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  1. I wouldnt worry too much. While it can be an irritant, keep in mind that Green Stuff (or at least the Kneadatite brand version) as far as I can tell is a solid-formulation polyamide epoxy: solid and polyamide both being mentioned in the "hazard assessment" discussion section as the lowest risk categories.


    If you are worried or have a history of sensitivity or asthma problems, then Id wear some cheap latex gloves and work in a ventilated area. And a dust mask is never a bad idea when sanding anything. But at the amounts dealt with working with minis, and the relative risk of green stuff compared to other epoxies, youre very unlikely to run into real problems, IMO. Unless you try to eat it... ...


    Keep in mind that those instructions are made to cover all the way to the other end of the spectrum dealing with large quantities of liquid amine epoxies with chemical fillers.

  2. Im by no means an expert on paint mixing, but my day job has taught me to be ok at eyeballing colours... Id suggest trying colours/mixs with a bit more green in them. The lighter colourings, especially the shadows in the undercoat where you can see through to the skin more, have a greenish tinge. An olive-green shade, in particular.


    Playing around with the photoshop multi-sample eyedropper tool and putting it back into the Power Palette gives me Oiled Leather, Fair Skin, Polished Bone, Bloodless Skin, Terran Khaki


    Like so: tuy8P.gif


    Although the Terran Khaki in practice is probably overpoweringly dark unless you only use it barely visibly as subtle shadow on the pale parts.

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  3. They said they usually don't even show greens that have a significant amount of two different colors, because it's really tough to get a picture that shows off the details of both the dark green and the white.


    I played around with the pic and recoloured/desaturated it to see if I could get a bit more detail out of it (or at least a more even presentation without different areas drawing attention due to their colour)... Only so much that can be done, especially starting from a low res, highly compressed jpeg, but the results can be seen here.


    Personally, although I would have liked the detail on the shields (Im not that accomplished a painter yet), Im not too worried about the level of detail overall. My only criticisms are the pose and the overbite...


    Did you not read the thread about the paint delays? :poke:


    I think really that was more about selectively choosing who delays would apply to. Some people were disappointed (myself included), but not many people seemed too upset just by the problem itself. That thread died pretty quickly once it was announced that on second re-assessment the delays would have apply to everyone anyway.

  4. Hmm... Not sure what to make of Clocky.

    Hopefully theres going to be more detail added. Im sure many people will be happy with it, but for me it has (so far) lost a lot of personality in the transition from concept to sculpt. The change in pose Im not a big fan of... the tail in the concept has a very smooth curve, while this one has a number of abrupt changes in angle that seem very small-animal-ish.


    And, its hard to see from the angle... but... Has it also developed an overbite? The curve of the teeth and the angle of the fin make it look like the lower jaw stops barely halfway along the top jaw.

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  5. Is "fair" equal procedural treatment? If so, any international backer is going to get unfair disadvantages or advantages, since domestic and international logistics - which is NOT to say "price of postage - are different. Given exactly equal procedures, international backers won't get their packages at all.


    I think thats a bit silly. Your post hinges on "which is not to say price of postage" but you dont give any basis for that exclusion.

    All that is required is a step in the hypothetical procedure that (roughly speaking) says something to the effect of "put an amount of extra effort into necessary paperwork and handling that is proportional to the amount paid for shipping". Covers both international and domestic logistics (some versus none) with the same identical procedure.


    The "exactly equal procedures" bit is just an oversimplification of the process... You could equally say that the "procedure" for one customer says to ship to a specific address in a specific US state and therefore given exactly equal procedure the whole thing is broken and only one person would receive their package at all. Its not helpful to the discussion to give unrealistic definitions of "exactly" equal.



    (For the record Im accepting, if disappointed, about the shipping. I upped my pledge from a planned 2 paint sets to 3 after knowing about the late shipping... I just feel the argument doesnt support the position very well, not necessarily that the position itself is bad.)

  6. Its a good thing this thread made me get my stuff out to have a look at... Theyre in need of cleaning and look like theyve developed a few stress marks since last time I looked at them. I need to take better care of them.


    On the bright side, though, from what I can research on the net I still have every figure Im supposed to have (game plus Kellar's Keep and Witch Lord expansions). Only things missing are two swords broken off from goblins. Ive got so many little placeable skulls... Id forgotten about some of the nice dungeon dressing, too.


    I guess I must have gotten out of gaming before these came out, because I do not remember them at all. I got out of Fantasy gaming during the high point of D&D second edition


    You must have just missed them. HeroQuest is circa 1989/1990 just like AD&D 2nd Ed.


    Although I gather it came out in the UK first (its a Games Workshop game) and took a year or two in getting to the US.

  7. I'm waffling on picking up the clockwork dragon, myself. Some sculpt pics might tip the scales. Just sayin'. ^_^


    Yeah, tell me about it.


    Wait... on the other hand, no I dont want to see sculpt pics of the clockwork dragon! At least not before the pledge manager closes. I and my wallet plead for mercy!

  8. Nice. I like the spots on the Firmir's back in particular - looks really natural to me.


    My own old HeroQuest stuff is waiting until I get the KS paints next year, so its good inspiration to see other people doing them. Although its still kind of a daunting task... unlike Buglips, Ive got dozens and dozens of them.


    Not sure if I approve of the missing bauble on the Chaos Warrior's helmet or not...

