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  1. All hail Baconmaul the UnFrying!
  2. The problem with Amazon is its hard to know what youre getting. It could be a new set with all dropper-bottles, or an old set with sample-sized colours and half dried paint from sitting on a shelf for years.
  3. Ummmmmm... ... nowhere. Nowhere at all. Nothing to see here... The LTPKs seem to be popular at the moment. A lot of people want them to get into the hobby or restart the hobby after being sucked in by the KS. I assume people want to work through them in order, making kits 1 & 2 in the most demand at the moment. Keep an eye out, though. See this thread. They had all been out of stock since about October, but got some new stock about 2 days ago and it seems theyve been restocked at least once since then. Whether that will happen again in the near future I dont know. It seems like they are still making the LTPKs, but they are also moving towards new Bones LTPKs so at some point presumably there will be a pause in supply while the new ones are produced and released instead.
  4. Looking good! I love seeing Hero Quest stuff on here... my own HQ stuff is all sitting around waiting for some paint itself, so people are setting a good example for me. :) Interesting note: Theres seems to be two different types of HQ minis. They look identical except that some have smoothly curved bases while others, like mine, have a groove around the upper edge of the base. Ive never seen it mentioned anywhere, though.
  5. Thats one of the reasons Ive been waiting to get them! That plus getting in some practice on a big rat, ready for the horde of little ones Im planning to put together from the KS.
  6. Put it this way: If they are the Bones ones Ill be in for an unexpected surprise.
  7. Well, my order is in for a Kit 1 and Kit 2. And some black primer. And flow improver. And some dropper bottles. And a bones werewolf. Im not sure if that speaks to my strength, or my lack of strength of will.
  8. Awesome! Been waiting since October for some LTPKs...
  9. Micropozarofiguromania - The madness of small, posed figures.
  10. Ill be watching closely to see how this one goes... I keep hearing about the first one all over the place, and it looked very shiny. Heh, I have the same problem but for different reasons. I backed the Trollforge Alien Assimilation KS, and Im keeping an eye on just how nice a guy Ed is and how hes putting all his work into casting for Tre and not working on his own stuff. (Not that theres any cause for me to be concerned yet... its not at delivery deadline for Ed's KS yet)
  11. Cool. Thanks for info. Im waiting patiently to make a good start on my pile of shame while waiting for the bones, but I also want to join in the existing LTPK1&2 threads. Especially the barrow rat... when the bones come in its going to be an entire rat horde to plague people with.
  12. Dang. *snaps fingers* So does that mean the current version of the LTPKs is completely gone never-to-reappear, apart from old stock at FLGSs?
  13. The IP lawyers on the Law of the Geek podcast did an episode on non-profit fanfic (or a section of an episode? Im having trouble finding it now) and their take was that its murky legal territory because generally nobody actually wants to test it and set a precedent. It may or may not be defensible depending on the specifics, but the fan loyalty and bad PR of going after them means its not worth it for companies to find out. It seems to be kind of an area that for copyright purposes everyone agrees to pretend it doesnt exist.
  14. Hmm... I dont suppose theres Learn to Paint kits in this shipment too, is there? I was wondering what happened to the "very soon" ETA I was told a month or so ago, and it would make sense if its the shipping and customs thing. (Fingers crossed )
  15. True. I dont think its so much the darkness exactly thats tripping me up, just the precise colour hue. On humans I would say lip colour tends to be a cross between the colour of our blood and the colour of our skin. With the pink blood and a relatively uncoloured skin tone, I would assume the lips would just a be a darker version of the veins colour - probably a purple, whereas here its skewed a bit more into the red instead of purple. More like the tongue colour, now that I think of it, although then theres the issue of whether it adds enough interest if you make the tongue and lips the same. Hmm... if you roughed it up the outline a bit you could say the blood colour isnt the hound's blood at all ;)
  16. Very nice. The base looks great, too. My only critique is I find the colour on the lips a bit strange. Presumably the veins and muzzle are coloured by its blood, so Id expect the lips to be more the same colour as well.
  17. As far as Im aware, though, they dont win on the basis of just parody. They win for other reasons, such as the fact that pretty much nobody in their right mind believes the adult movie is officially licensed, that people rarely buy or consider the movie based on what it is spoofing (they are buying based on the adult content), and that they operate in different markets (DC & Marvel obviously have no intent to ever attempt an official adult product based on their IP). Whereas in this case people buy the minis specifically because of them looking like iconic D&D creatures/characters, WotC/Hasbro obviously do create very similar products in the exact same market, and somebody coming across the minis for sale could easily mistake them for being officially licensed. The other thing, of course, is that we know these things were successfully defensible because they got taken to court. Its the opposite of showing that these things dont need legal action against them - they are a demonstration that they do need legal action against them even when they are defensible.
  18. I did. And discussed it at length with you in the other thread. There is no such thing as a simple "parody portion of fair use". A parody must be a transformative use, making a justifiable commentary in order to be defensible parody, and this clearly has little to no transformative or commentary value. And even if it was, as I described in the other thread WotC still have to issue the takedown notice anyway. Until they go through a court case and get a judgement that it is parody they are at risk of their IP rights being harmed. Saying "it seemed like it might possibly be parody if at a later date we decided to maybe take it to court" is not a defence when a more blatant infringer points to this project as a precedent.
  19. You can get the women individually (eg, here) for €12 each, you dont have to pay for the whole set. You just cant get the dog or some of the weapon options (xbow for the dual weilder, warhammer for the warrior) that way. I like the sniper, myself.
  20. There are two selections you need - first you select the frosted glass style, then there'll also be a size selector at the bottom of the same area. The standard mug is the 10oz size, and the tankard is the 16oz size.
  21. At the moment Im seeing Sophie F5 shirts (in various styles), baby "creeper", cap, necktie, mug, and "folio planner".
  22. They're under "Reapermini". Just go to zazzle.com/reapermini
  23. I emailed about this at the end of October and was told more were expected in stock "very soon"™. Its been 3 weeks since then, so Im hoping itll be any day now.
  24. Hah. Wouldnt by any chance be red-green? I can imagine that would indeed look very different...
  25. Might it by any chance be the "Ghost" kickstarter pledge level, aka Urban Legend Sophie?
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