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  1. The mash up was a blast, I'd 110% do that again.
  2. Announced on ReaperLive that the tickets will go on sale tomorrow at 3pm.
  3. You guys are awesome. Thank you for that!
  4. I'm assuming that this did not get covered in Reaper Live?
  5. So there's a chance my order will ship today (in wave 14). I'm in Austin. Anyone else in Texas get their order in one day after shipping? I'm hoping if it ships I'll have Saturday to play with it.
  6. Listening to that, it's not clear what @Reaper Ron was saying. My gut says that he was saying "There won't be Meet N Greet Tickets in the hotel goody bag", not that there wouldn't be any goody bag at all. But @Guindyloo is absolutely correct, clarification would be great. The primary reason I'm staying at the convention hotel is the goody bag - otherwise I'd have pricelined something or looked for an AirBNB nearby.
  7. There was no additional cost for games last year.
  8. “The Curse of Hollow Hills” is a miniature project of fantasy heroes & undead monsters for role playing and board game enthusiasts, painters and collectors. If funded, it will include a collection of more than 35 original sculpts (including future stretch goals), inspired by the most iconic undead creatures of fantasy novels, RPGs & tabletop boardgames. www.facebook.com/CrippledGodFoundry/posts/2062784023819601
  9. The pricing seems incredibly low for resin. I'm worried that they just aren't going to be able to complete this kickstarter.
  10. So I remember going by the Scale75 booth but I was really new to painting and didn't know what to expect from their pricing of paints. Does anyone remember what they were charging for their paint at their booth?
  11. I'm interested in what they're bringing to the table that makes this different than acrylic paint tubes you can get from any art supply. Using these paints based on the video is basically telling me I'm going to have to do a bunch of work to use them, as I'm only painting smaller stuff like Reaper Bones minis.
  12. I looked around and couldn't find it - is there a mini trade thread for kickstarter minis?
  13. That just feels so off-brand - artists are a completely different market. My guess is that it's some sort of new formulation and they're hoping to generate enough interest to get it jumpstarted. I'm betting there are a few painters out there who already have the paints and there will be reviews/previews near the launch.
  14. Those cases they sold last year (the clear plastic box with a handle on top) would be perfect for storing something that needed to be transported while drying.
  15. Booked as well! So my brother and I will be attending and sharing the room with me. Will we both get the freebies?
  16. This is a very cool RPG product where you'll find a use for all those Mythos minis you've been collecting. One of the authors is a longtime friend and gamemaster of mine, I'm sure this will scare the pants out of your players! From the kickstarter: The Sassoon Files will be released as a PDF and a printed book, approximately 150 - 200 pages long. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1918458549/the-sassoon-files
  17. I participated in several of these - and as someone new to the hobby, it was fun to try some things that were kind of different. As a newbie, the paint by die roll wasn't as much fun for me as I'm not skilled in taking weird colors and making them work (however it was really cool to see people making it work). The conversion speed paint was a lot of fun and I'm proud of the mini I put together, but I'll echo the comment that more arms/heads/wings would help lower the difficulty level a bit to make this a bit more newbie friendly. I'd have loved to see some casual mentors (not full blown class, but quick tips or suggestions for the new folks). All in all, good times, though!
  18. So seen a couple of pix out there of the VIP Bundle, and none of them contain a "VIP Triad" of MSP paints - anyone know why it's not there?
  19. Description is from the ticket purchase, not from the website. The ReaperCon 2018 VIP Bonus Bundle includes the following special swag items: 1 Large Figure Carrying Case, one Dungeon Dwellers Monster Colors paint set, one Dungeon Dwellers Dungeon Colors paint set, one special edition Reaper MSP VIP Triad, all 4 different Dreadmere faction miniatures, one Hall of Fame resin miniature, and one VIP resin miniature. A high-quality, reusable polypropylene bag stuffed with Reaper miniatures, paints, and other cool ReaperCon 2018 memorabilia! Includes: ReaperCon 2018 Sophie Miniature, ReaperCon Convention Miniature, Special Edition Reaper Master Series Paints (3), Dreadmere Faction Iconic Miniature, ReaperCon 2018 Dungeon Dweller Miniature, ReaperCon 2018 Program, Paint Rinse Cup, Pen, and Notebook.
  20. I wonder if those were missed or if the description was wrong or what.
  21. I'm going to have to say I'm really jealous of all of you, I don't get to show up until Friday - but I'll be there as soon as I can!
  22. So my first time taking a class - appropriately enough, the mini=painting 101 class. What materials should I bring?
  23. I mean, this is what i see - there's nothing on the schedule at all. Just gray blankness.
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