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  1. So we moved almost 3 weeks ago, so I now theoretically have my own painting space again. Unfortunately it's currently filled with boxes, and until we get some bookshelves to unpack all the books onto, the situation probably won't improve very quickly (clarification, I need to make the bookshelf, not just buy, so more time there). But I need to get into my Secret Sophie, so I think I'll go and see if I can move some boxes around a bit. I opened mine about a year ago, and haven't had any trouble with it evaporating. I try to keep it in a cool area, but can't help it getting pretty warm at the moment. This is currently the hottest November in New Zealand since 1974, and we don't have any curtains to keep the sun out yet.
  2. Well so much for that. First, I ran out of the foliage, and then real life decided to pay a visit. I've got a couple of non-painting projects that need immediate attention, so I don't think I'll get much time to work on this in the next few days. Following that, we've now got 3 weekend before we move, and as well as packing up the whole house (including all my painting gear ), I've got a few things I need to do at the new house for it to meet code. My goal now is to get Kaladrax finished before we move. I'm not even sure that will work out, but at least I'm going to have my own office again soon! Edit: And quite frankly, he'll be easier to move if I don't glue him together.
  3. Added a couple of "trees" with a bit of green stuff to hold them on, and started with some of the underbrush. Oh yeah, that's looking nice. What do you think Kaladrax? If you like it, give us a smile!
  4. Base coming along - got the stone mostly done, though I'm contemplating another drybrush to bring it up a bit more. Foliage area based in Earth brown, covered with a wash of Quickshade Soft Tone Ink. Skulls based and washed, and I've painted up the treasure around the back. I've also discovered that the "Glorious Gold" I've got really is quite a strong colour. I may need to redo that part. I also put a heavy off-white wash on the claws, horns and teeth. I'm going to wash them again to make them look more aged, but with a different colour to maintain the contrast. For the greenery on the base, I'm going to use some underbrush basing material (I think it's Woodland Scenics) to provide texture as well as colour. I found this picture (of a Jewish cemetery - link), and I really like the way the headstones are sticking out of the foliage, so I'm going to try for something like that. It may also have the happy side effect of partially hiding some of those skulls!
  5. Have done some work on the base, but have predictably lost a bit of momentum trying to work through such a large model (the Mountain King took me about 5 months). So my challenge is to finish it before the end of this coming weekend (it's Monday evening here right now). That should be HEAPS of time, as long as I'm not distracted by other minis (or real life). For anyone keeping score, tomorrow is two weeks since I started.
  6. The mould lines on this one are awful - thankfully I saw them on someone elses paint job, and I spent a good hour going over it looking for them all. Not something I'd do for most Bones minis, but I really love this one! Great job!
  7. I'll definitely join in the next exchange. I'm looking forward to it. My first reaction to a themed exchange was that I wouldn't be happy with it. My second thought, about half a second after the first, was that it would be a FANTASTIC way to help me learn new things. So I'm in either way.
  8. The only local (Auckland) games stores I know of that cater to minis in any way are Vagabond and Games Workshop. The last time I went to Vagabond was about 8 years ago, and it was overpriced and under stocked back then. Games Workshop is a good place to get paint and supplies if you like their stuff, but again it feels overpriced to me. And since I'm not into Warhammer gaming, it's not really my scene. So if there are any game store groups or meet ups, I'm not aware of them. If you've got a group you do some painting with, you're already doing well in my opinion. The best community I've found is this one - you're not going to find nicer people or better advice anywhere. The best "local" site is Slave to Painting, which is also the best source of supplies I've found. Not so much community there though, except for the Facebook page.
  9. Welcome to the forums! Given your scale marker in the second pic I assume you're a fellow NZer - there seem to be quite a few of us around here now. :-) And wow, that's a small model!
  10. What? Oh man I didn't know that! Grr! Thanks for the info though, hopefully I haven't been doing it long enough to ruin my brushes prematurely! I think I'm going to buy the one I linked in response to Willen's homemade one now... News to me too, but it makes sense. I'll need to come up with something as well.
  11. They all look really cool. I particularly love the colours on the Griffon! Those wings are awesome.
  12. And matte. I'm really loving the colours now, it all just looks really nice together. Really need to up the contrast on the claws/teeth. There are some dark patches and light patches from the Quickshade not going on evenly (or me missing spots), but the more I look at them, the more I feel they add character to the big guy. There's a light patch where some plants were growing over his head for a while before he was reanimated. Onto the base next, then once that's done I'll revisit the bones.
  13. All bones. 1. Kaladrax 2. Pathfinder Red Dragon (not going to make it) 3. Eye Beast (not going to make it) 4. Duke Gerard (PC for a friend, not going to make it) 5. Well of Chaos (not going to make it) 6. Altar (not going to make it) 7. Sarcophagus (not going to make it) I've got a good head start on Kaladrax, and have based the Red. However, since we're moving house in the first week of November, it's entirely possible that I'm going to have to pack up all my painting stuff in a couple of weeks, and won't get back into it until I can set up my new office properly. Edit: Added the dungeon dressing stuff due to similarity in colour to other stuff I'm doing, so it makes sense to do them at the same time. Edit #2: Nope - no way I'm going to get these done now - have to pack up all my painting stuff very soon, and spend the next three weekends packing or working on stuff for the new house. Hoping for just Kaladrax.
