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  1. Wow. Impressive... Theres something particularly otherworldly about them, but without crossing over into looking like magic effects. Im going to have to keep that colour scheme in mind for when my Bones arrive next week.


    (Although I have to admit my first thought wasnt about the paint, it was "those archers arent going to be much trouble... their anchor point is terrible")

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  2. Can't create and 3D effect ie static grass as want to be able to neatly stack the boards ;)


    Could still go in the crevices, like DispatchDave mentioned. Mould tends to be down in the cracks a lot of the time because it follows the water (well, some types of mould at least).


    Bit of texture in the cracks and flat anywhere else should work together well, imo. So long as you can match the colours between static grass areas and paint areas.

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  3. Welp... My parcel has arrived in Australia and "processed through sort facility" as of today. Whoo! ... Just in time for tomorrow to be Friday, so that two days from Sydney to Geelong will take it to next Monday ...At which point Ill miss the delivery and have to go pick it up from the Post Office on Tuesday.


    Curses! Foiled again!

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  4. Weird. So thats shipping confirmation for orders of 6, 10, 13 and 19 line items all happening today? I have no idea how Reaper is choosing the order, but its nice to see some solid movement and multiple reports.


    No sign of mine yet (13), but again I have no clue how theyre choosing them so it could be any minute now or still weeks away.

  5. Eh... We'll see.


    The first KS is getting close to the end of shipping (in theory). But as many people have pointed out during the course of the fulfillment, its the communication that has been the biggest trouble for a lot of people. So far, theres a big if for me on a second KS that will depend on getting a lot more info from Reaper at the end of the current fulfillment about what went wrong and reassurances that they have a much better plan for communication than last time.


    Im sure theyve learnt a bunch of lessons about size and logistics, but I want to see some evidence that theyve learnt how to communicate well before I back a second KS.

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  6. But the first 10.000 GBP they take in apparently do not even go toward anything but translating a rule-book (they must be hiring the best damn translator in all of Spain).


    From what I can see, the first 10k is to produce the PDF version of the Fangs and Crosses expansion. Writing it, paying the artists, editors, translators, etc. Then if it gets to 17k they can also produce a print version.

  7. The full sized version is HUUUUGE. I've gotta figure out how to make it downloadable.


    Hah. 36" x 36" at 300dpi? Yeah, that would be a good size... Are you working with layers? I always like seeing how much computers can handle when Ive got high res photos managing twenty photoshop layers :P


    If youve saved it as a fairly efficient format (eg, PNG) theres not really much choice except to just whack the whole big file up online somewhere. Unless you want to chop it up into, say, 12x12 or 6x6 sections for people to piece back together again after theyve downloaded them. Oh, and just as a suggestion - PDF is generally not a great way to distribute images, unless you want it all in one "printable" version or need some of Adobe's copy protection features.



    Apart from that, I agree with "Awesome". It really does remind me of HeroQuest, and makes me want to know whats going on with Room 34. Nice work! I feel like I want to try something like this myself now.

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  8. Yeah, they've learnt that no matter what they do people will complain, and that they might as well keep doing what they think is right.

    I wish that were true, but theyve stated at several points that they have changed things due to complaints - in particular they said they were using the slower "largest to smallest" shipping order for RoW because when they did it the opposite way around for US some people complained. With the poor communication and little to go on, it looks from the outside like they are chopping and changing, bowing to some complaints and implying that complaining gets the desired result and then getting upset that other people voice different complaints in the same manner, without much rhyme or reason.


    Apart from that, those messages are exceedingly frustrating. The intent essentially comes across (most likely unintentionally) that they would prefer to spend their time arguing and addressing trolls than improving their communication to genuinely concerned backers about what is actually going on. And the demonstrated ignorance of their obligations under KS rules doesnt look very professional either (the "technically we dont have to fulfill rewards", as addressed by Cassu).

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  9. Academically speaking, that's only true if you're optimizing for maximum orders shipped. If you're optimizing for maximum warehouse space recovered the way they're doing it is the most efficient.


    I suppose thats true, I am giving them the benefit of the doubt that filling rewards as quickly as possible is still their priority. Ill still stick to that, but given all the the other pieces of communication that didnt quite end up as planned I guess you could make a case for it being an optimistic assumption if you wanted to.

