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  1. Unfortunately the only way I have found to do it is via a spreadsheet. There is a fantastic mobile app for paints but nothing for cataloging the actual minis that I can find. The paint app is called paintrack btw. Yep went there and that helps but can't remember if I added multiples of anything or not. May just have to use that as my baseline for now. I thought I still had it as that was going to be my plan but I can't find it now so I must have accidentally ditched it. Thanks for all the suggestions so far!
  2. So I have done some searching in the forums and over the net to no avail. I am trying to catalog all my miniatures so I stop buying duplicates and was trying to figure out what I ordered way back during the very first Bones kickstarter. It appears the pledge manager is no more so wondering if there is anyway to figure that out anymore. Anybody got any ideas? Thanks!
  3. Just an FYI that I added an inside and outside corner to the options. Happy Painting!
  4. Each piece takes around two hours. That is at .20 resolution and 15% infill.
  5. Hi all! I haven't posted here in a while as I had to take a break from painting to do some remodeling on my house. That was two years ago. Finally able to get back to this hobby I love so I wanted to organize my paint desk some. I designed some paint racks to store my mini paints and figured that someone else might benefit from them as well. I posted them on Thingiverse for all to use. Totally free and open source!! I am adding to them as people ask for additional brands of paint and other configurations. If anyone prints them and needs some changes or additional options just let me know and I will be happy to see what I can do. Looking forward to getting involved again in this great community!! Without further blabbing here are the links to the units: Large Straight - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2531450 Small Straight - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2549451 Inside Corner - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2543779 Outside Corner - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2588073 Happy Painting!!!
  6. Historical: Thompson sub-machine gun with the drum magazine. Also known as a Tommy gun. Modern: Tactical Shotgun
  7. Brass Knuckles Good for a rumble with your street gang or opening those pesky walnuts.
  8. First off....yeah for me I learned how to use multi-quote! I wore a turquoise shirt and let people know that green is required to make that color....most said it didn't count. I am on a diet but I did think about wanting some pie 3.1457 times. I asked Lucky from my cereal box today but he wouldn't answer me Nope other than argue about my shirt color (see above answer) Not really as I find them a little difficult to work with already...but that may just because I haven't been painting enough!
  9. Zero....I don't play a single mini game. I just paint for the sheer thrill man!
  10. I worked for a newspaper for a while.....it was depressing watching the paper get a few pages less every month. I believe now that paper is literally six to eight pages and that is it. Overall it is a relic but who knows...they said vinyl records were gone too but I see them everywhere now!
  11. Whatever the store closest to me carries when I run out
  12. Oh please tell me what you think of them. That is the same ones I am thinking of getting myself.
  13. Just scored 15 bottles of Vallejo Model Color paints at Hobby Lobby on clearance for 1.50 each. Also a this very cool micro file set (Excel #70001) on clearance there too for ten bucks.
  14. For all wood I start with a light color like a tan or light sand. Then if I want just normal I will glaze in using progressively darker browns but in small "strips" to simulate some wood grain/texture. If I want a weathered wood I will also use some dark color glazes as well like burnt senna or even black. If I am doing a young growth wood I will add some mid greenish glazes. Then highlight as usual working up from the base color.
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