  9. A touch of a pity due to the fact I will have a lot more cool toys arriving from other KS's sooner and it would have been nice to have the paint.


    Yeah, I was looking forward to the paint so I could get some practice in on some old minis I have lying around before the really good stuff got here... Oh well. I never would have even been inspired to start painting at all if it werent for the KS, so I guess it can wait.

  10. eeeek! on the add ons page, where it says "item description" is that susposed to be a link? It doesnot go anywhere ( it also doesn't act like a ink either)


    I think it just says that when there is no additional description. There are descriptions for a few of the items. eg, KS Sophie UL has "Urban Legend Version" written instead where the rest say "Item Description".

  11. Thanks very much! Got mine!


    Also... sorry for causing confusion. I ended up getting RPM emails to two different addresses - and I think I was playing email tag with you guys. Id send one email expressing confusion and then get a different email from a different source >.< Everything sorted itself out, though, I think.


    Also also: Dungeon Attack and New Bones as add-ons! Sweet. I dont remember them being listed on the original add-ons pricing image on the KS page... now I need to go back and recalculate what I want!

  12. What browser are you using perchance? I thought I'd scrapped the drop shadow for that very reason, and I don't get it when when I'm using Google's Chrome browser, or the others I tried


    Im getting the same thing in firefox. Firebug tells me its coming from expt2.css line 19:

    body {
    text-shadow: 7px 5px 5px;



    Apart from that, I like both the paint and the site. Very clean paintjobs, which Im always a fan of.

  13. Agonise over which options I want, and more importantly can afford, and whether they are better value than extras of some of the core set stuff, and which paints I want, and whether I need to save some money aside for good brushes and primer, and...


    Also, trying my hand at some painting; with an eye to maybe incorporating some of the stuff with my old HeroQuest stuff by putting matching paint schemes on each.

  14. I love the Fireys, seeing the large in context really makes him impressive. I cant wait to see what they look like in translucent...


    The snakeman looks ok, although Id like to see a different angle. From directly side-on like that Im not such a fan of the new head - it kind of looks more like a ferret to me than a snake. A different angle where you can see how wide the head is might make all the difference, though.

  15. I imagine either option costs about the same overall, but you should do your research to see which one is cheaper for you.


    I dont know where Miar is shipping to, but I just checked for myself here in Australia out of interest... Picking 2 Learn to Paints as an example, strangely the $US option with shipping was more than 10% more expensive than $AU even with the exchange rate, price increase and my bank's currency conversion fee all taken into account.


    It does seem strangely complicated... it certainly doesnt make it easy to compare the options. But, at least for me, it looks like theyre still giving a good deal on the "free" shipping.

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  16. Thanks for all the comments :)

    Ive fixed the Ebonwrath/Deathsleet naming now (edited the updated links into my first post).


    I have two suggestions: first, add in the storm/cloud giants, please! [...] Second, they've said Nethyrmaul isn't likely to have all that rocky outcropping as a base


    I had a look at those two changes, but I think its probably better to leave them. As it is now its just a useful guide to show all the images at the same size relative to the scale figure - if I start adding my own estimates for the Stormies or how much rock to trim off Nethyrmaul there'll be a fair margin for error and it wont be as clear what exactly the images are showing.


    I know the intention is good, but please take scale comparisons like this with a grain of salt.


    Absolutely. It should not be taken as a "this is the size the minis will be", just as a guide to help visualise how big the images all are if the scale figure is made the same size - I created it just because I could see that they were different but couldnt picture in my head exactly how much bigger something like the Nethyrmaul would get if the scale mini was equal sized. You can certainly see some that are obviously at different angles, etc, like for example the large Spider Centaur or the Jabberwock in comparison to the second Demon or the Clockwork Dragon concept.


    So what kind of giant is the undead giant supposed to be based on? It's way bigger than a Storm Giant.

    All his life the other giants said he was fat, now he had the proof, he really was just big boned.




    Yeah Im not sure what he could be... Maybe the bones of a really big demon or something. Or its gotten into Alice's cake that said "eat me".

  17. (Also, minor nitpick: the names of Ebonwrath and Deathsleet are switched.)


    Dangit! Thats just the sort of thing that will annoy me now that its pointed out. :P Will be an easy fix, though... tomorrow.



    Also one note that I forgot to mention: Kaladrax is not based on a "shown for scale" guy like the others. He is based on the size of his attendant in the picture (standing in the curl of his tail), assuming its roughly the same as the scale guy. So he could be a bit bigger or smaller depending how close the match is.

  18. Congrats to Reaper on the Kickstarter. Obviously a huge success for Reaper, and drooling over the rewards reminded me "Oh yeah! I remember, I like minis!" and has nudged me to get back into things... Even if the KS itself was disappointing for me. (Came up just a few dollars short for Vampire by the deadline, and then when I tried to throw in for Ghast instead I got caught in the end confusion and ended up with nothing at all ::(:)


    But, that wasnt why I started this post. While I was sitting and moping, looking longingly at all the different items and extras, I got to musing over the scale of the big stuff and trying to sort out the relative scales in my head. With so many minis, though, it was hopeless. Then it occurred to me, it was a perfect chance to exercise my photoshop techniques that have been getting rusty and whip up a scale chart for practice (based on the "shown for scale" guy).


    So... I thought Id share in case anybody is interested. Theres a long version all in a line, and a square version that fits on screen better (plus a really big version of the long one)


    (Also: First post. Hi! ^_^)

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