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  1. Then I fell for the bait hook, line, and sinker.
  2. Fixed that for you. Just going to sit here in the front perch and watch the pun parade.
  3. Why, hello there, boys boys boys.
  4. Have you met our forum friend, Mr Enabler? Often seen down in the Department of Acquisitions threads, among other places. He’s fun to hang with, but he does seem to drain one’s wallet pretty quickly. Hobby occupational hazard, really.
  5. Yeaaaaahhhh... different free mini for 12 days in a row. But! Last year was the first time you could buy any of them at the end of the promotion, and they have said they’d do it again. And not ninja’d because I saw the other posts and still posted anyway.
  6. Nothing like getting in to work and first thing that dings is a reminder that I have an all-morning class in 15 minutes. And in another building. That’s under remodeling. With no idea where the conference room actually is. Mad scramble and dumb luck allowed me to be there in time. And now my work week comes to a close soon, as I head to the family cabin in the mountains tomorrow. Then a dratted business trip. October, I barely knew thee.
  7. Worked a bit on the vegetation front today. LINK HERE. I tried working up a bit of a bristle base, something with a lot of little cylinders that I can use to stuff pieces into, and then cover up with a slurry of ground material. FreeCAD does NOT like round objects, and I'm contemplating just going with squares. I figure it will be nearly the same result as they'll only be about 0.6mm wide. That, or I can just use my full blown work machine and give up any pretense of having it available (anything I make on the company's software technically belongs to them, unless I fill out some forms and get approval and that's just not worth the time). So there's that.
  8. Worked on the onion leaf tree a bit this weekend. Got some wire from the local hardware store and attempted to glue on the leaves. Again. And again. And again. It finally took, but man, was it a pain! I've run through several other options, but nothing really seems to pop up as something that will work as well as a wire that can be bent to something organic looking. Here's the result. It doesn't look that bad. The spot under the leaves is a bit thick and round... but not really something that screams "mistake". I managed to get all the other pieces punched out from the paper and so maybe I will have time this week to make a couple more of them, with other sized leaves, to see if this is really viable. A nice woody stem would actually work great, as I think the superglue would hold to it a lot quicker. But I haven't found something readily available that was durable enough, or that would look natural. Toothpicks are too straight, small twigs might work, but I'd need a number of them to work and I'm not sure I can find some that consistently. Did take a look at Michael's today when I bought a big bottle of sealer since that seemed to work wonders for the waterproofing and shaping. The hunt continues, but wire and patience may be the way to go. The next thing I did on my Tuesday off was print out six more leaf presses that worked the above magic. While that was running in the printer, I sat down and designed my next shaper, which had a much more undulating design. The above is 4cm long by 2.5cm wide. There's a mating half and I attempted to print it out along one of the edges so that the curves would be planar with the print bed. I found that 3D printing things that way tend to make a better curved surface. That became a large lump of plastic once the print nozzle knocked things over halfway through the build. I reprinted things with them laying flat, and got a good enough print out of it. I may make a couple more of those, but they won't be used as much I think. Or maybe they will. These will be used to put curves into some long palm-frond like leaves. That's one of the few things that were on my checklist to do today for my hobby. Not quite sure if I want to make that a tall or a short plant. May have to play with some scrap vellum to see what things look like coming out of the press.
  9. Oh my goodness: I love the BB.
  10. I guess I can hope that Hersey's may follow suit with the Reese's peanut butter cups. They used to be paper wrappers and it's odd to miss it so. Taking today off work to hobby and *mumble, mumble*. Made an entire list of what I hope to accomplish today.
  11. Wow! Must have been a busy day. Hardly any posts this afternoon.
  12. I’ll have to see. Never been there before, so I will be trying a lot of what my coworkers have recommended. I was told that there was cheap happy hour beer at one of the restaurants at the port on the north side of Canaveral ($5/2), but since I would have to drive afterwards I am not sure that’s a benefit. Might have a Saturday with nothing to do, so may go tool around then. I’ll let you know of anything spectacular or craptastic that I find.
  13. Sitting* at work on a Monday. Remind me to return the favor of a relaxing post late November on a Friday. That said, my Monday is trudging along a bit decently. Checked to see if I want to change hotels for next week (Cocoa Beach vs Titusville), but noticed that unlike Clearwater, there seems to be ample parking near the seafood restaurants. And free to boot. Since that was my only real concern, I will leave my hotel as-is, because where I am staying has many more 24 hour restaurants and I cannot be certain of getting off work during a time when those other places are open. Then, I realized that the test report I needed has been signed by everyone, so I can now use it for requirement verification! That killed off half of my remaining tasks, and makes me look golden with our Systems Engineering group. That plus $5 will get me a coffee, I suppose, but I do like not having that hanging over my head. *Upon further review, I am actually standing. Not that it matters.
  14. After 19 years, I have decommissioned my old grill and bought a new one. The old one still "worked", but mostly in one spot and had to light it with a fireplace lighter. The wire racks on it were also about half as thick as the other, and ready to break, so it was time. Broke the new one in tonight, and I am going to have to relearn how to grill.
  15. I'm sad. Last week, my bees looked to be very few in number. Didn't see the queen, but saw enough larva that I knew she was there. Perfectly normal to not see her, so I didn't worry. I've found her this week. Outside the hive. Dead. Not sure if the sudden cold snap this week got her. It did get a LOT of my bees. I'd bet half of the hive died since Thursday. I do believe it's way too late in the year to try to get a new queen ordered, and if they raise up a new queen, I'm not sure there will be a drone around to mate her. I'm confident that I can write off the entire hive this year. *sigh* Oh well. Guess I'll just start again in the spring.