  14. Shiny! I'm really liking the colours at this point, and he looks a lot less ridiculous with the Quickshade on his wings. Note the wings are sitting in their sockets very lightly at the moment, which is why you can see the raw bones material at the joints - I'm really just using him as a drying rack so the wings aren't touching the table. My next step is to get rid of the shiny. I'm thinking I'll move onto the base after that, so I can see how the whole composition works before messing with the colours on Kaladrax. I'll be posting fewer WIP pics during that phase, since I'm following a previous WIP myself. Man it feels great to be getting colour on this guy. Every time I looked at him sitting there unpainted, I wondered if I would ever get around to him.
  15. Thanks. It's a recent thing to be honest. I've got hundreds of small units from Games Workshop, Reaper (before the bones) and a number of other places, but didn't really have many bigger models (except for a couple of 40K vehicles, and a LOTR bust a friend of mine made - that link is not my paintjob). When I saw this one I really wanted it, and since then I've started wanting more of the bigger models. The first Bones Kickstarter was really good for that, and I'm hoping the second one will offer more of the larger models, preferably without the need to get another couple of hundred smaller ones with it. That's not to say I won't get them if I have to, but I think I'd rather not. Talking Privateer Press, I'd really like to get the Legion of Everblight Archangel next.
  16. Figured I should post a picture of the Mountain King I finished a few weeks ago. My aim was to finish him before my Bones shipment arrived, and thankfully the delays in the international shipping helped me out in that respect. Photo is from Camera+ on the iPhone, hence the border.
  17. This just makes me laugh. For some reason it brings to mind the flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz. I haven't quite finished the other side of the wings yet. Tonight will be finishing the membranes, and as part of that I'm going to bring the red bits right up to match the body. Then Quickshade, and I'll see how it looks. If necessary I'll darken them together. That should tie it in nicely.
  18. I'm very much with you on that one. I'd be much happier to randomly experiment if I had 2 or 3 $10 Kaladraxi, rather than looking at more than $100 to replace him (yay international shipping!). Hmm. I do have a friend that received a Kaladrax that may well never get around to painting him... And look, it's cheaper to buy $25 of additional minis than to get Kaladrax by himself! Kaladrax - $74.99, shipping to NZ - $27.95 = $102.94, or add another $25.01 worth of minis, and qualify for free shipping. As an aside, the UPS "Saver" shipping option is $373.05. That right there is why Reaper didn't use UPS for international shipping in the first Kickstarter.
  19. Before work bonus update. In just the 5 minutes I was looking at it, I saw about 7 small spots I missed, so I'll touch them up tonight then start on the wings. It's quite obvious I'll need to lighten up the horns, claws and teeth again. The Quickshade made them a lot darker than I had expected, so the contrast with the rest of the body is not as great as it was before I started. Thanks for the pics GentleGiant. They've definitely helped! As stated, I'm planning to do the base in greys and greens, which I think will provide a nice contrast with the yellowed bone of Kaladrax himself. Maybe if I used dark purple instead of red, that would provide a nice balance. I'm more than happy to paint over it if I think it isn't working, so I believe I'll run with that idea for now.
  20. Finished the Quickshade on the body, head and tail. Not bothering with a photo as it's the same as the last one, just on the other side. I'll move onto the wings next, which will give me a couple of evenings to see any missed spots in the Quickshade. Would have started them tonight, but the daylight savings change has caught up with me, it's now 10pm, and I have to get up early for work tomorrow morning. But that gives me an opportunity to ask for advice. What colour do you think I should use for the wing membranes? I was thinking of a much darker fleshy red, perhaps with a hint of grey, but I'm open to ideas.
  21. Finished the colouring on the body, head and tail, and got half of the Quickshade on as well. I'm now planning to darken up the red once I've got the matte coat on - it's just a little too "fresh" for my liking. In general I'm really pleased with how it's coming along. And quite frankly, I'm happiest about the fact that it's not taking anywhere near as long as it would have if I'd done it as I had originally planned, without Quickshade.
  22. I'm really looking forward to seeing what's in it, and I already know I WANT to get more. But I'm going to have a very difficult time justifying this to my wife, who undoubtedly thinks I'm already spending too much time painting the first lot. :-) I also get the feeling she'd prefer I didn't have it all spread out over our dining room table. Thankfully that's not something she can complain about, as she's the one that decided to convert my office/painting room into a play room for the kids.
  23. It's a Javascript countdown that doesn't specify a timezone, so it will be in the timezone of whoever is looking at it. Looking at the config options, it would be better to set it with a UTC time, rather than "local" time. Throw this at Kit: $('#countdown_dashboard').countDown({ targetDate: { 'day': 01, 'month': 10, 'year': 2013, 'hour': 15, 'min': 0, 'sec': 0, 'utc': true } }); :-)
  24. no. Reaper Miniatures October 1, 2013. 9 am CST. Exactly. But as of now, the countdown for me says 2 days, 22 hours and 12 minutes.
  25. Hmm - the countdown appears to be based on the browser local time. ie - it's telling me the Kickstarter starts at 8am on Tuesday, New Zealand time. That would make it 2pm on September 30 in Texas.
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