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  1. 17 hours left on this one, and a ton of new content has been previewed, including some really cool and thematic new classes. Check it out if you missed it the first time around! Can't recommend it highly enough; the first edition has become easily my favorite RPG of all time. There's also a hardback option now, if you like your rulebooks sturdy.
  2. I think I would suggest going by the largest dimensions of the model, since every game has different rules for bases. But also if it's that close you can probably just play it by ear and put it in whichever category seems more appropriate.
  3. Looks nice! I definitely agree you choose a difficult color to highlight and photograph. Try putting it in front of a dark background; that way the photos won't get washed out by the white. Try MSP 09280 Nightmare Black.
  4. Looks awesome! Now you just have to put some minis on it.
  5. Aw, thanks so much Cash! That really means a lot coming from you. Your piece was just fantastic, and I'm totally happy to imagine I would have come in third behind it.
  6. I thought you were in Europe? Budapest? I spent my Spring semester of last year in Budapest, but I'm back in little ol' Grinnell, IA now.
  7. Voted in the Iowa Caucus today! I will probably never be this politically influential again in my life.
  8. Cute! I love that you painted the thing he's holding as a baby rather than a golden idol.
  9. I know there are tons of TTRPG fans on these boards, and at least a few fans of Dungeon World and other Powered by the Apocalypse games, so I figured I'd go ahead and post this here in case anyone was interested. I just started a campaign with the 1st edition rules myself, and I'm really loving it, and I'm sure the updates will make it even better. I'm in for the paperback ($35 including domestic shipping) but the PDF-only level is just $10, a great rate for anyone even a little bit interested in the system. Back it here.
  10. Speaking of which, if we want judge's comments, should we ask for that now or afterwards?
  11. Does that mean that judging has not started at all, or that two judges have weighed in and we need the third judge's input?
  12. I think that would be a fine theme for the diorama/squad competition we've already been discussing. I don't see any particular need for a theme, but I would be amenable to that for that category. The only issue is that the multi-figure category always has the fewest entries anyway, so restricting that one in particular with a theme would only make that worse.
  13. In related news, I just had to fill out an online third-party form for my school, and the registration page required my SSN as a password-recovery tool. I made up a number to give them, but I was pretty shocked that they would even ask for it, let alone require it. (And no, it was nothing for which a SSN was actually necessary. Purely a password-recovery question.)
  14. It was surprisingly easy, actually! Just have to have a steady hand and thin paints. What's really going to drive me crazy is figuring out how to shade and highlight all that plaid...
  15. I think they're implementing a new store interface Soon anyway. I've definitely noticed it too, but I imagine it'll be resolved in the next iteration of the website.
  16. I think this year's turnout, with no theme, was of a pretty reasonable size. I see no reason why we should seek to limit the overall number of entries, which a theme would certainly do. I really don't understand the connection between theme and manufacturer, either. Surely any theme would be likely to eliminate equal numbers of Reaper and non-Reaper models? As for limiting entries per person, that's reasonable, I suppose, but doesn't really seem necessary. This year, we had one person enter 6 minis overall (2 Reaper and 4 from other manufacturers) and a scattering of 4-entry participants (
  17. Any game that requires me to come up with interesting facts about myself will be met by sheer terror as I suddenly forget everything I've ever done in my life. This is not super condusive to learning things about other people either.
  18. Nope, don't like them. I certainly don't remember which other people have pets or whatever afterwards. I'm really not sure what purpose they serve other than filling time, frankly.
  19. Blocked in the tartan pattern on the jacket. Loosely based on the kind-of-boring Outlander tartan. I notice it's a little uneven, so I'll have to go back in and fix it in a few places before straightening the lines and adding the next color. I've also made the mistake of working from the outside-in here, so it'll be interesting trying to get the waistcoat thing painted.
  20. Super sloppy basecoats down on the fabrics, plus a start on the tartan on the fly plaid. Colors used are Clear Blue, Christmas Wreath, Terrain Khaki, and Big Top Red, plus a bit of Brown Liner. Accidentally let some paint pool on the hat, so there's some weird texture there I hope I can cover up with future coats.
  21. Oh yeah, I should have mentioned, I've been browsing the Scottish Tartan Registry website for inspiration. I haven't picked out any particular tartans yet, but I have a few tabs open for promising candidates. I may just end up winging it or doing simplified versions of some, but it's been interesting looking at all the different possibilities.
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