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  1. Well, the kickstarter is live! It took a while because I just kept adding to it and wanting to vet this out and that. It was time to just say stop. Happy gaming everyone. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1628235004/sci-fi-traffic-hazards-28mm-vehicles-for-the-futur
  2. I finally got a hold of Toposolitario and got his permission to post this for free. Its an 80MB map half with his work, the tileable map, and part is mine with the helicopter dock and the grass field. http://www.mediafire.com/view/?5lzj9q56qwtpq97 I recommend printing it on a vinyl banner, Matte finish. 4' by 8'
  3. Reaper was one of 3 places I looked into first. Verdict was they would be able to do only a small fraction of my vehicles because typically they were too massive (high volume) to be reasonable for pewter. It was suggested I could do it all through reaper but it wouldnt make sense because they would outsource most of it. Or if done in pewter it would require significant hollowing and splitting such that in many cases you could get 1 to 3 models per spin and pay a ton in pewter and spin charges and burn the molds up pretty quickly with that much metal. Ultimately these past few months have be
  4. Almost forgot a picture of two of the trains one in monorail configuration and one in skimmer config. (difference is the rails are mounted on the bottom or side. Hopefully Ill get to painting the utility vehicle soon. and Im playing with a design for a flying cargo container hauler.
  5. Unfortunately, while I proofed out the spin caster for pewter, the resin caster is rather critical for this, and he prooved to be extremely unreliable due to family circumstances. I simply need to find another resin caster and vet him out. While I have made molds of most of these and can drop or pressure cast them myself, as evidence by the fact I have 2 or more of everything seen, I cannot produce at an appropriate rate to satisfy any kind of demand. THus Im not about to stick my neck out until I vet out a resin caster who doesnt make this prohibitively expensive. Also, as an aside
  6. I was actually yesterday playing with mounting a huge cannon on top of this. as for S scale track, you could always just put it in "skimmer mode" as shown roughly in this image.
  7. I will. Timeline is the question. Ive had a few snags, no surprise, they are just taking about twice as long as I was told. Good to know. . I just had a spin caster get back to me on a test, but some didnt turn out as well as Id like (we experimented trying to spin something that was a little too big for spinning) Im preping parts for another test and persuing other avenues. And Im slowly recasting a handfull for myself, but Im no production line =) Im also slowly painting "props" since these cars are designed for some of my own games. Which ones are you most interested in. I l
  8. Im, nearing the final stages of preparing a kickstarter project for 28mm sci-fi vehicles. Ive prototyped and painted quite a few of these and made adjustments based how they feel on the table top. The main purpose is to add some variety to the large empty streets of the future and get some cool cars to paint. As it stands this is the list of models ive designed. And here are a few of the prototypes painted. Note the picture above shows appropriate relative scale (the armored train is 10" long) The prototypes helped me figure out what rescaling was necessary and so the picture below shows mi
  9. Interesting, in all this time I always just glanced at the name and called them balthians as opposed to bathaliens. I did too, Hence spending about a year setting up this game! I have a lot more pictures associated with the ufo: invasion game at this site starting about 4 posts down. http://www.dakkadakk...210/265995.page
  10. Hello, I recently finished making a UFO invasion game using minis from around the globe, but quite a few of my terror and more powerful alien invaders came from Reaper, so I thougth I would share. I dont consider these competition pieces, just fun pieces for tabletop. 99-100% airbrushed as usual The UFO: Incursion response force is meant to play similar to the old X-com series and I had quite a bit of fun trying it out on new players at tacticon last week. I think my best compliment was the repeated comments of how some of the nastier turns in gameplay mirrored the old xcom game, such
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