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    Many and varied. I love to read and game obviously. My preference is tabletop games but I've roleplayed lots and lots. I love to build models and I enjoy writing when the muse strikes. I also like to cook, love to travel and almost anything covered in chocolate. I'm a cat person, don't dislike dogs, just prefer cats.

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  1. FYI, the 1st Terran Legion is honorary, it's all those who died. The 2nd through 11th Legions are "Praetorian", they're basically Terra's garrison and do ceremonial duties. Think The Old Guard at Fort Myers times ten. Also, Legions are BIG but self-contained fighting forces. All the support elements are part of the Legion, i.e. air support, artillery etc. Somewhere around here is the MTOE I did for the three types of Legions. Maybe. Maybe not. Haven't looked in forever.
  2. I'll include you in my prayers. Godspeed my friend.
  3. If you care.. I'm proud of all of you.
  4. Is that anything like a flux capacitor?
  5. Spartan6

    359 days..

    I took a lot of pics.. was yours in the cav painting contest or elsewhere?
  6. Spartan6

    359 days..

    350.... Basing those entries for next year yet?
  7. Is that an Andorian with the two knives? Tiki the gnome.
  8. Spartan6

    359 days..

    You were right Kris, but still.
  9. Looks like you could use some Harpies or Tsuiseki's and yes, definitely infantry. Infantry and some "hard" target killing aircraft would round out your force pretty well.
  10. Spartan6

    359 days..

    352... Hurry... tick... tock... Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save.
  11. Well, that depends, if you want points for your models you either gotta cajole that magic formula from somebody at Reaper HQ or come up with your own, which I'm learning isn't as easy as it sounds. I DID say 90% Yeah, the points thing is kinda tough but if you start with a base value on a "grunt" model and arbitrarily assign points to other models, up or down, and then playtest, playtest, playtest..you can eventually get in the ballpark of whats reasonable.
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