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  1. I'm glad you like it! I was starting to worry that it wasn't going to get there - it's quite overdue for the shipping estimate I was given. :-) And thanks for posting the pics, I was unable to get any that good before I shipped it.
  2. My mini should be arriving this week. I'm hoping the postal service do their job correctly.
  3. Finished, packaged, and sitting on the front seat of my car. Barring a complete brain failure, it will be in the post tomorrow.
  4. I've finished mine - just need to tidy up underneath the base (where some of the materials unexpectedly got stuck), and package it up. I expect to post on or just before the deadline.
  5. Well, my "progress" last night can really only be described as a "monumental failure", which made quite a mess of my desk and catapulted me straight into the "No, I really can't do this!" phase. But I've cleaned up, thankfully the base itself wasn't ruined, and this morning have cautiously moved into the "Maybe?" phase, and tried again. I really hope this works, because I think it looks pretty cool sitting there drying right now...
  6. I'm currently at the "What was I thinking?" phase. So, as we all know, that only leaves the "No, I can do this!", the "No, I really can't do this!", the "Maybe?" and the "Oh screw it!" phases, then it will be ready to send!
  7. I received this awesome paint of 77151 - Darkrasp from edz16, along with the materials to put together a scenic base if I so choose. I really love the coloring of the robes! Thanks heaps! My mini is in the final stage - basing. This base is slightly bigger than my normal bases, but I should be done on time.
  8. I also had a successful day. First of two minis is complete, second is started, and base is coming along nicely.
  9. I was feeling pretty good about it - have picked out, cleaned and prepped minis, started on the main base layout last night, and figured out a basic color scheme. Lots of others in the same place, I'm doing great! Then I received my mini today. It is VERY COOL, and I think it will be a great one to use as a bad guy in some of my upcoming games - thank you sender (whom I only know by real name, not forum name)! Yay! But now I feel even more like I'm behind.
  10. I was thinking I was a little behind, but it looks like I'm at the same stage as quite a few others here. Mini chosen, ideas formed, nothing painted yet.
  11. I've managed to get my BIG non-painting project mostly out of the way, so tonight I plan to go through my minis to find something appropriate. I have an idea, but it will depend very much on finding the right mini to fit, so I'm not settled on anything yet.
  12. I've got some other work to finish before I can get started, so I won't be getting anywhere until early March, but I fully expect to make the deadline.
  13. I'm back, I'm in, and I'm looking forward to this. It's been nearly a year since I last painted. Since the 2015 spring exchange I have separated from my wife, sold the house, bought a bunch of new brushes, moved everything into storage, got some new paints, lived for a while with a friend, bought a new house, got some new minis, moved everything out of storage, and have FINALLY managed to get my new painting area set up... mostly. Yay! I've still got heaps to do around here, but I need to get back into painting. And I know you all understand what I mean - you're my kind of people.
  14. Sorry to say I won't be participating in the next exchange. My personal situation has just taken a dive for the worse, and I don't know where I will be, or if I will have any painting space available to me for a few months.
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