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  1. No, it really hasn't. There are quite a few WIP threads that get abandoned for months, or even years, before they're picked up again. This is something I'm guilty of. I like the base idea, and I will be following this closely, as ice/snow basing is one thing I've never done, so I'm keen to see how you tackle it.
  2. Yeah, me too. Honestly, that's one of the reasons I keep signing up for these exchanges (though not the main one). It forces me back into painting when sometimes I'm just not in the mood. Which is weird, because I WANT to get stuck in and paint, I just really don't feel like actually painting. The main reason I join in is that I love seeing the reactions of people receiving stuff, and it's awesome to know that I'm a part of so many people enjoying each others efforts.
  3. As a Wave 2 ROW backer, I'm quite happy right now. Still no idea how long it will actually take to arrive, and the earliest I would expect is late next week. More likely the week after that. Of course now I wish I'd ordered more.
  4. This doesn't work for those of us that live in the future. Tomorrow IS Saturday.
  5. I'm glad you managed to sort it out. When I had mine in pieces on my desk I was definitely worried about losing that particular piece - it's amazingly small and easy to lose.
  6. It's a protection thing. If the needle isn't sticking out, it can't be bent by minor impacts. It's recommended to store it that way as well, so you're sure the needle is safe. I'm pretty sure following that practise has saved my needles 4 or 5 times this past year. :-)
  7. I would email Badger directly - I seem to recall they're pretty good at that kind of thing. I love my Renegade Krome, though I probably don't treat it quite as well as I should. I completely stripped and cleaned it a couple of weeks ago, and now it's as good as new.
  8. Is the needle sticking out the front of the airbrush? It should be just poking out, so when you pull back, the needle retreats back as well.
  9. Thanks all! I like the way the ivy turned out, but it was a right pain getting it to go where I wanted, and it made quite the mess on my desk. They really are fun, though they tend to be a little bit too expensive for me to get as many as I'd really like (curse you international postage!!). These guys will be fielded with my Mountain King for backup, so it should be an interesting encounter. As for my players, well, all too often they get unpainted minis, or last-minute "grab something semi-appropriate" from a ridiculously large pile of D&D minis one of them has. Unfortunately the game progresses much quicker than my painting, so things like this are the exception rather than the rule. I can only assume that means they appreciate it more when it does happen.
  10. Here is a group of Privateer Press Trollkin Warders I've painted for use in a campaign I'm running. I painted up a mini-Stargate-like terrain piece a while back, but wasn't really happy with it, so I reworked the base, and painted up the Warders with thematically matching bases, as they will be guarding it. :-) I'm much happier with the gate, though I do need to work on painting trees. That will likely be touched up after I've got some practice in on some other pieces.
  11. I'm glad that you like them. I was a little worried the golem would end up being too much of one color. :-)
  12. Yeah, I'm a little predictable in my choice of confectionary. When trying to include something distinctly New Zealand, it's hard to beat L&P chocolate. :-)
  13. Mine should have arrived too, but adding tracking to the package tripled the cost of shipping, so I'm unable to check on progress.
  14. Package is in the post! 6-10 days, so there's a small chance it will make it by New Years.
  15. Package is in the post! 6-10 days, so there's a small chance it will make it by New Years.
  16. Painting finished. Just need to pick up some other small items for the package tomorrow, and should be in the post before christmas.
  17. I received a fantastic package from buckyball today! My 6 year old daughter told me I had to open it immediately, rather than putting it under the tree, and who was I to argue? Two painted minis: Marcus Starsong (sans staff) Kaer Maga Duskwarden. Eight (!) unpainted minis: Lem, Iconic Halfling Bard Bourbon Street Sophie (awesome!) Reapercon 2011 Adventure Sophie Depora Azinrae Shalelu (version 2) An elf with a spear I've been unable to identify A human viking with spiked helmet, spear and beard I've been unable to identify. Gothic Archway AND a Reaper Paint Poker tool, a paint brush, all in a small case that is undoubtedly going to come in very handy. THANK YOU HEAPS! This is a really amazing Secret Sophie gift! In related news, I've reduced the number of minis I'm painting to two, and have almost got them done. I hope to finish it all off this weekend, and get them in the post before Christmas. Hopefully they will get to my recipient before New Year, but I don't hold much faith in the postal services over the holiday period.
