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  1. I'd like this as well. I was of course excited about the VIP swag bag and I don't want to miss out.
  2. I don't need the box, the brushes, the palette, the extra shipping cost - so the early bird is wasted on me. I'd probably have done an early bird for the whole line-up if it didn't waste a bunch of money. Instead I'll pick up a box or two to try it out. A side note is that if you pick up their "normal" sets of paint, it's around a 22% discount on the standard boxes, and a 17% discount on the inks/specialty paints. So if you lump those in and don't get killed on shipping, could be worth it. I'm going to stop being excited for Scale75 kickstarters though. There's never a "great" value. It's always meh.
  3. Shopping cart. The schedule system was an unnecessary hurdle that confused too many folks.
  4. So on the KS Pledge Manager page there's a "Base Boss" section, but nothing underneath it. Something being added?
  5. Better nagas. The ones available aren't the best.
  6. I feel like coming back to this thread in eleven months is going to be incredibly valuable when I'm trying to pick which classes to take.
  7. It was very obvious to me that some of the teachers were well prepared and some were not at all. Here are my brief reviews: Dragon's in the Details - Cecil - Material here was good. The class felt like it was over before we could really explore everything, but I definitely learned a few things about making realistic bone. I think maybe the best thing this class could do would be to have an overly large example - take a much larger example and much larger brush to show off the technique, or have a way for us to all watch at the same time. I'd take another class with Cecil. Paint the Hoard - Van Patten - Unfortunately I didn't learn anything in this class. I though the teachers were good and clearly well intentioned, but preparation wasn't perfect (materials had been left at home) and the two most effective techniques were ones I already knew. I think this class could be focused on fewer types of speed painting and a focus on materials that most would use (eliminating inks and oils). I'd try again with these folks if I had a better idea of what they'd cover. Bones Mashup - I didn't "learn" much in this class, but I had a blast. I'd definitely do it again. Giant Zombie/Pumpkin - Wiebe - This felt like a chance to have coffee with Jason Wiebe, if that makes sense. I didn't learn a ton, but it was a neat class. I probably wouldn't take another class with Wiebe, but I don't want to scuplt either. Intermediate Basing - Stahl - Like the previous reviewer, I was very disappointed in this class, for exactly the same reasons. I honestly wish I'd done ANYTHING else. Not worth any amount. I would never take a class with this teacher again based on this experience. The Monster Under Your Bed - Grange - Great class with a fantastic painter. I learned a ton and would 100% take more Rex classes. Good mix of hands on practice and instructor assistance. How to Speed Paint Intense Colors - Rodriguez - I felt like this class was misnamed, to it's own discredit. I though going in it was about speedpainting, but it was so much more. Color theory, blending, a bunch. This was a great class, I learned a ton, and would 100% take more classes with Anthony. Already subscribed to his Patreon.
  8. It was me. Door Dash delivered just fine, I met them in the lobby.
  9. @Heisler being responsive like this is one of the reasons that ReaperCon is so great. Folks involved in planned listen to feedback whether it be constructive or just full of praise (and everyone deserves both). Thanks again to everyone at Reaper for putting on a great show.
  10. FWIW, I was the guy who got pizza delivery for Awards. :D The Good: I brought 3 new people to the 'Con this year, and all of them thought it was the best convention they'd ever been to. @corbie and @fletcherpeatross and one other. I had as much fun as I did last year (which means I'll probably try and bring 9 people with me next year). I took a class that was incredibly fun (Bones Mashup) that I'll certainly do again, several very educational classes with fantastic painters (including with one of the best in show winners and someone who won multiple vendor awards). I participated in a bunch of paint and takes and Hobby Hijinx (thanks @Ludo for your hard work). The hotel was great. I walked away exhausted from all of the fun I had, and my hands were ready to try new techniques when I got home. Tons of loot acquired, and still a bunch of metal weight to redeem next year. I want all of my "bad and ugly" to be constructive and not just complaints. If I don't have a suggestion I won't say anything. The Bad: Some of my classes were underwhelming. I think the level of preparedness for each instructor varies and some of the classes were honestly a waste of my time. If they'd had better outlines in advance (as part of the class description), I could have made better decisions. There was at least one instructor I will actively avoid in the future (though I'm sure others had a better experience). This is also on me, I should have researched class instructors, not just subject matter. Classes were scheduled correctly, dealer hall closed and opened on time, Hobby Hijinx went well. However main 'Con activities were not on schedule and the schedule wasn't available to be seen easily. "Hey, are you at the raffle tonight?" "What raffle?" shouldn't be a conversation that we had. But we did. A printed schedule of main events like HH had should be out and visible and adhered to. The awards ceremony was far too long. 1000 entries from 1500 participants? There needs to be a limit to entries. The current format isn't scalable. The auction is a frustrating experience for a lot of folks, especially newcomers. I watched a poor kid raise his hand on everything he wanted and lower it at 1700 every time. He didn't have a chance to win anything and he sat through the entire thing trying anyway. Apparently he couldn't even have turned his bucks into tickets because registration ran out of them. But knowing you could do that isn't information that's widely understood either. The raffle should be completed before the auction. Examples from previous years should be given - "Paint sets went from 4,000 to 8,000 last year" so that people know what to expect. The Ugly: GrowTix is the effing worst. With the way the 'Con has grown, it simply cannot be this bad again next year. I think Reaper has to keep hearing about it until they confirm it won't be in use next year. Two years in a row of just the worst possible customer experience really putting a stain on them - and it could easily be avoided. For all of these complaints, I loved my experience. I will definitely be back next year. I hope that Reaper has the opportunity to make improvements, but if they can't, I'll grin and bear it. Thanks Ron and Ed for putting on another great show.
  11. @Ludo just wanted to say that the Hobby Hijinx was fun of my favorite things in my first year at ReaperCon, and one of the selling features I used on bringing three new folks to the 'Con. Looking forward to participating in as many as I can!
  12. Badger has a Con special available, check out their Facebook page if you're interested. It lets you order some stuff that would be too annoying for them to ship if they weren't definitely going to sell it.
  13. Adventurer's League appears to be up and available on the site now.
  14. Adventurer's League should be great fun this year, I know the DMs are putting a lot of work into it.
  15. I say you take one of those weightlifting gloves and glue some of those tiny magnets to it. That way you can magnetize your bases and just attach it to your hand.
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