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  1. I managed to figure out what the current state of my Kaladrax reminds me of! Tonight I finished off the bone colouring on the body. Next is to touch up the red where I got bone on it, fix the spots of bone I missed, and do the claws in an off-white colouring, which I'll also be using for the horns. I hope to get to the Quickshade step on the head, body and rest of the tail this weekend. There should be plenty of time for, despite losing an hour to daylight savings on Sunday morning, as long as my daughters cooperate. If anyone wants some advice, here's the main thing I will say: If you have not glued Kaladrax together yet, DON'T DO IT! I "only" stuck the legs on, thinking that they wouldn't get in the way much. You can paint around them, but it would have been a LOT easier if I didn't have to. Boy am I glad I didn't stick the tail on.
  2. Snap! Right down to where the colors on the mane are separated. I like the way you've wrapped the color around the tail, that's really cool. And doesn't it just feel right to paint a Unicorn with rainbows?
  3. Tonight I started on the body of Kalaslab. I'm trying to follow the "recommended" approach for Quickshade for the most part. So, block colors, then Quickshade. This means one color for the "meat", and one for the majority of the bones (the claws and horns will be different). Go on, have a look: Lots of red, meaty bits. A freshly created undead dragon. Starting on the bones - LOTS of clean up needed where bone-white meets red. At this point, it looks like a cartoon slab of meat, hence Kalaslab. I'm really hoping this thing works, though I guess I could also live with a cartoon feel if that's what it turns out as.
  4. Thanks all for the tips so far. With regards to highlighting, I agree that it would be good to add some after I've got the matte varnish on. I will, however, wait until I've assembled him so I don't accidentally highlight the wrong side of any single piece. I seriously considered that! The only reason I didn't do it is because I don't have any on hand, and got to the point where I REALLY wanted to start work.
  5. I'm brushing this on. I only really dipped one or two minis when I first got the QS, but I have since learned I really prefer the control that brushing it on gives. And of course Kaladrax is so big there is no way he's going to fit in the tin! I use the Vallejo Matte Varnish (brush-on again) as my preferred choice. I've had really good experiences with it, and I don't think I could easily get Dullcoat here in NZ anyway. I'm using the Strong tone here, which is a lot more brown than dark tone. Never actually tried the Soft tone, except as an ink, but it seems just a little too soft for the effect I prefer. I'd like to see someone try it though.
  6. Thanks all for the kind words. In this case I painted and Quickshaded the whole model, though there are other cases in which I have selectively used Quickshade.
  7. So I've decided I'm going to paint my Kaladrax using Quickshade. I'm sure there are a number of people out there that think this is some form of sacrilege, and part of me certainly agrees. However, I've recently been experimenting with Quickshade on bones, using my Bones minis as guinea pigs, and have decided that I really like the way it looks (see my Colossal Skeleton in the Show Off forum). Cleaned and Prepared Part of the decision was based on my very limited painting time, and I hope this will allow me to get it done quicker. I'm not aiming for a Buglips level of quick here, but hopefully it's not too much longer. To start, I decided to try out the theory on one of the tail sections. I figured this would be one of the easier ones to strip back if I changed my mind (I've already glued the legs on). Base coat - Vallejo Game Color Bonewhite Quickshade Strong Tone Well, I think it's going to work, so I'll keep going with this. The coloring looks better in the flesh as it were. One thing I'm really not looking forward to is going over the whole thing with matte varnish. I believe I'm going to have to buy more. Just to outline my full plan - I'm not going to be Quickshading the base, only the dragon itself. For the base, I intend to use the same scheme as Buglips (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery), as I really liked the way the stone/foliage colors worked together. Edit: Was this a wise choice for my first WIP? Well why not.
  8. One of the figures I was most looking forward to getting from the Kickstarter. I painted this guy up using Quickshade Strong Tone, as I've decided that I really like the look it gives skeleton bones - nicely weathered. I expect my DM will find a reason to throw this one at us soon. :-) I'm not convinced the base is done yet, and I would like to add some rust effect to the blade, but getting to that really depends on what else I start working on. (iPhone photos - in keeping with tradition on these forums, I don't currently have my lightbox set up. I hope to get a permanent place for it when we move house early November).
