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  1. 1 hour ago, Ratmaster2000 said:

    4) and yes, the long stretches between goals.


    I guess number 4 is kind the reverse side of the other 3. If everything went to plan and people were hyped for the final push, the goals wouldnt have been too far apart... but, with the slower final push, having the goals closer might have helped compensate. Having the goals closer, though, is a little bit outside of reapers control in as much as they still need to be far enough apart to cover the production cost - or at least would require less grand / less expensive goals in order to get them close together.


    At the end of the day it was still a big success, though, and gives them more to think about for their Bones 5 strategy


    3 minutes ago, StarFyre said:

    where do you see you # listed? my payment was rejected since the bank fraud system didn't like it. called, they cleared it, and the re attempt i think went through fine.


    The KS "View pledge" button next to "Youre a backer" has backer number at the bottom beneath the rewards and your pledge.

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  2. 31 minutes ago, NecroMancer said:

    Did Reaper set the SG at too big of increments towards the end? 


    I think its probably more to do with their focus on core goals and sets this time. Expanding the core gives more incentive for new backers to join, but doesnt require existing backers to up their pledge at all to add the new models - so a lot of the unlocked goals in the last 2 days didnt give people a new incentive to up their pledge. Same partly applies to sets - they only have a single pledge cost to acquire multiple unlocks so youre not going to get as much hype or as much additional pledging compared to individual add-ons. The core and sets rely more on new backers instead of existing backers upping their pledges which imho is where a lot of the final hours hype usually comes from.

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  3. Pledged for $200 because that seemed like a reasonable amount to actually spend... but PM is estimating more like $500 for all the things I want to get. Need to decide if Im still going to be as interested in all the lost world dinosaur type stuff in 18 months time when Id receive it or if I can save a bit of money there.


    Observation on the final totals: Its good to see Reaper's strategy they mentioned of more core goals to attract backers seems to have worked! Number of backers for Bones 4 is second only to Bones 1. Im curious how theyll evaluate it in the end, since it gave 2nd highest overall backers, but at the same time 3rd highest total funding and 4th/lowest average pledge per backer. I guess in the end growing the market with new backers can only be a good thing for everyone even if they missed out on 1 or 2 particular molds they might have liked to reach.

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  4. Im curious if the "Translucent Desperate Souls" mentioned on part one of the Stygian Barge pic in the pledge manager (clinging to the hull as described in the last infodump ^) are intended to be the same or different to the "Stygian Passengers in Transculent Green" that have sketches in part two of the Barge pic on the KS page.


    Currently the PM pic mentions Desperate Souls and has no pic for part two, while the KS pic doesnt mention Desperate Souls but has Passengers sketch for part two.

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  5. The Yuan-ti here seem to be pretty consistent with widely used "rules" of magic to me. Across minotaurs, harpies, sphinxes, centaurs and many other magical creatures the vast majority of representations are pretty consistent in showing that magical hybrids with humans/humanoids have humanoid upper torso and mammary placement rather than that of the other hybrid part.


    Even apart from backstory of them being originally human, to my mind having the Yuan-ti not have breasts would be less consistent with typical fantasy creatures and how magic appears to "work", not more.

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  6. Well, we knew after KS1 that at a certain # of people, the odds of bile and vitriol at any given update becomes 100%.

    Along these lines - Did/does Reaper have any method of determining how many commenters were active when choosing or rejecting ideas?


    I was curious, noticing that you've made similar observations to the above (ie, there always being a vocal minority) but then seeing talk about goals getting moved around because of feedback/requests in the comments.

  7. He says so far as he knows it refers to very old-school tabletop wargamers, the ones long ago who played Napoleonic games and were offended that D&D introduced *fantasy* to wargaming.

    That is certainly the style, but keep in mind the word itself has been used in this context for decades. The D&D/fantasy RPG players who used to refer to Napoleonic wargamers as grognards now are the very old school gamers.


    From my own experience, Ive never even come across any Napoleonic players to have heard them referred to... Every instance Ive heard somebody called a grognard, or call themselves a grognard, in the last 15 - 20 years has been somebody who is a RPG player or modern-style wargamer, most commonly D&D or Warhammer.

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  8. This KS has shown me that one of those "things that I want that I didnt know I wanted" is Things With Wings.


