll going.
  12. Hell, it looks nothing like @haldir in person either. It’s very likely it is Evil Haldir, as part of the incursion of that Star Trek alternate universe. Whether this makes him the evil evil-counterpart or an actually good evil-counterpart, I will leave up for debate.
  13. Having gyoza soup here. We’ll see how it turns out. Rika is using up the gyoza she made a while back and froze. Neither of us have ever tried that, so she’s going with having won ton soup as a general base.
  14. Today seems off. I don’t know why. I am completely unmotivated and down on things in general. Just one big Blah sitting around. Currently self medicating with an iced espresso and 80’s pop (recent article saying it was the most “uplifting”, which honestly sounds like Soviet nostalgia in modern Russia). Wonder if a nap would help.
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