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  1. Yeah, @haldir, I think I'm in the same boat, although I don't think I have Krampus at all, so he'd be a nice pickup. As I look over at my mountains of containers and boxes and drawers and cabinets and racks and shelves and buckets and store displays filled with unpainted minis (not joking on any of that), I wonder why I would have any desire to pick up any more especially since I've killed off any Christmas gift ideas for decades. Except I decided to paint a unicorn for the neighbor girl down the street who convinced her parents to buy an 8' tall unicorn Christmas lawn decoration. And Reaper's out of stock on the one figure I am trying to buy (Bones, 77029) as the intent is for her to play with it so metal won't really be a good things. *sigh* Perhaps. That, and I just upped my Bones 5 pledge with figures that didn't grab me then, but figure wth now. Plus a power up or two that didn't make it in initially and I didn't pay any attention to afterwards.
  2. Engineer is no excuse! Writing takes practice, that’s all. Been writing since high school, classes there and in college. Then two decades of daily detailed work notes (thank you jr high typing classes). Took about three decades for me to even gather the courage to attempt it, but I did technically write a novel, per word count, the last two years. I figured it came out to a 450+ page paperback. Proudly published it on a website in chapters where it was well received and appreciated, but sadly said website went dark this summer (owner had enough of comment trolls and member fighting). I’d should put it up for Kindle, but I need to figure out how to do it very anonymously. It’s not exactly family friendly and concerns a subject matter one finds in those little fringe corners of the internet that make Mos Eisley cantina dwellers wonder what’s wrong with you. What I wrote was not pornography, but the genre did have several artists and writers who would go that direction. Might be a bit difficult if people made the connections between that fringe of a fringe and me.
  3. Hello Monday on a lightly attended work week. Let’s make a deal. You let me have a productive day that is enjoyable and I won’t see to it that you find your way into an industrial blender. Deal?
  4. Oh, rant time. We’ve been masked since March. Saw a lot of unmasked at the beginning but not so much now. But the end result seem to be following standard pandemic trends, so it all seems pointless. I started working with a new group in April. I have never met my team. I have never met my coworkers. Video calls are forbidden due to the nature of the project. I have some pictures of who they are, but only half. The others are disembodied voices only. My brother and I, with our families, cleaned out my grandmother’s house as best we could for the estate. Had a good three days close together in her house. Got home and he tested positive. Only thing that changed for us was my daughter couldn’t work for two weeks. The rona only got one of the eight of us sick. My son’s first year of college might as well have been in prison. Most of the classes was online only, so why pay for a dorm? Campus is empty with no activities, which Adventure Club was one of the reasons he went to Tampa. He had one class he might have been able to take in person, but it would have required him to drop the lab. He went 100% online. He has three roommates. He has talked to one of them twice. The other two we saw moving in, but he hasn’t seen them since. My daughter’s schooling went better. They reopened and had in person twice a week with reduced class sizes. It was working so well the state health department investigated because they were having such low number of cases, and were held up as a model to emulate. But the school district decided to go with a one size fits all approach instead and shut down all the schools. If her job making pizzas wasn’t considered essential (*snort*), she wouldn’t be leaving the house at all. I am horrified at the media reporting. They really use scare tactics it seems. They breathlessly count the total dead and infected. But they don’t dig deeper. The other day they grimly announced that 177k have tested positive the virus in Colorado. I had to pause. There are six million people in Denver Metro. So only 3% have even had it. Asymptomatics maybe double that? So less than 6%. Then the percentage of ICU beds, but don’t mention that most of those are not virus victims, but then again that doesn’t panic people so it doesn’t get air time. Then they announce the positive rate percentage and discuss how that rate is determining the lockdown severity. Anything above 5% is “bad” and results in more lockdown. But... that’s not really a good metric. If I organized a large group of people with no symptoms to march into testing every day, it would tilt the scale and could move it to a lesser lockdown. That doesn’t seem well thought out. Unless, of course, the media have that whole metric wrong as well. I am honestly surprised society hasn’t broken mentally. Then again, that may take time to rear its ugly head.
  5. Not sure my crew chiefs ever called it anything other than the “Don’t pull that” as I climbed up the platform to the cockpit. Not a pilot, but the engineer in charge of recording the aircraft inventory. Hated sitting in that seat, unstrapped, with just a bit of air before an escaping seat would squish me through the hanger ceiling. Yes, yes, it was perfectly safe, with the proper pins and plates to prevent that sort of thing. It was the idea itself more than the actual risk.
  6. My fleece arrives tomorrow. The cats and dogs will probably go nuts over it. Should be fun to watch.
  7. Finished my first mini of the year. Started my second. Productive vacation day. Also fixed the roof and walked the dogs.
  8. Funny thing is, I would wager that half my use of the printer is household and half hobby. So useful replacing broken plastic stuff.
  9. Productive day. Our mailbox flag broke off yesterday so I popped open the work computer and designed a new one. Was going to put my last name sloping away into the flag at the end, but my CAD software doesn’t know why one would need to do that in an aerospace product. So just went with the house numbers cut into the flag. Then went all swoopy and sleek. Looks like something from the 1950’s pop sci-fi. Printing it became an adventure. My red filament is old. Kept breaking off in 6-12 inch long pieces, so I nursed the feed for an hour. But it looks nice on the mailbox and I counted it as house maintenance.
  10. Don’t do dat. Dats where de suck yu soul out and tern it into de lil’ blue berds. Jus’ sew wrong too due zat. De no even askeses yuse. /tosses 120’ rope down the hole with one end tied to a rotten tree trunk //in cases da twit demaun climb dun up he back, den day bees two heabby an’ down dey bowf go! Boom! Dead deaamon! Foolin’ proophs!
  11. Today feels like a Monday after a long vacation. I think I just need to start hibernating.
  12. I’ll take Past On for $1000, Alex. /RIP
  13. Annual poke’n’prod by our fine medical providers is complete. Phlebotomist was happily competent and stabbed me just the one required time. Doc was happy with my stats and nothing much to drag me on. Now back to work. At least I got me an egg McMuffin as a reward breakfast.
  14. Okay, I confess. I assembled a shed rather than build it. It came with a base that the walls snapped into. So if it is out of square, I blame the manufacturer. And the doors do close, so there’s that close enough.
  15. New shed is built, and I had to redneck it a little. Things didn’t quite fit together and we spent an hour trying to figure out why. In the end, I decided to brute force the screws where the panels said they needed to go and let the structure straighten itself out. One door doesn’t close well. They said to make sure the foundation was level or you would have issue, and it’s level to within 1 degree according to my phone, so that shouldn’t be the problem. I’m tired and don’t care right now.
  17. Wait, what? Sorry, I wasn’t listening. I was in another screen multitasking. /sending good vibes tho
  18. Well, ya know, air fryers are a thing right now, so hey, multiuse home appliance FTW.
  19. Were the forums down, or was everybody just having a really peaceful night? Friday. Got a lot less done this week than I planned at work. Pretty certain I will get less than I planned at home this weekend, too.
  20. Aww. Looks like work will be going to a 4/10 schedule come 2021. Not happy about that.
  21. I have limes. In Colorado! A little lime tree I bought back in May(ish) blossomed this last week or so. So I put on my bee costume and buzzed my finger around them, in the chance you know. And now the bottoms are swelling. One of two shown. Cools.
  22. DON’T scare me like that! Sheesh! Here I was all prepped to be part of the sympathy train.
  23. I am currently using work to distract me from distractions. I’m a bit confused on that whole concept but it seems to be working as I intended.
  24. 100% serious on all my ack-phbbts. Shed is out for delivery. Guess I got the date wrong.
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