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  1. As predicted, Reaper is sending me the correct Sophie already. Reaper's CS is second-to-none! Oh, and for the record, I also got the Bones Candlelight Yellow paint with my order.
  2. I think I'm going to have to attribute this to not letting the paint cure fully. Water shouldn't be able to strip paint once it's cured (otherwise we wouldn't need stuff like Simple Green) so I really can't think of what else would cause this. I'd say wait a full day in the future, and if you can still reproduce this effect then, we'll need to go into full-on troubleshooting mode.
  3. Ah, I remember this guy. Direct inspiration for my own knockoff version, which the forum seems to have eaten. (ETA: Found it!) Mine, of course, was nowhere near as nice as Cash's, but was still one of the best minis I'd painted at the time. That mini has a really great face for contrast; I remember those sharply defined features being really fun to paint.
  4. Yep, I'm in the same time zone as Reaper, I ordered in the middle of the day, and both the order confirmation and the invoice included in the box list Cowgirl Sophie as the one I should have received.
  5. Wrong Sophie showed up in my order. Was supposed to get the Cowgirl Sophie, but got the (also pretty neat) Ringmaster Sophie instead. Sent off an email, so I'm sure it'll get corrected right quick.
  6. I've never heard of anything quite like that, but the recommendation I usually see is to wait a full 24 hours between the last coat of paint and the first coat of sealer. It does sound like the paint wasn't sticking very well though, which may be a different issue entirely. I assume you used primer?
  7. What do you mean you can't just "rotate and enhance" like they do on TV, Jack???
  8. Bones can absolutely react to sealer through paint, and it'll stay sticky indefinitely. I've had spray sealer screw up fully-painted Bones before, and I've read plenty of reports of the same from others. I hear rumor that there are spray sealers that are okay with Bones, but I suggest just sticking to RMS brush-on from here on out. You can also fix your tacky sealer by putting a layer of a different (non-reactive) brush-on sealer over it. EDIT: I'm bad at reading and assumed you were using spray sealer. I don't think I've heard of a brush-on sealer reacting that way before, but I can certainly imagine it. Regardless, test it on some sprues (try thinning, stirring, etc.) and if you don't find a way to prevent it from getting sticky, just go for another brand. RMS is known to work, so I have to recommend it as a matter of course, but there are definitely other good brands too.
  9. Placed my order! Grabbed some minis I've been eyeing for a while, plus threw in the 54mm pirate diorama on a whim.
  10. Hmm, maybe I'll go in on Day 2. I remember I was eyeing that Cowgirl Sophie a while back, and I do have a full cart's worth of minis ready to go...
  11. Others have the right of it, but I just want to clarify--you mention using washes to prime Bones. Reaper makes both Washes and Liners, and Liners are the ones you want to use as pseudo-primers on Bones minis. Washes are too watery and won't be any good at all as a basecoat, while Liners are thin but high-pigment, so they make great basecoats. Most people here prefer it to primer on Bones (but definitely not metal, which definitely needs a real primer). It is more flexible than most primers, so the very bendy nature of the Bones material won't cause it to crack like some primers would. In addition, it actually holds up better than primer. I have a bad habit of holding my minis by the mini itself while painting, and the Liners do not rub off (since they're at least as sturdy as any other paint), while primer will rub off quite easily. Lastly, make sure you wash and rinse your minis (Bones especially, but it won't hurt with metal) before you put down your Liner/primer, since there is often mold release agent left on there that will prevent anything from sticking. ETA: There is currently only one Learn to Paint Kit style available, but it is a pretty good deal--11 full bottles of MSP and three minis for $40, which is less than those would be separately, plus the instructions and some decent-but-not-great brushes.
  12. I wonder how one could set up a contest that doesn't insist upon a certain style, but also isn't just totally up to the judges' subjective feelings. Obviously there are things like composition and so forth that I imagine would be fairly consistent across styles, but is there some way to measure technical skill that both credits the difficulty of achieving smooth blends and recognizes that they aren't necessary in an effective painting? For that matter, when are we going to get our weird abstract/post-modern/dadaist mini painting scene?
  13. I'm envious of your glazing on these guys. (I assume? Looks like glazing anyway.) They look so great. Very well done!
  14. Uhhh... EDIT: Uh, nope. I did change my avatar, but it was never that.
  15. I've had a few different avatars since joining. For a while it was my cameo in Sentinels of the Multiverse, and it's been a couple different minis I've painted since. I try not to change it too much though, since I do get confused when other people change theirs. There's a very select group of people who I know and recognize by name; most I know exclusively by picture.
  16. I certainly didn't mean to equate the three, nor suggest that others were wrong for prioritizing Paris. Merely adding my good wishes for victims of all three.
  17. My thoughts are with Paris, and also with Beirut and Japan.
  18. Mm, the brown outlines around the yellow are very striking. A very solid, clean paintjob overall. Nice work!
  19. It's taken me a few days to come up with a response to this because every time I open this tab I get distracted by how gorgeous that mini is. I love the bold, stylized look. I am incredibly jealous of this guy's clear skill; he obviously knows just where the light should hit. The colored directional lighting is beautiful as well. Very, very nice work all around.
  20. I think they've had a rough four years.
  21. I have one of those magnifiers (sans light) but never got the hang of it. I can't figure out how you're supposed to get any depth perception through the thing! I can't tell where I'm sticking my brush!
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