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  1. Hmm. I may know exactly which angel did it then. I shall have to have a word with grandfather tonight if he's brave enough to both steal my whiskey AND stick around for dream time. He was the sort of character that would do that sort of thing if he could. He'd hide the last piece of the puzzle the family was working on so he could be the one to "finish" it. He also had a bride-to-be in tears during her wedding after telling her of the family tradition of "passing 'round" the new bride to all the men in the family. Poor girl had to be convinced by him that it truly was a joke when s
  2. Yes, that’s a good summary. The reason for barrel #2 is that it is smaller. Smaller barrels can age spirits faster. One year in a small barrel tends to act like a five year barrel aging. Take a nice 5 year old whiskey, put into the time machine barrel, and in a year I was to have a 10 year old whiskey. Instead, the alcohol content of the air I have been breathing has been higher than normal.
  3. Sad news. Got a whiskey barrel for Christmas and promptly filled it with tipple. Had problems with leaking that I believed I finally fixed. Went to try some last night as in theory due to the small barrel size, it has aged two years (compared to the regular barrels). Dry as a bone! It evaporated an entire liter of nice whiskey in four months! Tried filling it with water and it poured out just as fast as it went in. Soaking it now to get it to seal again, and have a nice big bowl of whiskey flavored water. Super sad as it was a custom bar
  4. Hour break done, and back to work. The “surge” week now has me at 33 hours for the week so far and shows no signs of stopping. Bet I sleep well tonight tho. On pace for a 75 hour work week! Ouch.
  5. My backlog of stl files of minis for the printer has become so large, I’ve realized I have stopped even downloading free ones.
  6. Hmm... I can see how merely getting a "human" sized character isn't going to be the dramatic style desired. It may come down to just making more dynamic and large bases to make things pop. Not much help, but I'm not a super duper figure aficionado. Sunday's are slow but I'm sure someone of more expert abilities will roll around during the week.
  7. Esh. I do not like 60 hour weeks. Somehow, I don't think I'm going to like the 70 hour week I have planned either. Too much to do, surging work, and just got to eat the elephant.
  8. Ahhhhh.... can ya smell that design swirl? The mixed scents of burning hair, incinerated schedules, and baked pink matter. *****sniiiiiiiiifffffff******
  9. Pretty sure they’re fine with that. Just make note if it in the title. As for my day, got the lawn mower out and the oil changed. Then cut the grass, cleaned the fish tank, and walked the dogs. Now I am sitting down to do some day job work reviewing engineering drawings. Hmm. My point was that I have had a pretty good one, but that last item may make it go down a notch or two.
  10. May I suggest CCleaner (two C's)? Coworker recommended it to me, and it allowed my old PC to limp through another two years. Be sure to disable autoupdates, and when it wants to update, download a new version rather than let it handle it. It'll install "helpful" software. First shot today here as well. But, they did cancel my daughter's appointment because she's under 18. They only had Moderna and J&J. The Pfizer vaccine is the only one that's 16+. The place I got it through was pretty good too, although it was a drive-up/thru event at the company's ball fields. We ha
  11. Down in Mexico by The Coasters does NOT sound like a song from 1957. My random Amazon Music shuffle for today is 1957 Billboard. That year was very wide in musical styles so I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.
  12. Up for a challenge? Do both. Start in the future, but at certain points, they all flash back 10 years and must learn info/skills that affects their “present” self’s ability to solve a problem. Or maybe fail to learn too. Past results affecting the future ability. I wouldn’t go so far as to have past actions start changing the future (PC can’t suicide, so maybe would require some Hand of DM). Might be interesting.
  13. Our latest snow last week pushed in a greenhouse panel and thus killed off the remaining seedlings I had. Replanted this weekend as we should be past the last snow. Hahahaha. I know, I know. Mother’s Day is usually our last one. But still should be fine. But happily I got the apiary set up for the two packages coming this weekend. Pic! Normal beehive on the left, old nuc box in the middle in case I see any swarms, and then the Layens on the right. It has a 2x4 adapter on top right now so I can stand some regular starter frames while they get honeycomb going o
  14. I think I may have my head above water at work for the first time in months. I’m gonna ignore that impending doom sound coming from the direction of that moving light in this dark tunnel. I am nearly done with one test plan and can move to the next one. Course, the guy that was doing that for me no longer has a valid email address. Which, due to questions a month ago from our manager and the fact that his departure was not announced nor a going away party discussed leads me to believe he was not ... hmm... separated amicably from the corporation. Pure speculation from me, but I suspe
  15. I may have painted a figure verrrrry similar to those.
  16. Just watched an ad that boasted of fresh and clean ingredients. Uh... clean? Really? Shouldn’t that be very normal?
  17. Foggy morning to match my foggy brain. Nothing but paperwork that I can see for the week. Well, I will be taking tomorrow off to hobby. Funny how I have to spend vacation time to make that time valuable enough to spend painting and not blow it on YouTube and vidja games.
  18. Went to design a nice hive entrance and got a lot of the way through. Then had the thought to check Thingiverse. Found several. Went to bed all sad that I spent a lot of time designing what was already there. Went to print this morning and realized nothing had the feature I wanted, so back to the design phase! Gonna organize the Windows’ tools to get a print started so then get started. May even paint today.
  19. Well where is the fun in that?! I rather enjoy my “oh god what have I done to myself” moments. And that’s not in purple. I do enjoy it. Not sure that’s a good thing, but it’s my thing.
  20. At least it was after my alarm. Worst one I had was the dream that someone had emptied my checking account at 2am. At 3am I had to get up, go to the computer, log in to my bank, and prove to my sleep brain that the money was still there. I wonder where this comes from psychologically.
  21. @TGP Yup, four. The work offer was extended to dependents age 16 or older (current CO requirements). So me, the wife, the college son, and the daughter who turned 16 just yesterday. Whole family will get the needle.
  22. Rotten brain. Trying to snooze after the first alarm, but it decided to invent an angry Etsy customer upset I haven’t shipped his purchase yet. I haven’t had anything on Etsy for years, and awake brain knows sleep brain invented this issue wholecloth. But it wouldn’t let me stay asleep so I am up early. There is no email and there is no any customer. Stupid brain.
  23. Which is why you leave a key under the obviously fake rock, right? Which come to think about it, I am not sure I could get into my house if worst case happens. Course, that would be three faults deep, so I shouldn’t worry. Door battery dead, power is out, AND I have forgot my key.
  24. Yeah, thinking the same thing, so I am not worried. Well, a little. But knowing how these work, I’m sure they are making more than just the number of room blocks. So ya no worries.
  25. Couldn’t get the room rate to load in my existing non-block reservation. But since I couldn’t mix using points with the room rate anyway it seems, I think I am good with that. Pretty sure I can load up on any of the hotel loot (if any) without an issue to start with, so ... yeah.
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