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  1. Honestly, I’d watch that movie over their live action remakes any day. Now we just have to find a villain suitable to be your nemesis. But since we’re messing with the genre, have to keep that going. Hmm... Evil natural child who was turned into a three legged rabbit when a spell backfired, with the kind step-child (hit with a rebound, so they’re a skunk) desperate to save you. Practically writes itself.
  2. I need a machine that goes “ping”. Hard to tell if I’m alive or not. Maybe an Imposter got me and I haven’t stopped twitching yet. Shed shows up Monday tho. Have to be alive for that. Cost me a $35 permit fee to find out that I don’t need a permit for that small if a shed. Do have an 8’ easement at the back fence that I was unaware of. Guess there’s that. Need to paint more figures. Space may be infinite but it is anything but in the basement.
  3. Didn’t you know if you take the grapefruit and squish all the parmesan cheese into it that it is a perfectly cromulent substitute for oranges? That’s like Cooking 101!
  4. The same thought crossed my mind after I posted that, but I figured everybody here is mature and wouldn’t go there.
  5. I've actually finished a mini! Completed my little toilet paper gnome! Save for the clear sealer, but that'll come. Just need to wait until it's well above freezing for that. Now, unrelated topic. Weird thing that I've noticed this weekend is that I've started to use my left hand a lot more. Eating, drinking, and doing yard work, it's been Lefty. For some reason, I've just mentally become more comfortable using it. So skip the stroke stuff. Different mindset completely. Now, I may be just tired. I will grant that. Yesterday while we were picking up all the leaves in the yard and I was running the handheld leaf vacuum, my left arm started getting tired, and so I thought "well, time to use my left hand then" and switched to using my right. I had to pause for a bit because I had forgotten what left and right meant. That's when I realized I'd been switching things up for a bit. Really odd feeling. Like I'm "aware" of my left arm now. It's like a new toy that I want to use. Anyway, I should go to bed.
  6. Denver metro is filled with Californians. It takes a while for them to get reminded that the white stuff is snow and ice not ash and sand. The icy winter driver issue has gotten so bad that I, who grew up relatively close and learned to drive in the stuff, will just skip going in to the office that first day. Not worth the risk. That’s in a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, which I know how to use well, and am not one of those speeding types. Unless the storm closes things and people stay home. Then it’s safe for me to go out and cut some trails. Then the streets are fun again.
  7. Some of you may recall my father passing in April ‘19. My stepmother has his ashes and I found out that she has been keeping them in his recliner at his business’s shop, around the gas heater where everybody always gathers. She showed up this morning to find his box had moved a bit, and an empty Miller bottle resting with him. Apparently, one of his friends decided Dad needed a night out, so took his remains off-roading and then for a few beers. He’s got weird friends.
  8. @LittleBluberry I have to take specific training for that periodically. I’ve seen the accounting go so far as having little tiny employee badges (half sized dominoes) that had to placed in the tool box when a tool was removed. Rivets had to be counted by the parts counter person before giving them to the mechanic, and all failed rivets had to be returned as well. Course, if the stuff I work with goes boom, it turns 8-11 digits of money into interesting stones on the ocean floor, so there’s that difference.
  9. Oh. Em. Gee. You will NOT believe what just happened. I cleaned off my painting desk enough to actually USE it! And I actually touched three figures with the purpose of hobbying and not just moving them about! Then got completely sidelined by family discussion and decisions, but that's neither here nor there. I HOBBIED on a day I specifically took off to hobby. I apologize to all the denizens of the underworld right now for their sudden frozen precipitation.
  10. I have 8? ships from that game. I know I have too many BFG ships already, but MAN I want some of those ships I have 20 ships. I may have 20 ships of a couple of factions. I should do an inventory. I have no clue if I got any duplicates with this auction. Then again, not sure that I care if I have duplicates.
  11. Today is a super drag. Coming off of a four day off-work stretch so it isn’t a huge surprise. Did gift myself an eBay auction last night, so 27 more space ships from Firestorm Armada headed my way. I should really try to paint some.
  12. As new parents 18 years ago, the wife and I recorded our son’s first week nearly completely. When he was six months old, we rewatched that first week’s video for fun, and got to a part when the poor thing was crying. The stupid parents couldn’t figure out that he was hungry! It was so obvious! Then our anger subsided when we remembered who the stupid mom and dad were, and that they hadn’t learned which crying style meant which problem. Enjoy the ride and go Bulls (the same son’s college mascot... freshman... time flies... 2038 is coming for your rodential self)
  13. Had a new twist on my annual corporate ethics training. Apparently they now have some official guidelines on the appropriate development and use of artificial intelligence. I for one welcome our new electronic overlords.
  14. That’s the sad part, too. We are salaried, so no OT. If we work more than 45 hours, we can bank those hours past 45. Current program has a lot of people working extra hours, and this is just going to lead to less bankable time. But, like I said, I work with ski bums, so they’ll enjoy that extra day on the slopes.
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