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  1. The same questions get asked about Monica Bellucci.
  2. My advice would come from left-field; try using a piece of plasticard to cut and carve the shape of the blade. A 1.5mm piece of plasticard could be cut into a curved blade shape and then sharpened with a file. Pin and glue it to the hand of the miniature (you would have to sculpt the hilt, of course). I have used this technique on many of my models for various things - plasticard is easy to cut and shape and glue, and it can make a great foundation for other components.
  3. Like most people who've been painting for a while, I have a LOT of colors - probably over 100 pots (I got the old Citadel Mega Paint Set). But I find myself using very few of them on a regular basis; black, white, a nice woodland green, a royal blue, a silver, bronze and gold, a flesh, a flat brown, a ruddy-brown, a bright red, yellow, flesh and various washes. Of course, this isn't a topic about minimalist painting - "Can you paint a model with five colors?" - I use other colors as needed, but I just noticed I tend to only use a few colors on a regular basis. Do other people have the same experience?
  4. The other option is washers, ball bearings or even the tabs of pewter you cut off figures. I regularly buy a little bottle of Vallejo acrylic medium whenever I get paint - a few drops of that in my old paints and a good shake gets them right as rain again. Of course, those are Citadel paints (which I am replacing with Vallejo gradually as my FLGS carries them). It would be very expensive for me to replace all the colors I have - I bought the old Citadel Mega Paint Set - so it is worth saving them with some medium or water. If I were buying from scratch, I would probably bite the bullet and get new paints because salvaging them does take a lot of time. I find myself using only about a dozen colors anyway . . . which inspires me to start a new thread!
  5. That is a lovely sculpt, and wonderfully painted. I like it a lot.
  6. I like the Garrity Girls very much too - I think the first time I saw them was in the old UK RPG magazine "Arcane" back in the late '90s. The review said - and I agree - that the model was a feminine yet modest and realistically-proportioned figure. That is very rare - too often, figures are a pole dancer dressed in Leia's slave bikini using a sword as an inuendo . . .
  7. These models are for my Empire Knightly Order army for Warhammer - they are going to be the command groups for some swordsmen units (the leaders of the units will be Perseus and Urian). Some pretty basic conversions here - one standard bearer & musician are virtually untouched, except for the addition of a plastic shield and laurel wreath (leitmotifs for my army). The other is James St John with the spare banner that came with the command group (I wasn't expecting to get that - I thought I'd have to get out the brass rod and paper!) and a kitbashed musician with the spare trumpet. Nothing fancy, but might interest someone. I'll try to get some primer and paint on these babies as soon as possible.
  8. I've got a Warhammer Empire army, and the theme I went for was a Knightly Order; cavalry and infantry in heavy armor, very "crusader" in look. I based it visually on the Knights Hospitalier, but with a heavy dose of mythological Classical Greek elements (Sparta and Amazons) for a unique look. Most of the army is standard GW models or kitbashes, but Reaper figures are so lovely, so inexpensive, and so characterful that I couldn't help but get a few in my army! Here is a quick and dirty picture of the ones I have painted so far - the statue is a Wargames Factory Celt Queen from the Celt Chariot set, and could pass as an Amazonian warrior with a bit of imagination (and a converted Corinthian helm!)
  9. That's a wonderfully painted figure - and a really nice sculpt, too. Lovely technique.
  10. Thanks for all the kind words, guys. I shall try to get some more Reapery figures uploaded as soon as I can get them painted / photographed.
  11. Am I the only one who thinks the color scheme actually works?
  12. One thing you can do is to have "mooks" as enemies - if they get hit, they die / are removed. It streamlines play A LOT. Some games have this built right into the system, but most games can have it added. If you want to make a little more difference between the big barbarian wariror with his axe and a wizard stabbing with a dagger, you can give something like "big axe kills / removes on a 2+ on a D6 after hitting, dagger on a 5+".
  13. Is it flexible? If so, you could put some small hills down on the base beforehand and then lay the mesh over the top, creating an undulating surface. You could also make a sphincter or other orifice on the floor.
  14. Thanks for all the comments! That was deliberate. The idea of the World Turtle and World Elephant is ancient and fairly common, but the specific "elephants-on-the-turtle" is Discworld. I've only got three, though :)
  15. Kenton Kilgore has made use of the Reaper Dwarf models for a 40K army which uses WFB Dwarfs .... http://www.fightingtigersofveda.com/aotjdvergar.html A fair few pictures there which can be used to compare.
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