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  1. Well, think I've given up on getting my super duper fancy diorama put together again. Third year in a row. Was a bit down on not really having the time to just punch out a figure for any category, but then realized that I have CAD. I can pose up a figure that won't be going into the diorama, print that, and paint it. Maybe I can get some tips and stuff after that's done on how to do the figures for next year's SDFD. Then I'll try getting a couple more entries down, but time is growing short for me to put the level of effort I want into them.
  2. I slept twelve hours last night. Guess I needed it, but now I will be sleepy for the rest of the day. My day off so my plans for the day are shot. But that’s like every off day. Did I honestly not hit submit?! *sigh* Nobody noticed but me.
  3. No, they are System Engineers and that’s sort of their thing. Gonna claim that’s not my job. MS Word should be all they need. I did bleed all over the technical portions that I am responsible for.
  4. Just got a second follow up email plea at work for everyone to please review a document as they have had very little feedback so far. Being the nice guy I am, and a little burnt out as I start checklist #2 of 8 consisting of 400 line items, I jump in to the reviewing tool to see what it is. Not that onerous of a title but quite high level. Then I noticed that it is 496 pages long. I found the reason you aren’t getting much feedback.
  5. My stepfather. But in his case he was also stumbling and unable to hold things with that side. Guess who had a stroke and waited so long that he’s now unable to do much by himself even after three years of physical therapy? Yeah… Very happy I am not one of those guys to wait to see a doctor. Probably saved my life twice (appendicitis and not-cancer-but-maybe-is thyroid).
  6. Pulled a frame of honeycomb yesterday to free up space for the bees. It weighs 11 lbs! Thought you should know.
  7. Opened up my work email and saw exactly ONE. Luckily (???), Monday is filled with meetings so I can fill some of my time. Meanwhile, I am reaching down into the big bucket of delayed tasks. Man, the ones at the bottom have a really unpleasant odor.
  8. Found my reading glasses! Sports car dash.
  9. Had the internet go out from noon until 5pm. Thought that there would be a quick fix, but it took much longer than they thought. So now, I need to work some hours over the weekend to get caught back up. Going to be a bit difficult when I don't actually have much to do.
  10. Right in one guess! Luckily enough, I had a backup cookie since the wife isn’t allowed crusty foods still. Oddly enough, that slip had an advertisement on one side. Now on to a @kristof65 style issue. Got an email from a designer who isn’t on the program any more. Procurement tried finding the first designer who is no longer with the company to get an answer for a part we have a vendor making. Why they didn’t go to the “responsible engineer” signature person (me) to start with is puzzling. Anyway, vendor says that our drawing note says to heat treat the part to a certain condition per a metal specification, but wanted to know what heat treat specification to use. This shows that they didn’t read the specification which is a whopping 9 pages. There is a section named “Heat Treatment” and spells out exactly what they need. Definitely a brown m&m moment, as if they missed that then they likely missed something else. But I cannot tell the procurement people that, as they didn’t think to contact the person responsible for the part in the first place and so I have doubts that they have they tact to not forward that to the vendor.
  11. Just finished another bit of grease class at work. Thought you should know.
  12. Vacation nearly over. All we have left is the drive home.
  13. Actually took all the pictures from basically in-town. Still, population of only 417. Swelling during tourist season. Plan to build an onsen resort with a noodle shop for the skiers. Just as soon as I win the lottery of course.
  14. If it helps, the moisture here is horrendously low, even more than the high deserts of California and Yuma, AZ. It is cooler here, but the humidity is about the same, so super dry. Carson National Forest has been closed for almost a month due to the fire danger.
  15. Sure! I’ve already tortured him with ‘em!
  16. Couple of video links of videos I will torture my brother with tonight while he is working and I am relaxing. Figured I would share here too. https://youtu.be/B0oB6RKLPq8 https://youtu.be/--ARNUXLt9s They are taken from our rental cabin in Red River, NM.
  17. Bit cruel but I am uploading video shorts of the mountain river and pines to torture my brother. Family tradition from 1951 to visit the New Mexico alpine area, and his family doesn’t like to go to the same place twice. So he relents and doesn’t come. I make him pay even more by just sitting and doing nothing on my vacation rather than running around with every hour planned out with something new to do. Exhausting. I am here on a porch overlooking a babbling river, winds whispering thru the pines, and birds all around singing. Very peaceful. When his night shift starts, I will send him the links. Think I will drop them in my glittery canine payback thread, too.
  18. Well phooey. Bought a new tablet last Sunday in time to take on vacation. It decided it won’t recharge now. Was having so much fun too.
  19. Quiet here, or something was amiss today?
  20. It is midnight. I am picking my son up after three weeks in Rome, Italy. Fun.
  21. Whatcha mean? Oh right, I’m the one with vacation starting tomorrow, so it’s my Friday.
  22. In a way? You can enter multiple figures in the Open category for example. The judges will only judge one figure for Open... but maybe now I see the deeper question. If a figure gets picked for the Open, but you entered a second figure in Open which was a mousling, would it be considered at all for the mousling portion of the contest? I want to say that it will, regardless of which figure you entered that gets judged for that Open category (as an example). But hopefully there's an answer coming tomorrow. Weekends are always light.
  23. Uhm…. *raises hand* But… … eh, never mind.
  24. My wife is that way. Some small inflammation (cold, allergies, other dark things) and smack her with a small change in pressure kills her pain wise. Even small hills are enough to give her enough pain. Figured she had small passages to start with and her chronic sinus infections just made it worse. She’s a bit excited to see what having a much larger cavity will do. Before this surgery, I didn’t know there was a sinus cavity in foreheads. At least, she has one on the various medical scans. As for ranting about it being out of control, I bought a poster for my stepbrother in the early 90’s. Title was “In case you need an excuse to party” and had 365 days of “National x Day”. So the calendar has been filled for at least 30 years. I’m sure they’ve added to it because of course thats the important stuff according to Congress (not political; everybody hates them).
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