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  1. I think they're looking for a better overall experience. I hear they're debating between waterboarding and hot pokers. I never understood the "8 classes max" until I scheduled that many and was so wiped out that I wasn't getting a chance to actually enjoy myself.
  2. Got my four classes, this is HAPPENING.
  3. They're from Kobold Press for 5E D&D. Basically short stuff like character options, monsters, stuff like that. I think.
  4. My pulls from the ChaosWolf box. Some neat stuff to get painted up!
  5. ChaosWolf box has arrived and been pillaged and will be back on the road by Wednesday.
  6. Hey @Marc, you still out there? I've got a bunch of stuff to add to the box after I go through it!
  7. Or I sold it through eBay to someone else named Matt Parody.
  8. Coincidentally, Im pretty sure I sold a warhammer figure to @MattParody. Enjoy your killaboss!
  9. Sorry about missing this, work has been nuts. I'm here!
  10. You're welcome. I dropped 14 pounds of metal on the table the first day, more than half of it being Warmachine/Hordes stuff.
  11. I'm in again! Location - Austin, TX International - no Willing to start a box - yes
  12. Vice News covered the parking lot in the sea outside LA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y48LHkGX0hg&ab_channel=VICENews
  13. @TGP are we going to get to see what you pulled from the @pcktlnt box?
  14. The funny thing is that *I* replaced the box already. That was a new box. And it didn't even leave the state!
  15. What I took from the @pcktlnt box! Some Bones Yetis, dude, and an alien doctor! Some metal minis and a coffin. Some Bretonnian archers. A tiny drybrush and some barbed wire. A "Turtle Monk" from Dark Sword Miniatures - but it's actually not, it's a Turtle Wizard and Apprentice. https://www.darkswordminiatures.com/shop/tortoise-wizard-with-apprentice/ And 15 Mechwarrior vehicles I'll be repurposing as scatter terrain for BattleTech.
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