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  1. I thought that was how all Bones were done - sculpt first, then scan the sculpt (digitally, I would presume) and mill the mold based on the scan.
  2. Thanks for all the work, OneBoot. Especially for the above - very handy for me to know.
  3. There are other primers than just spray primers. As far as Im aware, brush on primers such as Reaper's ones havent had any reported problems.
  4. Bryan said the goals are more but smaller compared to Exp1, so that the unlocks arent so far apart this time.
  5. Sorry, youre right. I thought the sphinx hadnt been mentioned close to when he posted that comment, but it had. (Although it was guessed earlier as well) Personally I think Kitsune, Angel and Genie are unlikely. Angels and Kitsune wouldnt typically be considered "monsters", and even djinni are borderline, and Kitsune in particular are usually depicted as regular human size which wouldnt make for an impressive stretch goal of its own. Im not sure djinn and angels match the "assumed to be from one culture but actually from another" very well either. Actually to be honest having gone through the comments I cant really see any suggestions that are an obvious match for all of the clues.
  6. There are a few other bits and pieces in 4e that are common to MMOs - specifically, there are a few things that were always sort of in RPGs but that MMOs (particularly WoW, as the trend-setter) codified much more strictly and explicitly which 4e then took inspiration from. For example, 4e talked a lot about roles in the codified MMO sense of "we need a tank and a DPS". RPGs have always had classes that were good at what we would now call tanking, but there is a difference in explicitly calling out and making a point of saying "you, because you picked this class, are the tank". I think a lot of players didnt like the feeling that sort of thing creates. Or the concept of "cooldowns" is another part where a similar thing happened - there have always been some sort of limits on powers and spells, but during 4e creation the designers spent time talking about cooldowns in an explicit and codified kind of way which translated into dailies and encounter powers and again created a different feel to previous editions, particularly for people who were aware of how the designers had talked about them. I think that kind of codification and homogenisation is a lot of what some people mean when they talk about 4e being MMO-like. Its a design style where everything is carefully balanced and designated to within an inch of its life, and thats not what everybody wants. edit: GAH! Ninjas!
  7. Im not sure we've had any hints as to whats coming up next. Ive only seen hints along the lines of "this is one of the planned stretch goals which might eventually come up".
  8. Reaper Ron is also doing some teasing at the moment. He has told us that an upcoming stretch will be a mythical monster, concept by Talin and new sculpt by Julie Guthrie, which is assumed to be from one culture but actually from another and while it is a monster its not always an enemy. He said somebody guessed it in the comments, but didnt say who. Sphinx sounds like a possibility to me, based on the criteria, but I could be wrong.
  9. Hmm. Should I adjust for inflation?
  10. Ok, I need some opinions. When being offered a new job, how many weeks wages is it generally acceptable to have spent before having been told your starting date? (Whats that? Oh, no reason, just wondering...)
  11. HALP! The pledge counter has started going backwards...
  12. Ive been thinking it somewhere in between... Like "Gawth". (Although the difference between various US accents and my Aussie accent make these discussion incredibly confusing anyway :P) Thats one of the nice things about following the comments and wishlists, actually, is getting to see all of the nice minis that I havent come across before. I really like the look of Marthrangul.
  13. Thats obviously a spider with a were-human template.
  14. Nooo. Not Umber Hulks! I want were-spiders! (Well... ok... maybe Umber Hulks as well )
  15. This idea that anyone outside the doors of the Reaper building somehow has any impact or say in what behaviour needs to stop is ludicrous. Its nice that you are enthusiastic and want to defend Reaper, but telling people what they can and cant do is (imo) unlikely to win you any friends or contribute to a positive atmosphere for the KS campaign, particularly when you are basing your arguments on an overly pedantic interpretation of peoples' posts (eg, focusing specifically on the use of the word "subsidize" instead of the more charitable interpretation that they mean "my money is going to Reaper, who are then putting money towards a subsidy").
  16. I think thats being a bit harsh... I definitely agree that Reaper will have done their homework already, but the vast majority of comments Im seeing are polite and well meaning, just a little overly enthusiastic or optimistic. I dont really think theres "a problem" so far for them to be a part of. Well intentioned suggestions and good mannered disagreements are fine, imo. It just means people are interested and want to help. My thoughts exactly. (Well, Im not 100% sold on the bottom right, but I certainly dont dislike it)
  17. Oooh nice. That first one is so dorky its almost cool. The second one is adorable. The third one looks great but as an archer I have to withhold judgement on principle. I wish I had the skills and money to try making stuff like this...
  18. Yeah, you're right. Definitely less females. I suppose they have less females amongst the monster and villain class stuff than they do amongst PCs, and we've seen more of the former than the latter this time, at least so far. On KS comments: One trick for finding useful info is to go to the Reaper profile page and look for the link to see comments theyve posted. Then you can spot any info theyve given out without having to wade through everything else.
  19. Im not convinced that nobody cares as such... I think its more a case that nobody cares enough to think she was worth $25 that could go towards other stuff. If a smaller Bonesium sculpt was included in the core set, with no option to change but not taking up much of the cost/stretching of the KS, I think plenty of people would be happy to have her - at least as much if not more so than any other individual humanoid-sized mini thats currently in the core set.
  20. Yeah... Im honestly not that interested in Sophie, but at the same time shes kind of iconic and it feels weird with her missing. The problem is so many people traded her in during the last KS. I think the message from a lot of people was "the $25 you're offering is more valuable to us than this Sophie", but Reaper seems to have taken away the more basic message of "nobody cares about Sophie".
  21. Dang. Well, no discounts then, but I guess on the bright side it makes it easier to estimate shipping.
  22. re: Shipping Theres been a few estimates posted here, but I think they were bit suspect (in particular, I think a few people used the USPS calculator but didnt notice the little link at the end to bring up non express shipping costs). For the record - My Bones 1 pledge was Vampire, Kaladrax, 3 paint sets, and 7 other add ons/extras. It weighed about 4kg and came in a box 37.5cm x 25.5cm x 24cm. According to USPS calculator, the online retail rate for non express shipping would cost $68 to ship it to me here in Australia (Priority mail international). The vampire box by itself is 1.44kg and measures about 37.5cm x 25.5cm x 12cm. The USPS rate to Australia is $30 (First class international). Presumably Reaper gets business / bulk discount rates which will be slightly cheaper than the retail prices.
  23. Oh dear... The KS update emails just unclogged. Ive gotten a #3, two #4s, and a #5 so far :D
  24. Dangit. Now Ive got that Tobuscus Mini-Minotaur song in my head. Oh well... it probably a good sign that I should get some sleep anyway. Its 1:30am. On the plus side, Ill get to discover a whole stack of stretch goals all at once when I wake up.
  25. They are adding more pledge levels for shipping phases as they become necessary. It started with only room for 4500 backers, then they added Wave 3 with another 2000 when Wave 1 filled up. edit: Ninjas!... Ninjas everywhere!
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