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  1. Im in for $1 until I find out the international shipping, and find out how much money Ill have spare. I think Ill be more than happy with my options. Ill be happy even if I just get the rat men...
  2. No, I think they mean "actual shipping" to be the actual price they are charged by USPS/whichever company for the shipping. So Canada would be less than Aus... presumably.
  3. And Reaper has also mentioned in the comments that pledging for extras of sets from the core package / "core add-ons" is possible but not confirmed at this stage.
  4. Haha. +1. I was wondering the same thing... I want to see what happens when a trick gets unlocked instead of a treat.
  5. Not just paints. HD paints. An intriguing development.
  6. Some of the +24 are repeats. The beetles and spiders were in "Vermin", and there was a Ghast in "Grave Danger"
  7. In for $1 so far... Very interesting setup this time, but Ill have to wait for more details on the international shipping before I can commit to anything.
  8. Heh... I love when that happens but one or two straggler posts get left behind. Then without the context somebody is left looking slightly unhinged and talking to themselves :P
  9. Yeah. It was originally counting down to whenever 9am Oct 1st was for the viewer, regardless of what timezone you were in. Now it is showing correctly (counting down to 9am Oct 1st Texas time).
  10. Yeah, I know its GMT+10. My problem was working out whether CST meant actual CST (GMT-6) or CDT (GMT-5). Need both ends to do a conversion. Once the countdown timer was fixed it was all fine.
  11. Sure, we'll go with that explanation :P Nah... I just conflated Mountain and Central in my head. Got it wrong as a non-USian (and demonstrating why using official time zone abbreviations is most important for us non-US folks :P). I was just thinking more in terms of how I can describe the Australian time zones pretty well even though different Aussie states do use daylight savings at different times (and some dont use it at all) and without knowing the proper names of the time zones, and I figured US people would know US times pretty well in the same way.
  12. Do people in the US not already know the 3 main times in the US relative to where they live anyway, so that using an actual official timezone designation isnt needed? I assumed it would be people outside the US (like me) who would be most likely to need official time zone designations.
  13. Countdown looks fixed now :) Still dont get why people are saying CST instead of CDT, but Ill just ignore that bit... Hmm. Looks like it starts right on midnight, my time. I can manage that, I reckon. Better than 3am.
  14. This is so confusing. Obviously the countdown timer is broken, since its showing 9am for whatever time zone the viewer is in. On top of that, people (including LadyStorm and the Reaper facebook page) are saying 9am CST when everything I can find says that Texas is currently not even on CST, its on CDT. I dont get it at all.
  15. In australian it means a small purple or green vinefruit used to make wine. But we pronounce it "beer".
  16. I love the pose. Reminds me a lot of the big guy in "Reign of Fire" (which is a good thing).
  17. The most interesting thing is this thread apart from threatening my bank account is learning about the seasons... Id only ever known the local usage (As per wikipedia: Meteorologists (and most of the temperate countries in the southern hemisphere) use a definition based on months, with autumn being September, October and November in the northern hemisphere, and March, April and May in the southern hemisphere.) I should have guessed the US would do things differently
  18. Definitely. Ive done this test before on my good monitor back when it was color calibrated and got a 0. Its come up again twice recently, and the first time I did it quickly on my dodgy monitor and got an 8, then the second time I did it on my good monitor (without the calibration) and got a 4.
  19. Damn. I always forget TLAPD. Theres often no mention of it anywhere online until the US wakes up... but by then its the 20th here and Ive missed it. I be a sad time travlin' pirate. Yar... yar...
  20. Yeah. One is metal, and the other is "bones" plastic. There are some differences, with the obvious ones being weight and flexibility just because of difference between metal and plastic, plus some people say there is a slight difference in the sharpness of the details (with Bones being a little less crisp). In terms of painting, Bones plastic is actually designed to be painted without needing primer, and most people seem to report them being fairly pleasant to paint. The price difference is really only to do with the cost of the materials, and apart from that the differences between the two mostly come down to personal preference of the painter. The preparation process is a little different, but there isnt necessarily a "better" version. You could always try it out for yourself... get both versions of a mini and paint both up to see if you have a favourite. See if you feel the metal version is good enough to be worth getting one metal mini instead of two Bones minis for a similar price.
  21. Kally is looking good. Ill be interested to see how the guts come out looking with the rest finished. Id say "paint like the wind", but that carries an implied risk of getting downwind of a goblin. Damn pigeons!
  22. My understanding is that stretch goals originally came about for the purpose of describing to backers what their excess money would be used for after enough money had been raised to fund the original goal of the KS. Obviously that has changed over time as stretch goals have started to involve more things, and as KS rewards have become more pre-sale oriented, but I dont think its accurate to describe driving pledges as the "exactly one purpose" of stretch goals.
  23. No, there are only two each. (With the exception of the zombie with its hands down, which had two in the "Dungeon Attack" and one in the "Original 30") Dont be confused by the item name or the picture - those refer to the store item, where they are sold in packs of 3. You need to look at the first column, "# in set", not the "Miniature" column.
  24. Two! Two hundred and fifty five minis correctly accounted for! Ah ah ah. Apart from Ellen "alien face" Stone and one or two others without noses, the only problem I noticed is that Deladrin, Female Assassin appears to be wielding a butter knife rather than her customary dagger. Although Im not known for being highly observant... Some of the lines on the pre-assembled figures arent great, so Ill probably have to get some Green Stuff to fix that up with, but thats just me being picky. Now I just have to decide where to start painting. Ah, choice paralysis, my old friend... In the meantime, Kaladrax is eyeing off the Balor mini from my D&D Board Games like a cat with a mouse. I remember when I got the Balor being very impressed with its size.
  25. My understand is to enter you just have to post your image in the appropriate entry thread (once it is hosted somewhere, eg the inspiration gallery) and judging is based on those images. The model doesnt go anywhere. And the competition isnt technically "Reaper's" competition as such - it is run by the community here, based around reaper products, with community judges. Reaper does, though, sponsor some prizes for the competition in the interests of helping out loyal fans, rewarding effort, and a bit of positive PR. (Have a look at the Painting Excuses Pulp competition threads in the same section for how other people entered that competition)
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