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  1. Oh man, today's Dungeon World game was so much fun! After trekking through a swamp in search of a pestilence cult, the characters discovered a small, shallow lake with a flat island in the middle, with a stone shrine and a bunch of little frogmen. They bluffed their way onto the island, only to discover that it was in fact the back of a giant evil frog, which knocked them off into the water! In the battle, one PC climbed up onto the back of the frog in order to attack the shrine, while another character got grabbed by its horrible tentacle-tongue and swallowed whole. He used climbing pitons to crawl out hand-over-hand, and stabbed it in its mouth. Meanwhile, the frogmen priests summoned a cloud of biting flies to harry the players, multiple PCs nearly drowned, and the session ended with the Bard getting walloped by the demon frog for all her remaining health. She rolled her Last Breath (2d6, no modifier), and got boxcars! It was the first time one of the characters had really been close to dying, and we were all so nervous, the player covered her eyes as soon as she rolled and I had to tell her the good news. Very exciting night!

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    Someone I know in real life who paints space marines says he thinks my pirate is competition-level quality, and that I should enter it in Crystal Brush at Adepticon over Spring Break. I hadn't really considered it before?


    PRO - You did a wonderful job, I think the Pirate deserves a medal.


    CON- You might run into GW biased judges that only wants Space Marines or AOS mini's to win.


    Thanks! With Crystal Brush, I'm not so much worried about the judges--the rules specifically say they do not distinguish between manufacturers when it comes to scoring, and I have faith in the official judges to uphold that. I have no faith in the CMoN voting community though, who I am confident will vote GW stuff higher than anything else, and they make up 50% of each entry's total score.

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    Someone I know in real life who paints space marines says he thinks my pirate is competition-level quality, and that I should enter it in Crystal Brush at Adepticon over Spring Break. I hadn't really considered it before?

    It's an amazing piece. I'd enter it, maybe take some of the feedback you got, ask some pros on here and Facebook to give you some better critiques and go for it. The Crystal Brush is top tier stuff so if you can place that'd be sweet.


    Yeah, I can't imagine I'd place. Even if I was anywhere near that tier, half of the score is determined by voters on CMoN, so I'd never be able to beat an equivalently well-painted GM mini. They don't do open awards like Reaper does, so it's just the top three in each category that get any sort of award, and I'm nowhere near that level no matter how proud of this mini I am. They do have guidelines for how your score would translate to medals in an open-style competition, but it's not quite the same. There's a much smaller historical minis convention in Chicago at the end of October that does open awards, so I might go to that?


    I feel kind of stuck because I'd like to start doing competitions and stuff, but they all require you to be physically present, so I'd have to pony up for a 5-hour bus ride plus a couple of nights in a hotel, on top of the convention fee, anything I buy at the con, and like, food and stuff. For that much money, I could buy a lot of paints and minis and keep painting at home. I guess I feel like I'm edging into the low end of proper competition-level painting, and the feedback of the judges and other painters would be very helpful, but it also seems like a pretty huge investment for no tangible reward. A big part of the problem for me is that I'd basically be going to these cons just for the painting competition, and that makes it seem like I'm paying a huge entry fee rather than entering a free competition at a con I'm paying to attend. I'm not into wargaming, which I think is a big part. Something like GenCon or ReaperCon would be more fun for the cons themselves, but they're way far away from me physically, and flying anywhere is out of the question at the moment.



    Someone I know in real life who paints space marines says he thinks my pirate is competition-level quality, and that I should enter it in Crystal Brush at Adepticon over Spring Break. I hadn't really considered it before?

    Why Not..

    If you are strong enough to handle the comments, and you are secure enough to realize that it is YOUR OPINION, YOUR VISION, and if they trash the mini, it is THEIR Problem.

    Don't want you to be  vulnerable to the slings and arrows of competition !

    Good Luck to you !

    You do Excellent work !



    Thanks Jay! I think I'd be okay with judges telling me what's wrong with my mini--I'm happy to take that feedback! I guess I'd be pretty sad if they didn't have anything nice to say, but I don't think I'm that delusional about my skill level?


    Anyway, it was just sort of weird suddenly realizing I was at a point where this would be possible. Maybe if I can get someone to put me up for the weekend so I don't have to get a hotel room? I need to be speedy about it if I'm going to the Historical Minis con, since it's coming up fast. I dunno!

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  4. Thanks guys!


    @Xherman, thanks for reminding me. I'm definitely going to do that; just have to get it down to the best four pictures!


    @Corporea: That really means a lot, coming from you! I definitely agree about the skin--I realized he was way too fair after I'd already done the face and didn't want to do it over! If I were to do it again, I'd go ahead and give him a serious tan or sunburn.

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  5. Just to stop further speculation, there was some misunderstandings on both sides and they have now been addressed, hopefully to everyones satisfaction.

    With that being said, if you backed the kickstarter and missed out on the book special, email me directly cavboss(at)reapermini(dot)com and i will get it taken care of.

    I'm interested to see if this guy will update his post.

  6. Got some more work done on this guy; I think he's pretty close to being finished. At this point his hair needs detailing, his sword needs to get painted and attached, and finally I'll need to do the metallics, then I'll be done aside from whatever minor touch-ups become necessary. (Though I guess I'll also have to paint the base part black and maybe attach him to some sort of plinth? Anyone know a good source for that sort of thing? H&V sells them but I'd rather avoid shipping them from Spain if I can source them domestically.)


    Again, forgive the photos; the colors turned out a little wonky. The colors are the most accurate in the first photo, the others are weirdly greenish or pinkish.



    Please let me know if you have any critiques! I'd much rather hear it now while I have a chance to fix it and improve than after I've moved on to another project!

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