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  1. Ah… got a good dose of Friday nirvana bliss going. Love for life and happiness all around. I always enjoy achieving those moments of full contentment. They are scarce.
  2. Working in the kitchen, I heard a loud sound as if someone dropped a brick on cement in the living room. Figured one of the cats has pushed something off a high shelf. Standing in the middle… nothing came into view. Perplexed, I stood there and heard it again. From below me. There is no basement there. I an wondering if I heard my foundation crack. Guessing we will see it in the tile at some point if so. Or something is digging up and hit slab.
  3. This should be on a shirt for the Con!!! "I drink and I remember things" And on the back: "I think"
  4. I’m not ready for fall. I don’t want the death and decay to arrive. Maybe I need to move south of the equator. Get some spring all up in me. Hmm.
  5. Saw a couple of the volcano live streams. Absolutely gorgeous. Nature is beautiful. Meanwhile, I am making the most of my Sunday afternoon and getting everything I need to get done today.
  6. That article helped me. I try to look at Discord and all I see is discord. And I wonder if I am using it wrong. Turns out no, I’m not. Working as intended.
  7. Guess I dug that myself. Or, the stupid phone doesn't like how my thumbs touch the screen. It's always off center and just a biiiit outside.
  8. Yeah, got ours last week. Only saving grave is that we’re having beautiful weather.
  9. I have now sorted through two months of work emails that piled up. I use my inbox as a to-do list so it’s a relief to get it down to something manageable. Nice change of pace from the previous panics due to testing.
  10. My feedback reply to you was more directed to Reaper in general. The shotgun social media method isn't effective.
  11. Per today's Oglaf, I'm definitely in the "mystery tube" camp. Turduken is just too much work, and both YPN and MOAS didn't really dispose of the evidence.
  12. Tried an apple from my trees for the first time. Honeycrisp, which are normally a bit tart, and mine are extremely small so I expected a very sour fruit. Nope! Very sweet actually. Now I need to figure out what to do with all of them. Plus, the hive that lost its queen finally has a new one! Took two transplants of eggs but we will head into winter with full thrones.
  13. But then the same should be done for the forums, Twitch, Twitter, and Facebook. Having info in one place and not the others was a big problem in the runup to the con. Bits and pieces were everywhere.
  14. Yeah. Really not feeling today at all. Only thing I feel like doing is watching mountains erode, and that’s gonna take up a lot of my time. Wondering if its post-con funk or just the general blahs rearing up their head. We’ll see what the iced espresso does to my attitude.
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