  18. Feeling productive tonight. I started basing 7 minis, including 2 for the exchange, and got non-primer colors onto 6 minis, including all 3 for the exchange. Yay!
  19. In case it helps my sender, I figured I would continue the practise: Coffee/grinder: Don't drink coffee, and sending any food to NZ other than "confectionary" (chocolate) is a bad idea anyway. :-) Sophies: Yes - I've only got one, and do quite like them. Mouselings: Painted, yes - unpainted, no thank you, I'm getting plenty with the Bones 2 delivery. Nudity: No problems. Allergies: Crayfish, but if you try to send that to NZ you deserve to be shot. :-) Halloween specials: Sure. Chibies: No thanks. Paints/paintbrushes etc: Brushes, yes - paint, no thanks. Bones/resin/metal: Happy with anything - bones/resin tend to be easier on the international shipping charges. :-)
  20. I worry about that every time I join one of these. One day I'm going to be sending to a master level painter, and it's just going to be embarrassing. But that's not going to stop me joining in, and it's a good incentive to keep practising. :-)
  21. Partner received (yesterday), and for some reason I've decided to paint 3 minis. I really don't know what I'm thinking.
  22. I wouldn't disagree with you. I did enjoy it, but in one and a half days we went to Mt Rushmore, the Crazy Horse monument, Bear Country USA and the mammoth pits a bit to the south, so we were quite busy. Bear Country was my favourite, as they had a lot of animals that we obviously don't have in NZ. Two days before that we went to Yellowstone. The park is absolutely gorgeous, but skip Old Faithful and go to Rotorua - that bit was quite an anti-climax. :-)
  23. I'll chime in with my 2c, in case the perspective of another NZer is at all helpful. :-) The one place I'd say you must go to is the Grand Canyon. It's just incredible. My wife and I spent two nights there, and that was a good amount of time to walk around. Sedona is a gorgeous place, but not much to do other than look at the rocks. There are, however, a LOT of interesting places you can stop at between Phoenix and the Grand Canyon if you want to see Indian ruins - eg, Montezumas Castle. I would go to Vegas, as it's a once in a lifetime thing, but it's definitely a lot to take in. We walked around for two half days, and spent the rest relaxing at the hotel, but mainly because it was too hot. We drove from Vegas to the Grand Canyon, and then down to Phoenix and Tucson, and there is a lot to see on the way, but there is also an awful lot of nothing in some places. If you want to maximise your time at "destinations", I would fly as much as you can (as previously stated, America is BIG). On the other hand, I quite enjoyed the drive. (Side note, driving from Cape Reinga to Wellington will set you back about 13 hours, not including stops or rush hour traffic. We don't do long, straight roads up here. :-) ). Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure are both fantastic. Universal Studios is pretty good, though some of it can get a bit boring. Unless you know you like roller coasters, I'd skip Knott's Berry Farm. But honestly, they're all leagues ahead of Rainbow's End, so you should at least do some. San Diego has the zoo, and Sea World. Worth seeing, and better than Sea World on the Gold Coast the last time I went to each of them. I love San Francisco, and there is quite a lot to do and see around the city (Coit Tower, Alcatraz, Fishermans Wharf etc). A little south and you can get to the Computer History Museum if that's your kind of thing. Heading in a bit, South Dakota offers Mt Rushmore, and quite a few other interesting places within a short drive of each other. However, it took us about 12 hours worth of driving just to get across Montana, so unless you're flying, I'd skip that. My wife and I did all of the above (except Mt Rushmore) in one three week trip, so you can do a lot in that time, but if you want any time to relax, I would suggest picking out your favourites, and skipping the rest. :-) Congratulations on the marriage!
  24. Okay, this is an awesome thread. :-) My current favorite overall is my Mountain King. There are parts of other minis that I am much prouder of (interior of a Space Marine Land Raider, base of one of my exchange minis etc), but this is the whole mini that I'm most proud of to date:
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