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  1. Looks good! One suggestion (although its hard to tell from the side view) is the mouth is looking a bit less broad than I would expect for a frog. It definitely looks amphibian, but in that shot currently its more salamander than frog because of the head shape, imo. It might look completely frog-like from a front view, though.
  2. I agree with you there! Those two, plus Denethor the flaming marathon runner.
  3. Stunning. Reminds me of the Carnivale section of the Assassin's Creed games, but with a much stronger aesthetic.
  4. I wondered the same thing, but managed to figure it from the full size pic - I think theyre security cameras with field of view markers.
  5. I thought people had confirmed that they had received shipping emails for orders that included some extras. But only duplicates of Vampire pieces, not any of the add-ons. (Im sure theres a thread around here somewhere, by my search skills are being distracted by my cold&flu tablets...)
  6. Its an email from [email protected] titled "Your Bones Pledge has been locked in".
  7. Yep. Unfortunately. US$ gives free shipping to US and Canada for orders over $20, while £, and AU$ give free international shipping at £35, 35 and $50 respectively.
  8. The shipping is applied depending on what currency you use. Did you have US dollars selected, or were you using one of the international options?
  9. Vampire plus a bunch of small add-ons and extras, big K, and 3 lots of paint. Confirmed 9th Oct... I wish Id been more decisive and hadnt needed to reset my earlier attempt (although even now Im trying to remember exactly what I wanted a second owlbear for ). I guess complexity will be more of an issue than confirmation time, though. Vampire x1 Familiars x1 Owlbear x1 Fire It Up! x1 Frost Giants x1 Red Dragon x1 Deep Dwellers x1 Mind Your Manors x1 Kaladrax Reborn x1 Starter Paint Set x1 Undead Paint Set x1 Starter Set 2 x1
  10. I suggest a strategy of Inverse Constructive Procrastination. Constructive procrastination is the process of putting off doing something by doing something else you need to get done... In this case, what you need to do is to keep your mind occupied by focusing on something that doesnt need to be done and isnt in the immediate future, so that you distract yourself from the Vampire stuff while still having time to afterwards get your hype under control for your substitute attention-grabber. Heresy!
  11. Two weeks is about average when I order stuff from overseas. Occasionally something takes 3 or 4 weeks, and occasionally something only takes a week, but if Sweden is 3-4 weeks average then in my experience we're just notably faster for some reason.
  12. Im more of a digital pro than a paint expert, but in general blond hair typically has a fair bit of green in the shades. Looking for a greenish version of each of the colours youre using might help. To give you a bit of an idea what I mean - I suggested something similar in this thread about hair for a golden retriever.
  13. Im guessing he meant to put a link but something went awry during the posting process ;) I assume he was referring to this thread.
  14. Given that God is infinite, and that the universe is also infinite... would you like a toasted teacake?
  15. Yikes. Is that a worst case estimate, or what youve actually seen in practice? I dont feel so bad about being all the way over in Australia now... I just got my first Reaper order, only 15 days after ordering (including 2 days processing/packing time at Reaper HQ). Might even have been quicker, except yesterday (Monday) was a public holiday here so no mail delivery for the last 3 days.
  16. Nice. It looks like a very multi-purpose sculpt, to me. I can easily imagine it being painted up as all metal for a construct look, an Egyptian head-dress style, or even bright cartoon colours for a fun pokemon kind of look.
  17. Ooh, I know the answer to that one! -
  18. What camera do you actually have? Your test there seems to have gone pretty well - youve got roughly even lighting without any really obvious hot stops and highlights, it just looks to me like your lights dont have the power youd ideally want. But if your camera can be put on a bench or tripod and take a long exposure I dont see any reason you cant get something very serviceable.
  19. I dont tend to be too worried about KS delivery times... Its nice to get them when estimated, but KS isnt designed for pre-ordering from large retail companies. Things happen, and while it can be disappointing its really a matter of if you dont want to be disappointed then make sure to be very careful what you back. Only KS Ive backed that has been due for delivery so far is Order of the Stick. None of the others have reached their estimated delivery times yet; apart from the Reaper Sophies and paints, but Im both international and traded my Sophie in. OOTS was/is great. Technically hes fallen behind on some of the stretch goals, but thats due to unforeseen injury. More importantly, his communication has been phenomenal - Id put it even ahead of Reaper. Frequent, clear, concise, accurate, and also charming. A++ Would Back Again :P
  20. Thats completely normal, in my experience. As far as tracking is concerned, unless its sent via a good quality shipping company that has special deals with Australia Post, the item tends to just disappear into the ether from before it leaves the country of origin right up until it is delivered to the door.
  21. You think correctly. Its on Marike Reimer's website (per Heisler's link) with the name, along with some of the other Game of Thrones minis.
  22. Yep! Word is, from what Ive gathered lurking the forums here, that Reaper had problems with supply of the sample pots for the paint to go in, and it ended up they decided to just not bother and simply use their regular paint bottle stock instead.
  23. Ooh, agreed. That looks excellent. More depth and detail, more character, and still has a good amount of transparency. Ive actually got the LoD boardgame sitting around waiting for some paint myself, and thats going to be my first choice for technique on the ghosts and elementals, plus probably the transparent Bones when they arrive as well.
  24. Like, right now! As of now there are 6 kit 1s and 7 kit 2s. Good luck, kit hunters :)
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