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  1. There's nothing to laugh at all. I think he looks pretty nice. Nice, bright color choices, good brush control, nice kind of "used" look to him. All in all a mini I'd be proud to say I did.
  2. It's not silly at all. She's asking for ideas for a piece of fiction she's been working on for quite some time. It's quite good by the way. I'm too wrapped up in doing CAV writing and trying to do another project to be able to give hers much thought so she turned to you nice folks to help get her "unstuck". What she's working on is more of a POTC 2.5
  3. Well you are clearly under surveillance.
  4. "exchange" Let Bryan pay penance for his sin by handling your customer service issue of exchanging the mini's you "accidentally" ordered for the ones you "meant" to order. Love ya, Bryan!
  5. They seem to like you. Better make sure Bruce's name is added to the "questionable" list.
  6. "bombslave" Who needs expensive cannons that shoot wildly all over the battlefield when you can simply tie a nice sized keg of powder to a bondslave, light it and promise not to slay his family if he runs into the enemy troop formations before the fuse burns down.
  7. Not unlike what my wife says when I take up spear, shield, helmet and box-O-army. *sigh* I may get older but I refuse to grow up, darnit! Welcom to the forum HobbitMom. Please feel free to ask anything. You'll find the folks around here all pretty friendly.
  8. She looks awfully "clean".. *shrugs* I dunno..I guess it's "too neat".
  9. So...a colaborator.. "Look a the neat moth, it's harmless".. Pretty cool though Bruce.
  10. It'a ll part of the caterpillar invasion.
  11. Has anyone experimented with an ALL cavalry force? It's early, I'm on my first cup and I'm the only one who actually made it to a scheduled meeeting on time.. so taking into account all the cool cavalry out there how could I make it legal? Is there a way? Something like taking that Nefsokar mounted warlord and cavalry cleric...adding in someone like count lorenth as a captain, maybe the chevy captain too, some onyx chevaliers as the really hard hitters, some zephyrs and lion lancers... Some of those neat mounted archers..
  12. Cropped and color-corrected. Couldn't help the focus any. Thanks C.
  13. Not bad, that guy will look great with a 101 patch painted on.
  14. Celebrity Death Match! Luke Skywalker versus Deanna Troi in a whine to the death! (Luke) Princess Leia versus Major Kira in an a "I've got too much testosterone for my own good!" duel. (even money on Kira ) Han Solo versus Commander Riker in a cataclysmic machismo showdown! (Han all the way) Mon Mothma versus Jean Luc Picard, accents and angst at twenty paces! (Picard) Wesley Crusher versus Anakin Skywalker in a planet shattering duel to prove who's the more insipid! (tie) Mace Windu versus Worf to settle once and for all who the baddest Mother- [email protected]#$&* in the univer
  15. Invasion And so it begins...
  16. You laugh now! Just wait till I show you signatures! I've been thinking about Hagard and his kneebreakers - who, at least for this hour, are my favorite new dwarves (Tohil takes the cake, but I'm ignoring that for the moment). I'm thinking that these guys are our premier "I killed your special dood" models. MAV 8 is just out of this world rediculous. Take Haggard and 3 Kneebreakers and two Halberdiers and you've got a 244 point troop. Against a single target, assuming you can get all but the halberds in b2b, you've got an initial attack of 13 MAV 4 times. That's gonna be bad news
  17. Does he pronounce it, "Plissssskin" ?
  18. Good thing neither one needs to dress themselves..
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