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  1. Ooh - I like that idea. Thanks for that!
  2. Exactly - which is good for the table-top game, as it means you can place minis on it, but I'm thinking of what's sitting on my shelf after the game. :-) Thanks for those links, lots of good ideas in there.
  3. I posted this in the show-off forum yesterday, but thought I should pop over here to get some advice. While I'm reasonably happy with what I've got here, and it will be good for the table-top game I intend to use it for, I'd quite like to improve the terrain around the gate for display purposes. Specifically, I'd like to get a more "wilderness" look to it. Not quite as wilderness as this example I found, but certainly along those lines: What products or materials would people suggest for such a task? Thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks. The ring is made out of wood. A couple of hole saws applied in the right order did a wonderful job of it. I've never really liked the idea of having individual show-off threads for all of the small items I've done. I've got no issues with other people doing it, but for some reason I can't help but feel that if *I* do it, it will be cluttering up the boards. Weird huh? I do still intend to have a separate show-off thread if/when I finish any bigger items, and I will add tags for the Reaper SKUs. That's a good call.
  5. Oh, and I got bored the other day so I made a mini-stargate-like-thing for an upcoming campaign. Lots of airbrush usage in this one, including the metallic blue of the gate which isn't particularly easy to see in this photo. The stairs I sculpted with Milliput, which is also my first sculpting effort. The rock at the back is a piece of bark.
  6. So I figured I would start a general show off thread to post my ongoing efforts in. There are a few things I've done this year that I haven't posted yet, so here goes. First up, I finished Ebonwrath (#10022 - metal version) quite a few years after I started him. I also had a play with making a swamp base. I'm reasonably happy with it for a first effort. Next up, the Bones Werewolf (#77009), which I purchased during the Kickstarter to see how they were to work with, and didn't get around to painting until later. A bunch of mummies from Hero Quest, plus one from the Bones KS (#77144), speed painted for table-top use. Bones Skeletons (#77001, #77017, #77018), also speed painted in the same session as the mummies. A VERY quick paint of Duke Gerard (#77063) for a friends PC in a table-top game. About 1.5 hours went into this one. Mocking Beast (#77048) from the Bones KS. I really like this model. Kickstarter Rats (#77016). Kickstarter Kobolds (#77010). First ones with an airbrushed base color. And finished a couple of days ago, a slightly blurry Bones Blacksmith (#77142). And a Dragonman warrior and some of an Olde World Miniatures Wolfman Bust for the Winter Miniature Exchange. So now I need to a) keep painting and b) keep posting. We'll see how that goes. Edit: Added links
  7. And that's called great timing. I just received an absolutely awesome Spirit of the Forest miniature from Nittalagh! Obligatory iPhone photos from my desk at work: I love it! And now I know what's hiding in the forest in the D&D campaign I'm about to start running. Thank you very much Nittalagh! Edit: Added store link.
  8. I'm sure my mini is just delayed in the post somewhere. One of the issues with living so far away from everyone else.
  9. I figured this was worth a followup. After 4 sessions, I realised the following: - Moving the lighting really helped. - The cheap airbrush I has was exactly that - cheap. - My skill had already exceeded it's capabilities. - I wanted a better airbrush. So I ordered myself a Badger Renegade Krome, having heard some pretty good things about them and being impressed with the video linked earlier (which was from Badger). Wow. The difference between the two was obvious within about 5 seconds of using the Badger. Everything about it is so much smoother, it's far easier to control and quite frankly looks nicer too. Thankfully it came with the adapter to fit with the compressor and hose I already have, so there was no fussing there. I've now purchased an inline moisture trap as I had started to experience some splattering consistent with water coming up the hose. I assume it's because the nights have rapidly got a lot colder down here. I plan to use it a LOT more going forward. Best painting decision I've made since getting back into it last year.
  10. Seems this is a very inspiring thread. Here's my version, all in wood and bolted to the wall. So far I haven't needed to put any kind of retaining in front of the paint, but have a solution if it becomes an issue.
