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  1. You're quite welcome, and I'm glad you like it all. If I had known you were a kiwi, I would have sent you more of the L&P chocolate. It's definitely a flavour that causes disagreements - no one at my work likes it, but my whole D&D group does. Unfortunately, I forgot to get pictures of the mini prior to packing it up, so if you can upload some, that would be appreciated.
  2. Finished painting, expect to pack it up over the weekend, and post early next week.
  3. Thanks again Sanael, she is wonderful. I really love the coloring you came up with.
  4. Sanael claims to have pics, which he will post to the Show Off forum at some point. In the meantime, I'll post some shortly IF my new phone is ready for use before I have to leave to pick up my daughter from school. That's 1 hour 15 minutes away, and I really hope the restore doesn't take that long.
  5. The package arrived from Sanael while I was out of the office last week, so it was just over a week in transit. :-) Thanks for the awesome Medusa - I love the paint job, and I'm sure I'll use it to terrorise my PCs in the near future!
  6. Quick update: I have started, and am probably about half done with the mini. Stalled a bit as I'm currently working on another project, but I expect to have the mini done and sent this month, which would put me two weeks ahead of the deadline.
  7. I was going to bow out due to time pressure, but they're just too much fun. So I'm in.
  8. +1 These are great, and I'm already planning to try out some of them for my own bases.
  9. Glad you liked it all and that it arrived in one piece. Apart from the chocolate, I'm sorry about the chocolate. :-) That Dwarf Cupid is great, but it was just not going to get painted given the ever increasing queue on my desk. I was very happy with the way the base turned out. I've only really tried basing to that degree a couple of times, and I learned a lot on this one. Like just how absorbent that foliage is - I must have put 4 or 5 coats of the water effects on it before it stayed at the depth I wanted. But I have to share this early shot that had me giggling for a while. I give you the Marshmallow Troll:
  10. The one I sent should be there any day now. Come on postal services.
  11. And posted. The target delivery timeframe is 6-10 days, so not likely to arrive this week, but hopefully early next.
  12. Packaged and addressed for mailing tomorrow. Now let's see if it's as quick going from here to the US as it was coming in the other direction!
  13. I have finished my miniature, and will get it into the post next Monday. I just need to find a few extra things to chuck into the parcel, and get it all wrapped up nice and safe.
  14. Well, I didn't get any painting in last weekend or early this week due to sick children and then sick me. I'm sure you all know the difficulty of painting when you are constantly sneezing. But I'm better now, and managed to get a good amount done last night. I WILL finish by the end of next week, and I WILL get it sent before the deadline.
  15. Only 4 days later I got my parcel from SamuraiJack today. Wow! The beautifully painted Well of Chaos, which looks even better in person than in the photos! Three bases, which I will definitely make great use of. 8 unpainted minis (including the LE Nanobot and a Mousling in blister). The Reaper paint poker tool. And a copy of the Edition Wars card game! That's just a whole pack of awesome going on there. Thanks heaps SamuraiJack! Now I just need to finish my exchange mini and get it in the post!
  16. I'm hoping to get mine finished within the next week. Most of the rest of my todo list has gone, or is able to be procrastinated at, so I feel I have time to work on this now.
  17. Oooh - very much looking forward to this! And no, NZ customs are usually really good at clearing things within hours unless it's worth more than about US$300. And quite frankly if it is, then I really have no reason to complain over any delays.
  18. I'm half way through a 2 week Australian vacation, so nothing happening here. Before I left I did get the colour scheme sorted out and laid down a few of the base colours on both mini and base. However, I managed to buy a few new W&N Series 7 brushes last week, which are ridiculously hard to get back in New Zealand, so I'm calling that a win.
  19. I picked a mini the day I received my partner, then it sat on my desk for a while. Last weekend I figured out what I was going to do for the base, got everything I needed, stuck it all together (including the mini). The primer went on mid-week. I'm hoping to get some solid time in over the next two weeks, as I'm going on holiday for most of July, and will not be taking any painting stuff with me.
  20. Well, here in NZ pretty much any food is out except confectionary. Wood is allowed if it's well sealed. If you want to send a wooden base here, I would suggest painting and sealing the whole thing first, otherwise if it's stopped, it will be subjected to fumigation. I'm not sure I'd want to see the results of fumigation on a painted mini. No animal or plant materials, so no "real" scenery logs or leaves. My Winter exchange partner sent tea-leaves, which got through but certainly wouldn't have if they'd opened it for inspection. Other than that it's pretty much common sense. No white powders, but most artificial basing materials in retail packaging shouldn't have too many issues. Outside of retail packaging it's likely to be okay as long as it's obviously not real. Thankfully we don't have import duties or taxes on this kind of stuff unless the value exceeds NZ$250 (US$200, or somewhere around there, they changed the limit recently so I'm not sure anymore), so unless an exchange partner is feeling incredibly generous, there shouldn't be any costs involved at our end. I believe the Australian rules are very similar to ours (isolated ecosystems DON'T unite - under any circumstances!!), so you could assume these are reasonable guidelines.
  21. I'm nearsighted as well, and while I *can* paint with my glasses on, I've found that it strains my eyes. After about 10 minutes I suddenly realise why I'm starting to get a headache, take my glasses off, and it's all much better. I hold minis around 6-10" from my nose, and can see the details just fine. I do have a magnifying glass as part of my desk lamp, but as per a previous post I don't use that as it seems to ruin my depth perception. Worth noting that I've got relatively low strength glasses (-1.50), and my optometrist is continually surprised that I even wear them for computer use.
  22. Well thank you very much. I got the Olde World busts from the Kickstarter, and have nearly finished painting up the Wolfman - just the shirt to finish. Unfortunately I've stalled on the color scheme for the Hag of Greyhaven.
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