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    359 days..

    357... tick.. tock...
  2. They ARE two entities..aren't they?
  3. Spartan6

    359 days..

    I think pencil would be a good medium. Everything is always subject to change and who knows what might be going on a year from now but I don't see any harm in making tentative plans.
  4. Exceptionally good point. I'm exceedingly opposed to "min/maxer's" and I think they do suck a lot of the fun out of things. The flip-side of this is as a developer it's absolutely imperative to see what the "rules lawyers" can do with it so you can close any holes etc. but thats for play-testing and not for tourneys and such.
  5. Spartan6

    359 days..

    358........ tick.... tock...
  6. Spartan6

    359 days..

    And we all know you need as much time as possible to make sure you get that 6th HM How many HM's before you get a Lifetime Achievement Sophie?
  7. Spartan6

    359 days..

    And you know what that means. *snorting black lager*
  8. Spartan6

    359 days..

    ..until RCon 09.. Well, it's all over but the crying. Sonic Mike has sated a years worth of cheeseburger cravings.. There's even more bare metal in my work area.. SCon has exacted it's pound of flesh... I've laughed until I ached.. Jesters dead... Seen friends new and old.. Filled my hug quota (almost)... Time to start planning for the next one.
  9. Curses! Name your price!
  10. Bahh...I have to be sure and make it to ShinerCon next year. And you must know the password.. And only those who know the secret handshake can gain the knowledge of the password.. *secret handshake*
  11. Thats really too bad, that guy works so hard to give us the very best product he can. He's a gamer like us and a board member if I remember correctly.
  12. We the organizers of SCon are saddened to announce that we have suffered our first ever fatality... Jester, of Jesterspeed Studios was found dead yesterday face-down in a puddle of Master Series Paint. Unfortunately evidence at the scene indicated an extreme level of suffering and agony was endured by our beloved Jester. Tear tracks down his cheeks seemed to indicate the brutal inhumanity of the crime and strangely the word PLIE was carved into his forehead. Funeral arangements are pending. In lieu of donations or a memorial fund, flowers can be left outside room 126 of the Best Weste
  13. 1. I have to leave early to get to Wal-Mart.. 2. Now I have to highlight the testacles.. 3. Hey Vicky, what's your secret?
  14. Just make sure you spell my name right Lieutenant Spartan, hmmmm, sounds Italian. You Italian? I could always work in some black shirt stuff. After all, there was the Blue Division which served with honor on the Ost Front. No, actually I'm of swedish/scottish descent.. my real last name is Carlson
  15. Sergeant Heisler was the worst of the bunch. At Stalag 14 he was often known for kicking the stray puppies that used to run around the camp. The prisoners used to call him Heinie Heisler, but never to his face.
  16. Not necessarily. A Terran force with no strikes and no air assets is still an extremely viable force. So is anyone's army for that matter. I never think in terms of how to include strikes in a force point total. I look at strikes this way - They're a non-renewable resource. Once used, hit or miss, they're gone. You can't repair them, you can't use them again and you can't duck them behind cover. I realize I may be in the minority but I've never been able to get good results with strikes and I've grown to consider them a nice "spiff" to have when you are fielding some insanely large force
  17. I called Shaun today and he told me just one.
  18. Just make sure you spell my name right
  19. Spartan6


    At the risk of sounding corny and sappy and damaging my carefully cultivated reputation and risking ire at sort of using this as my personal blog.. I COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED ABOUT SEEING YOU ALL!! Okay..that said.. I really look forward to seeing yall every year. Last year I hated it that certain people couldn't be there and this year I'm really going to miss certain folks who can't be there.. but in all honesty even though "real life" kept me away for most of the last year I missed talking to yall and I feel like a 10 year old on Christmas Eve. I was bouncing off the wall
  20. I'm missing you and Ben and Steve already Spike
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