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  1. tigerwraith

    Finding Players (Meetup Thread)

    I'm planning on doing a demo out that way soon. I live just north of Nashville, and I've been going to different stores across TN to demo the game. I have a Facebook group Middle Tennessee CAV if you would like to join.
  2. tigerwraith


    Yes, you can have a mixed attack squad and it can be made up of all Templar units. It will not gain the benefit of any Templar Faction Doctrine. To have a squad of mixed units and still get your faction doctrine it would have to be a specialist squad, and you are only allowed 1 specialist squad in your Force Group.
  3. Hehe I'm back....
  4. tigerwraith

    Nashcon 2017 Demo Recap (pic-heavy)

    Thank you.. I had fun making it.
  5. tigerwraith

    Nashcon 2017 Demo Recap (pic-heavy)

    Good job Chris, But the Talon never died, it was a Starhawk that was the first to die on the Terrian side. I was going to run up and kick the tank with the Talon, but you showed me how ineffective that would be with a light recon cav, and so I just shot it up. I will note that Chris had forgot that one of the Malefactors had burned out his main gun due to overdrive. So my Starhawk may have still lived. But we didnt remember till well after the fact.