    Specifically, these would be nice:

    • 02741: Fairies & Nymph (Id be happy with just the fairies... the nymph doesnt have wings ^_^)
    • 03410: Dragon Familiar
    • 02923: Princess of Hell
    • 02760: Jalinrix, Female Devil
    • 03264: Roderic Ambermead and Glitter, Halfling on Dragon
    • 14080: Guardian Angel, Crusaders Solo
    • 06204: Elf Fairies
    • 03096: Barros & Tempest, Paladin on Pegasus
    And maybe
    • 03459: Angel of Justice
    • 03314: Angel of Radiance
    • 14434: Darkspawn Succubus
    (Im guessing the two mounted figures would probably need to be versions with something other than lances, to suit Bonesium.)
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  9. Also, is it actually a term of approbation? Or merely descriptive? Who uses it?

    I wouldnt say its really used in a directly approbative sense, only indirectly. It is used largely as per the French definition (an old veteran soldier; specifically of the grenadiers of the Imperial Guard; an old complaining soldier) but directed towards geeks. In other words, it generally describes a venerable but cantankerous older male geek, often with a beard, particularly of the RPG or wargaming variety - It can be a minor insult, describing someone as old fashioned and set in their ways, but is often used in a fond manner.


    And as far as Im aware it is not usually pronounced "gro-NYARD", although its one of those words thats encountered more frequently in text than in speech so others might disagree.

  10. Hmm... Not sure how I feel about the Minotaur Lord. As a concept hes awesome, but to me he has a very strong feel of being a 3D sculpt, in an uncanny valley kind of way. Its a tricky halfway point - he doesnt have the exaggerated details of a hand-sculpted piece that makes them their own style, but also doesnt have the detail Im used to in top-shelf 3D artwork.


    Very interested to see how the not-Slaad comes out, though. Very cool.

  11. And I'm one of the people who traded her in last time (nothing against Sophie, we just had more need of $25 than of a succubus riding a motorcycle, as nice as the piece was).

    +1. Just because a lot of people decided that a metal, modern-setting Sophie wasnt worth $25 that could be spent on other things (eg shipping, or Kaladrax and other add-ons) doesnt mean she isnt awesome. Especially this new one.

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  12. I hope shes medium sized....and not 54mm or whatever that size is I forget...

    Yep. Reaper have said in the comments that shes standard character sized, and that shes in Bonesium.


    edit: Oh, and because shes in Bonesium you can get duplicates for just $2.

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  13. I don't think I agree with you Caffiene, overall this thread has been really really positive. Sure some complain about the complainers, but there isn't any hostility, just a bit of fatigue felt by some that there are those that do whine about the KS when it is so awesome.

    We'll have to agree to disagree. (I dont think it would be helpful to quote specific posters and call them out)

    Ill just say that having read through them just now, there were at least 3 or 4 posts that came across to me as directly hostile toward the KS commenters.


    Id also suggest that from the bits of the KS comments Ive read, it could be said that overall those have been pretty positive as well.

  14. No, keep talking about food!


    The good vibes are good. To be completely honest, coming in here just now and catching up on the last dozen pages is feeling quite negative itself. People complaining about people complaining, people calling names, comparisons to kindergarteners... Not the typical vibe of this forum.

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  15. Similar size? Holy cow!

    Potentially, yeah. It hasnt been sculpted yet and Ed seems to like to make changes as he sculpts and try new things, but his initial estimates during the campaign was it would be 6 to 8 inches tall, which I think fits with the estimation based on Sir Forscale for Mashaaf.


    Doubt they'll be as fat as Mama Mashaaf looks to be

    True. She does look pretty fat and queen-like.

  16. Hey, caffeine, doesn't a gigantic worm queen thing just add to the Assimilation Alien Hosts? They can have a gigantic leader!

    Yes, but the Assimilation line already has Goliath worm that is potentially a very similar thing at a similar size. So even if I like the translation from concept artwork, the specifics of the sculpt will make a difference whether this counts as something that adds to it or something redundant that Im already getting.

  17. Hrmm... I really like the Mashaaf concept.


    Which is actually a problem, because I learnt last KS that I tend to like Talin's art a little too much and inevitably end up disappointed by the sculpt where it varies from the concept.

    The other problem is Im in the Alien Assimilation KS which will (eventually... hopefully...) provide some alien worm creatures of various sizes in almost exactly the same style.


    Fingers extra crossed that we get to see the actual sculpt very soon so I can try to decide.

  18. 1) Bigger monsters

    2) Groups of multipurpose fantasy minis

    The idea was that the later expansions might be themed, because Exp1 was kind of a mix of random stuff and of unusual grouped stuff like Egyptian. If the later expansions are only as themed as Exp1 (eg, "multipurpose groups" compared to "bigger monsters") that isnt really the sort of theme that was implied.

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