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  1. And a herd of them are running over me. Nothing like being in charge of a part that has now caused a site-wide stop work order to be issued. I will probably not be online for a while.
  2. Besides that, the s-foils are in the attack position! You wouldn’t want that for landing! I suspect an infiltrator. BOTLO.
  3. All I am going to say about today is I am glad there are no meetings scheduled so far. And maybe that work right now has enough elf-up jam to recreate the mad hatter scene from Disney’s animated Alice in Wonderland. With extra elf-ups.
  4. My condolences. These were super easy as they were engineered really well. Four screws on two brackets. Bracket location was "eh, about here". Instructions were to be 2-4" from the sides of the windows and even with each other front to back. Aluminum channels that the blinds then snapped into. Two t-clips into the blinds to hold on the fascia with no need for a specific location, then two more clips in the fascia. I timed it. Took only 15 minutes per window.
  5. It’s always a happy feeling to use the last part from the box on the very last step of the instructions. New blinds are up!
  6. Mmm…. cause it took me six hours to stop working? I was told that an automated bill of materials was impossible for a drawing I took over. It wasn’t. I got it to work. But then everything else that the people before me have done worked against me from fully implementing that automation. So gave up and reverted to dumb plain notes. But I am using the work I did do to identify parts. Really should work the weekend some and hope I don’t forget like last weekend.
  7. Well, sort of. Because nobody looked at the part and Receiving/Inspection didn’t catch the problem when the parts were delivered months ago, it now causes a work stoppage. That’s a VBT for management and gets a lot of attention. And the hits keep rolling today. Got an email asking about some problems I am working on. Got a system notification email that I am now 70 days past due on entering a solution. Yes. That’s the spring problem from yesterday. I AM WORKING IT, SYSTEM THANK YOU VERY MUCH. So I get ANOTHER email asking about the springs, but from a person, so I lose it a little mentally. Email reply is very toned down from what I want to say. A couple more back and forth emails, and I keep my cool even though an inferno burns internally. Confusion seems to be the only reply I get. Then I get a text message: Darin, not those springs. <rereads email> $&&@$$&&&&)!!!!! Many elfs were said, and I feel very fortunate that I didn’t go off on everyone. Oh, and VBT = Very Bad Thing.
  8. Oh how lovely! Looks like a machine shop forgot a step and now the parts don’t fit right. Hoping it is a one off event and won’t be found on every single one sitting on the shelf right now.
  9. Nah, just pay the man and toss the "corpse" on the cart.
  10. It’s nearly like that already with two springs side by side, with a left and a right. So it would simply connect the arms that are side by side already. It’s not a bad suggestion as it would be easier to assemble, and I can’t see it costing that much more than the current two springs together. Maybe even less when you add in logistics of tracking two parts. But it still appears that the solution will be a larger outer diameter which means it won’t fit. Already using a super strong spring steel so the other materials are lower yield strength. The design cycles continue.
  11. So, if we take up a collection… I’m kidding of course, but turning the above purple would ruin the humor. I rather enjoy your rants. Please continue. Well, maybe. It’d be better for you for sure if you didn’t have anything to rant about, as things were going so smoothly as to not be a hassle. But we can all laugh at that silly notion. Meanwhile, I am stuck in spring design hell. Have a spring that is too big for the space and causing issues. But make the spring with less coils and the spring increases force. Not a problem, I needed more. Except now the spring would break because it has too much power. Can’t change material as the other choices are weaker. Now I get to dance with the spreadsheets, making the springs tighter or smaller wire or … something. Thus the hell.
  12. Just looked (already said no). Two hours forty minute flight. Arrive two hours before and then give an hour for luggage and a car. So five hours of travel for five hours of meetings, of which only two hours of agenda was worth going for. Nah. Oh! Forgot the one hour of travel TO the airport. Even worse.
  13. Gah. Got invited to our company’s additive manufacturing (aka 3D printing) strategy offsite meeting. In San Francisco. With only half day meetings so we can conveniently fly in that morning, have afternoon meetings, spend the night, then have morning meetings, and fly back home that afternoon. It’s gutting. I love printing. But. Have an all day offsite meeting. Makes the travel so much less of a hassle.
  14. Been a beautiful slightly snowy day today. Large soft snowflakes drifting by the window, some going up and some going down. And an empty office to go with the snow. Slackers.
  15. I don’t consider it eating off the floor. I just call it cross-training for my immune system. In unrelated (perhaps) news, it must be a small kick in the gut to have an investment firm set up a portfolio based solely on your own personal financial recommendations. Specifically, doing the exact opposite of what you suggest. Poor Jim Cramer. I’m also up 0.2% in less than an hour after putting some money into the same fund. That’s about forty cents. Think I might have an extra M&M at lunch to celebrate.
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