  10. It makes a lot of sense to think that they are only getting trucks to ship RoW stuff at a set pace, and that if they have ample time to pack for those trucks they use the rest of the time to do Undertaker stuff. Even if psychologically its somewhat frustrating to be told you'll be first and then it not happen.


    The only problem with that is if they are limited by truck space, then doing the largest orders first is the most inefficient way to ship. You fit the least number of orders per truck at the beginning, which means the highest possible average wait time out of any scheduling method. When shipping time is already a problem deliberately making the remaining orders wait as long as possible would be a confusing decision to say the least. IIRC originally they said there were efficiency gains in the picking process for larger orders which is why they switched to working largest to smallest, but that no longer applies if they are efficient enough that they have spare time to do Undertaker while waiting for more trucks.

    So credit were it is due, thanks to Reaper for putting together a great, if unintentional, ARG for us ROW backers as we try to put the jigsaw puzzle tgether and work out what the Heck is going on.


    In seriousness, my conclusion from this KS process is that Reaper are extremely friendly, pleasant, enthusiastic communicators (and people). But that they arent good communicators.

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  11. Im not really frustrated as such... tbh its hard to really keep up much excitement or frustration continuously for this long. At this point Im just saying theyll get here when they get here.


    The one thing I did quirk an eyebrow at, though, is the waiting for a truck. Did something change that suddenly required asking for a truck at the last minute, right when everything was ready waiting to be packed and shipped, rather than what from the outside would have seemed the sensible option of getting the ok for a truck back in march when they knew how many international packages they were going to need to ship?


    keep myself from going too crazy.


    You cant go to a destination that you've already arrived at.

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  12. It's a bit disapointing but, and here's the important bit, it's open and transparent and communicated well. For that alone I'm willing to give them a pass. Hell, if they need to drop ROW to the end of the queue as long as I can see what's going on I'm OK with it.

    +1. Ive been waking up each morning hoping to have a shipping email waiting, so its disappointing that hardly any ROW shipping has been done yet and it keeps getting pushed back. But, disappointment is a fact of life, and I can handle it because Im well informed - and knowing is half the battle.


    Just had a very, very bad day so far (and it's only 10.42am) and everything is compounding into one big ball of fail. A lot of it is due to me getting my hopes up and then having them dashed, it's exhausting and I am tired of it.


    ::(: Sounds like you need a hug...

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  13. You know, buyer's remorse is something I've never had. I've had plenty of things show up in the mail and I wonder what I was thinking (or on) when I bought them, but I've never had remorse because I just assume that at one time it must have seemed logical.


    I dont get it very often, unless its a real impulse buy. It made sense at the time and it still does, mostly, in as much as I still like what Im getting.


    Its just that in the last few months some unexpected life events have made the spare cash that I spent seem less spare.

  14. Well its good to hear there might be some news soon... I havent been particularly dismayed by the delays, but by the same token Im sure there arent many people by now who arent eager to see the end.


    Only downside on my part is the delays gave me extra time for real life to intervene and cause a bit of buyers remorse. But thats not Reaper's fault.

  15. Id say that having a reasonably precise timeline is exciting.


    What a lot of people seem to be misinterpreting is that alongside an exciting update, the information in this update also caused some upset over previous updates. Reaper are simultaneously getting feedback over the current update and having to make up for the upset caused by poor communication in the past. An update to give us a timeline for delivery would be great, with the assumption that we were previously kept up to date and already knew that delivery wasnt going to happen within the next few weeks.


    It shouldnt be interpreted as any problem with this update. If previous updates had been of good quality and kept people up to date, this update would be received positively and without much drama (apart from general upset about the long delivery time, where those people were going to be just as upset regardless of getting any update now or not)

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  16. Im disappointed but completely understanding about the delays. For the communication my opinion is it has fallen prey to being more enthusiastic/optimistic rather than helpful. Im sure Reaper will learn from the experience - in fact the latest update seems to show they have already done so, at least partially.

    But honestly, the thing Im finding most frustrating at the moment is the amount of people who are complaining about people complaining. Im not sure how deliberately antagonising people who are already upset is a good idea, or why these antagonists feel that their own complaints are somehow any more or less reasonable than the ones they are complaining about. (And yes, Im aware of the irony of complaining about people complaining about people complaining :blush: Ive tried to keep it succinct rather than writing a 1000 word rant)

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