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  1. Hmm. A Reaper email was in my spam inbox with something about a message failure. I released it from the spam catcher to be deliver to my inbox so I can see what it is. Never showed. Oh well. Maybe it was spam then. Or an error.
  2. Which means only 190 until Christmas! I better start working. Seriously. Gonna try copying some of my grandfather’s wooden ornaments that he hand made in the 70s and 80s for my grandma’s 4th grade students in order to get them into my wife’s craft store.
  3. Dah OBD2 reader reads. And clears the errors. High altitude (above 10k feet) does interesting things to O2 sensors, especially at 6500 RPM.
  4. I went on a bit of a spender bender. Ebay spaceships, OBD2 reader, and a third of a paycheck on beehives. I have one hive that’s gone ape**** and is near exploding. Tons of queen cells. Even caught one queen emerging! She’s now in the queenless hive, along with 20 or so sisters she may or may not kill. The bits of honey and comb that I’ve had to remove for maintenance reasons tasted of lilacs. And was amazing.
  5. Was the donut good? The donuts are far away for me right now. And I shouldn’t have one. So will try to live vicariously through you.
  6. I saw a font picking graphic once. Not at home so can’t look it up for ya.
  7. Sadly, yes. (And thanks for the laugh). It seems like the first five pages of Google results are just copy/pastes of each other. They all seemed to have the same five steps: check airplane mode, enter correct password, turn on/off, dns flush, then the hated suggestion. I especially loathe the website suggestions of editing the router settings (uh, not my router) and contacting my network administrator. That last one really grinds when I have a problem with my home network as I AM the administrator! Grr… But on to happier things. Vacation is going well. The kids have played card gam
  8. Thanks for that, but I need to be connected to some network first for those to work (but I did try just in case. It’s able to see lots of networks, but unable to even initiate even a “no internet” connection. On normal hotels, I can usually connect but have no access which popping open the browser and going to a website usually breaks the logjam and things can progress password wise. In the current case, it simply says it cannot connect. Dead stop. Hmm. Cobwebs starting to fall. Think it has the same problem as inflight entertainment issues. Gonna try that this evening. Yup!
  9. I’m exhausted and upset. Start of vacation, after a six hour drive, and I cannot get the tablet to connect to the wifi. The solutions online are repetitive and none of them work. I remember it was something super simple last time but for the life of me I cannot remember what it was. Works fine on the home wifi.
  10. Last year I stopped my wife from organizing the wild flower garden. This year I have a nice crop of these small orange flowers. But I am especially proud of my dandelions! Waist tall and 2” puff balls! That’s not in purple. I actually am proud of ‘em.
  11. Same boat. I would like some of the stuff, but it just doesn’t feel like “swag”. Feels like a Limited Edition run of no more than two or three million units. Maybe I try snagging them at the Con.
  12. I made myself laugh the other day. Haven’t thought of a brand name, but the company catch phrase was “Ladies’ style, Mens’ design”. It was a jeans line for women but using the design philosophy of men’s clothing. Deep pockets, etc. The sub-phrase was “Because I got tired of the complaints”, only with a synonym of complaining.
  13. Huh. My preferred keyboard is unlit and black. My case on the rig I just built is unlit and black. My mouse is unlit and black. Means I’m either goth ... or just don’t care! I’m gonna go with the uncaring choice. I don’t think I’d do well with mascara, and all that black clothing would be stifling.
  14. Lucky. I woke up at my normal time sans alarm and couldn’t get back to sleep. In orher news, my bees did not appreciate me checking in on their progress and one stung me on my ankle through my sock. Ingrates! It wasn’t bad Saturday, then Sunday it itched horribly and developed blisters. Turns out that’s a normal reaction some times. Today it is a bit swollen and being on my ankle is making it painful to walk.
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