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  1. It was meant as humorous, @Green Eyed Monster. Thanks for the confused emote tho! Working from home has had one benefit. Or detriment maybe. I’m running out of things to listen to on Amazon Music. The Alexa is right next to where I’m sitting. So that’s the detriment, running out of new bands or songs that I haven’t heard a hundred times already. Which leads me to now. Daughter just let one of her Animal Crossing neighbors relocate. Specifically, Jeremiah. And what animal was he? A bullfrog. Naturally, I make Alexa play it every time she has brought the character up. Which led me to tell Alexa to just play Three Dog Night. And I have found that I enjoy a lot of their songs, and the hits weren’t my favorites. Pretty good band. Pretty sure that a lot of, er, let’s say ... learned peoples... are probably nodding and mentally saying “duh” at this point.
  2. Wacky Wafers. You ‘member. Found some during vacation, and bought three packages. Had one for my lunch dessert. Only, there was a problem. After eating the last one (banana of course), I decided to take a drink. Ya know those “Mentos and a bottle of Coke” videos? I took the human form of it. Right over the work laptop. Luckily, my lip strength and cheek elasticity held up but my sinuses are a little upset. They’ll get over it.
  3. Wife’s meds were ready during vacation so she picked the “deliver” option over “pickup” so they would be waiting for us when we got home. Her package shipped from the pharmacy near us (Littleton), travelled to a central processing station in Denver, then two days later got scanned in Portland, OR! It's now back in Denver, and sat for three days. We have since returned, and could walk to the pharmacy in less than 30 minutes.
  4. I realized the irony of hitting the Like button after I did so.
  5. Have you considered dumping Beekeepers? And I'm being serious. Get your access to it removed. When I was there, I started recoiling at certain individual's posts outside that thread group because they were the opposite politically from me. I didn't like that change in me one bit, so when they refreshed the forum and everybody got bumped, I took that opportunity to NOT regain access. I no longer cringe mentally when I see a post from people with opposing politics, and feel it's been very healing to avoid the political threads. I continue to treat Reaper's forum as hobby only, and I can play divisive politics elsewhere.
  6. The critique on WIPs on this forum has never been strong, going back years. People here are too cautious to avoid offending. I used to suggest trying the CMON forums, as when I was super active there it was the place to get really honest advice. That is NOT the voting gallery postings! Completely different beast that suffers from severe biases. But I haven't been on that forum for years (no mobile friendly version) and it was getting terrifically slow then due to a lot of the regulars moving some other forum.
  7. Little sad it wasn’t my designs doing it. Original plans for us were to have an ISS crewed capsule by 2014 or so, but ... reasons. Still, very happy for the success. For all the jabs and put-downs we banter about, I don’t think any of us small aerospace LRU* cogs really disparage the success of others. Well, unless our own job depended on the other group failing. That’s different. *Line Replaceable Unit
  8. Huuuuu....uhhh. For a reasonable amount, it would be possible to own the mountain resort I spent a week at every summer from before I could walk until I went to college. My family has been coming to it since 1958 until it closed, but we still visit the area. It’s falling apart and can’t be turned into a rental property again without a lot of work and probably more cash than I’d be willing to sink into it, but the fact that the possibility even exists makes me pause.
  9. Yeah... Twitter has been a growing trash fire for years. Facebook as well. I avoids ‘em and that improves my opinion of humanity greatly. Woes? Woes. Oh, right. Those things. Can’t relate right now. Been lounging next to an alpine stream today. I’m doing well and woes are not part of the vocabulary right now. Maybe Tuesday.
  10. Since all the smart elfed answers were taken, I have to give an honest answer, with the caveat that neither I nor any other person on the planet or in orbit is normal. I don't have any social boundaries. I could be in a crowded social situation and just ... be ... until I fell asleep. I could probably then sleep in the same crowded social situation for a full eight hours, possibly more depending on bedding comfort levels, then get up and be social again for the full day. I'm no extrovert, but not an introvert either. Being social just isn't something at all, and I can't give any reason why. Maybe because I can escape mentally whenever I want? Sounds like a kid show "message": You're never trapped in a sea of people when you've got .... IMAGINATION!
  11. Just checked on some other sections of the forum, and realized I hadn't read some of those since late March. It's so long ago, yet the time has passed so quickly.
  12. Mowed and checked on the honey makers. Needed to fill up their syrup tank, and pretty sure I saw a mite on them. I’ll have to give them a treatment next weekend. Too tired today and it should rain tomorrow.
  13. Sprinkler Saga has finished! Had to cut a few smaller roots, but it is done! To the left out of frame is the tree that I avoided killing. The sprinkler on the left’s line kept going straight from it to the far sprinkler. You can see the curve in the dirt where the line is now.
  14. Update on my sprinkler saga. Dug out to the first new pinch, and in two feet of digging I found three roots with a diameter of 4 inches, two roots of 2 inches, and numerous smaller roots. To fix the line here would cost the tree all of its roots in a ninety degree arc. That doesn't seem wise considering the winds and the height of the tree. And the second pinch is further along, which would cost the tree even more roots. As I sat pondering giving a death sentence to what is probably a 30 year old tree, the realization of what I must do came to me. Putting a sprinkler line that close to a tree is foolish to start with, but replacing a line that close is even more foolish! So, the wife and I have started to dig a trench that gracefully arches around the trunk of the tree some ten feet away. It's not dug down to depth yet, as her end of the trench just didn't have the "oomph" to get down that deep. But that will be rectified today, and the tree, which isn't in the best of health anyway, will get a reprieve from any more attacks on it's underground delivery system. The second trip to Home Depot revealed that there will be a lot of disappointed weekend workers. I snagged the last two couplings they had, which I managed to find in the wrong location on the shelf, along with the two ninety degree couplings I needed. The hose clamps were well picked clean too, with the bags of ten completely gone, with only loose parts available. Seems they've had a run on yard supplies in the last couple of days. Both times I've gone has seen the parking lot at capacity and a line to go in.
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