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  1. Thank you! Surgery went well, less than two hours when four were scheduled. They took a lot less than expected and they saved the nerves they thought might be needing to be removed. So she will recover a bit faster too. No feeding tube so she will be having soup soon. But very good news from this end of the world! Have an excellent weekend everyone!
  2. Surgery day! Rika goes under the knife in about an hour. She’s super ready for it and regaining the ability to breathe from her nose again normally. Well, at least when everything heals. She’s got minor concerns about washing her face while still in the hospItal, and if I will be bored waiting. No worries from either of us, so say any prayer, chant, or positive vibe that you’re wanting to give, then go have a great Friday! It’s the weekend! Woo hoo!
  3. Oh, I remember Schoolhouse Rock. Watched it all the time. It’s just Janet doesn’t stir any memories. Now I’m hankerin’ for a hunk of cheese.
  4. And having watched it on YouTube? Still don’t remember it. Strangely tho, I recognized Janet. Maybe I saw that somewhere else as an easter egg r something.
  5. I was glued to the TV during the 80s. I do not recall Interplanet Janet.
  6. Had a little time so you got me curious. BoardGameGeek does have a search feature that brought up a lot, but nothing with distinct horseshoes on a board. Tried bandit, thief, cowboy, marshal, and sheriff. The closest I found was "Sheriff of Dodge City" from 1966: But that doesn't have the horseshoes and each player is a sheriff. Just searching "horseshoes" won't work either.
  7. Ha! Had the same base pasta as our glittery friend! Spaghetti lasagna!
  8. What about tentacles tho? Would that be an extra arm or foot for game mechanics? Or a large stumpy growth with bone hooks at the end? They defined an extra arm as anything that you could manipulate delicate objects with. Now, I can pick up pennies off the ground with my toes, but I don't think that'd fall under the extra arm category since I'm not picking them up, rubbing the dirt off, and seeing the date with my toes. So happily, my leg is not an arm.
  9. Got my GURPS Girl Genius rulebook from the Kickstarter this last week. Highly amused that they had to define what counts as an extra arm vs an extra leg.
  10. My bacon this morning was an emotional wreck. It kept falling apart! Not a euphemism. It simply shredded and fell into long strands. Weird.
  11. Extra "%20" in there. https://assets.kraftfoods.com/recipe_images/opendeploy/66272_640x428.jpg Should help GEM's confusion.
  12. Wow. Killed the thread?! Let’s spice it up. And yes, I was a bit bored. Several of these were last revised in the 50s. MIL-C-10467A, spec for chickens dressed and ready to cook MIL-C-43289F, chicken with rice, cooked, dehydrated MIL-C-44060D, chicken a la king, thermostabilized, for meal, ready-to-eat MIL-P-1104E, pork sausage, canned MIL-B-3909, beef sausage, link style and I’ll end with a dessert: MIL-C-44351, bread pudding, imitation maple flavored with smoked sausage, thermostabilized, tray pack Bon appetit!
  13. Ah. Nuance needed. Wheeled vehicles. I can sort of relate to the sudden lack of stress. It was horrible. After all my testing was done on my previous project, I had a two year span before my parts were installed. In that time, I had very little to do, and most of it was getting the paperwork in order as well, most of it Product Certification. Filling out checklists. Creating documentation detailing the design, what the tests were, how that proved we met requirements, what evidence for each requirement, customer concurrence that we'd met requirements, systems engineering concurrence that the customer had concurred (seriously), documentation of any issues that were found during manufacturing (smudged the part marking = issue = documentation required). Then that all goes through the Defense Contract Management Agency to verify that the Federal contract (not military mind you; any Federal contract) had been fulfilled. Then answering all their questions because they had just spent the last month verifying that a shipment of frozen chicken nuggets had met military specifications (yes, there is one specifically for chicken nuggets) so don't know jack about human rated space hardware. That seems like a lot but remember that was spread over twenty-four months. It was slow. And painful. And caused me to almost leave the company several times since I wasn't getting to do any design work. Absolute hell. Then I got through it all and they told me to go find a new job because I was done. Ah, gotta love aerospace. Seriously. The burnout rate is high. So many firework careers. Lit fuse (this is great!), acceleration (wow I love this), pop (wait, what? This is required?), debris (I'm outta here).
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