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  1. Well, my "progress" last night can really only be described as a "monumental failure", which made quite a mess of my desk and catapulted me straight into the "No, I really can't do this!" phase.


    But I've cleaned up, thankfully the base itself wasn't ruined, and this morning have cautiously moved into the "Maybe?" phase, and tried again. I really hope this works, because I think it looks pretty cool sitting there drying right now...

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  2. I was feeling pretty good about it - have picked out, cleaned and prepped minis, started on the main base layout last night, and figured out a basic color scheme. Lots of others in the same place, I'm doing great!


    Then I received my mini today. ::D: It is VERY COOL, and I think it will be a great one to use as a bad guy in some of my upcoming games - thank you sender (whom I only know by real name, not forum name)!




    But now I feel even more like I'm behind.  :wacko:

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  3. I'm back, I'm in, and I'm looking forward to this. It's been nearly a year since I last painted. 


    Since the 2015 spring exchange I have separated from my wife, sold the house, bought a bunch of new brushes, moved everything into storage, got some new paints, lived for a while with a friend, bought a new house, got some new minis, moved everything out of storage, and have FINALLY managed to get my new painting area set up... mostly. Yay!


    I've still got heaps to do around here, but I need to get back into painting. And I know you all understand what I mean - you're my kind of people. ^_^

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  4. I pledged for this Kickstarter a couple of days ago, and just upped it to include the Figopedia book, which looks pretty cool. And I must say, the shipping all the way to NZ is actually quite reasonable compared to a lot of things I would like to order.

  5. So I thought I had some postage material for the mini but it turns out I didn't, so it's not sent out yet.


    And I won't be able to organise anything today (Sunday) since we'll be spending most of the day buttoning down for the arrival of Cyclone Pam tonight. We're not expecting the 200mph winds that hit Vanuatu, but they're still forecasting around 100mph.


    Nor tomorrow, since I can't get to the post office on Mondays.


    Mildly frustrating, but I've still got plenty of time!  ^_^

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  6. I've picked two to paint up, and then I'll pick which one to send. Well, actually I picked six to paint up, with four of them being possible contenders for this exchange, but there are two frontrunners.


    And hey, I've even managed to get some color on one of them. A really nice red. Unfortunately it wasn't paint.


    Unrelated, does anyone know how well blood works as a primer?


    Be careful pinning Bones folks. The pin may go straight through. Not the first time either.

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