  9. Who will be first to convert the Owl-Bear into a Kiwi-Bear?
  10. Thanks for those comments Wren. I'm sure I'll be able to use the lens to show some really horrible spots of painting, if not the mini as a whole. :-)
  11. Ooh - now this I want to see. And I can just imagine the carnage when the Kea-Griffon hits the car park.
  12. I managed to get into the $15 level that gives me one of the original ones once the KS finishes, and the second version once they're available. $15 (+ $2 shipping) is a low enough price for two that I'm happy to take the chance.
  13. Having seen how many people here use their phones to photo their minis (including me), I thought this could be of interest to some people. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/76865543/the-easy-macro-smartphone-lens It's a lens that straps onto your phone, and looks like a really good way to take macro photos. $10 gets you a lens, with only $2 shipping for international customers!
  14. Just finished my inventory. No whole minis are missing, and I haven't noticed any missing body parts (though I didn't look closely). I did get an extra candelabra. I'll take Reaper's advice and just keep it.
  15. There are few reasons I'm glad I can't get to Gencon. My wallet is one of them. Still jealous though.
  16. And make sure you've got some old brushes you don't mind being completely ruined. My daughter made quite a mess of mine, but thankfully I had already followed my own advice.
  17. I couldn't think of a better start for adding my posts to these forums. As my 5 year old daughter has recently started showing an interest in my miniature painting, I decided to get a couple of unicorns to paint with and for her. This is the result of about 1 hours worth of painting, followed by 5 minutes of Quickshade on my effort, then a quick matte coat the next day to get rid of the gloss. I'm really proud of her effort. It was originally all pink, which in her words was "so we don't have to use all the paints", but when I got out the rest of the colors for my rainbow bits, she decided she wanted to do more, and did. The grass was added because "unicorns love grass". For my effort, I actually really like the patchy shading that resulted from the Quickshade, it makes it look more gritty. And she really likes both of them, so I couldn't ask for more.
  18. I came up with a new definition of speed painting yesterday. It's completing a mini before my 5 year old daughter loses interest and moves onto something else.
  19. Looking at your picture of the primed Ebonwrath, it looks to me that the detail on him is pretty much exactly the same as the metal mini. I don't have my Bones yet (let's not go there), and I haven't ordered Ebonwrath anyway, since I've already got him in metal, but I can't see any difference.
  20. That's a shame, as that's the one piece of information that everyone actually wants.
  21. I've got no notification either, and don't have Cthuhlu in my order. However, I do have Kaladrax, and we know there is a problem with his legs.
  22. I'm in for both of the busts. There's some reason that I'm not looking to get any more 28mm miniatures right now... can't quite remember why...
  23. Unfortunately, I don't have any real-life friends that paint minis. I have some that collect pre-painted ones for gaming, and some that tried to paint and gave up, but none that do it as much as I do. I'm hoping this will change, as one of the "collectors" has also joined the Bones revolution, and wants to try painting with his son. But my D&D group has always been supportive, understanding the reasons I paint, and I'm always happy to show them my finished work (and I have done some commissions for them). My wife is also very supportive of my painting, and my 5yo daughter is just starting to show an interest too (I've promised her I'll get her a unicorn to paint sometime). As an aside, I actually came to this forum because of your tweets, but I keep coming back because of the awesome community. I've never seen any negative comments about any miniature shared in this forum. It's great to find so many like-minded individuals. (Further aside - I found you on Twitter because I'm a business partner and friend of Howard's). Wow this thread has strayed off topic. Bring it back MonkeySloth, post another WIP update!
  24. Exactly. And playing with lots of different materials to find what works with your styles, what you prefer the look of and so on. Right now I'm trying to finish one of my larger minis (Trollblood Mountain King from Privateer Press - needs some work on the base!) before my Bones shipment arrives. Having said that, the complete lack of updates on the RoW shipments suggests I've got some time on my hands still.
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