  11. My kids got me a beginners airbrush and compressor kit for Christmas last year, and despite having set it up a while back, I used it to put paint on a mini for the first time last night, following a paper test earlier in the week. I must say I really like it, and for my first attempt I'm really happy with the results. I did pick a larger mini as a guinea pig, so I wasn't as worried about small details, but I can see it would work just as well for large areas on smaller minis too. The biggest issue I found was figuring out the right consistency for the paint. I didn't thin it enough last night, and the brush did clog a few times as a result. Thanks to the advice in the 1.5 hour video linked earlier though, I had no trouble unclogging it very quickly each time (as in 5-10 seconds tops). And there's a Nethyrmaul waiting on my shelf that I now plan to tackle quite differently. For the record, the airbrush I got was a cheap no-brand one from TradeMe (NZ site - like eBay but WAY prettier) which seems perfect for learning. I would like to get a better name-brand airbrush eventually, but I'll see how far this one gets me first. The whole kit, which included airbrush, compressor and hoses was about NZ$140 (~US$120 at todays rates). The compressor is surprisingly quiet, which is great because my office is directly underneath one of my daughters bedrooms. I got a braided hose instead of the springy one. Things I've learned in the two sessions I've had trying it out: - It takes a LOT less paint than I expected, which is going to be great on larger minis. - Figuring out correct mixes for thinning the paint is going to take some time, but generally thinner than I expected. - A cardboard box makes a perfectly good spray booth for now, though I need to move my lighting. - It's really easy to spray too much too quickly, which makes the paint run with the air blowing on it. - I'm really glad I got a good respirator face mask.
  12. Glad you liked it. The exchange mini was a Dragonman Warrior (77060), which was the closest I could get to the requested mini without ordering new from Reaper and spending twice as much in postage (the main problem with living in New Zealand - international postage is usually awful). As a special extra I also included a deliberately unfinished Wolfman Bust from the Olde World Miniatures Kickstarter. I intended to allow my recipient to finish it to his own liking if so inclined. Due to a shipping issue, I ended up receiving two of these from the Kickstarter, and the project creator told me to send it on to someone else, so that's what I did. There was also some chocolate in there. If you didn't see that fishnjeeps, I'd recommend having a chat with your wife.
  13. Operating purely under the assumption that there probably aren't that many of us participating from New Zealand, and even fewer posting to Illinois, I'm going to take credit for this one. I have pictures if you'd like me to upload them.
  14. I've decided I'm done. Not because I consider the extra "finished", but because I consider it "pretty good" and easily open for the recipient to continue working on it if they choose. So I'll let it dry, then over the weekend I'll get some proper photos (for myself of course), then pack everything up ready to send on Monday. :-) Edit: or more likely Tuesday. Mondays don't work well for me getting to the post office.
  15. I've started work on the "something extra" twice now, then end up liking it and wanting to keep it. Thankfully I have two of each of the things I've started.
  16. My exchange mini is completed, and sitting on my desk while I work on a little something extra for the box. I figure as long as I'm paying international shipping rates I may as well make the most of it.
  17. I managed to get in a painting session yesterday in which I speed painted 13 undead, and mostly finished my exchange mini (minor touchups, assembly and base remain). It made me happy, given that it's only the third painting session I've managed since packing everything up to move last October.
  18. T-Shirts maybe - depending on price and design (I'm picky - sorry ). Bumper sticker no.
  19. My Secret Sophie package arrived today, and was waiting on the bench when I got home! Absolutely spot on, it's the 7th here today! Traxia sent me a package full of awesome, from Canada all the way down to New Zealand, which contained: - A wonderfully painted and based Krampus miniature - 2009 Christmas Sophie in blister (my first Sophie!) - Sculpting tools and materials (my first sculpting tools! I've been meaning to get some too!) - Chocolate (my first Canadian chocolate! And I must confess it's already gone. Yum.) - Tea - loose leaf in a neat little container You'll be pleased to know it did all arrive in as many pieces as it was sent in, but the biggest risk was actually it arriving in fewer pieces. Tea is on the list of prohibited items for importing into New Zealand. If customs had opened the package, that would definitely have been confiscated. So I'll have to make sure I enjoy it properly! Thank you heaps Traxia!
  20. Glad to hear it arrived. It's one of the new releases from Reaper (8 days ago) so I figured you wouldn't have it! Hope you like it - it's definitely my favourite of their releases for the past year. Also note I did actually put "Secret Santa" in the delivery name, but Reaper stripped that out once I submitted the order for some reason.
  21. I had all sorts of grand plans for this, but real life and time ended up getting completely in the way. I haven't managed to paint anything since early October, and it's not looking like I will any time soon. So apologies to my SS, you're not getting anything painted. Instead, I ordered something I think is cool, and I assume you don't already have. On the other hand, I know that if I received these particular minis, I'd want to paint them myself.
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