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  1. And remember that some of the kickstarter pledge levels were for retailers. So some of the kickstarter stuff that will be shipped will be ending up at retail stores who presumably are planning on putting them for sale.
  2. Haha. Both of these together for me. Ive been waiting for the LPTKs for weeks, but have to hope my spare hobby funds can still cover getting them by the time they show up Hopefully not long now, though... I emailed reaper at the end of october and was told they were expected to be back in stock "very soon". Although it appears to have been maybe a typo and they actually meant "very SOON" :P
  3. Impressive. The book itself looks pretty good. 100 pages at A4, and looks like pretty good quality. The stretch goals and reward structure make it quite appealing... only $1500 to go till the $25k goal which makes it a 120 page book, and theyve already met the stretch goals to include a second book with (the equivalent of, because its now also an A4 book) 30 A5 pages of WIP shots and commentary, 30 A5 pages of their favourite tutorials from the site and 30 A5 pages of a single detailed step-by-step project. Plus stickers and a bookmark. I like the reward structure, too - $20 for just the book, or $35 for the book plus stretch rewards, so you can choose. $20 or $35, and free shipping, seems like a steal.
  4. Yeah, that was how it sounded to me as well. And if youre in at $25 you also definitely get the "bonus surprise" given at the $44k stretch goal - the choice of 3 minis (of the 30-40mm base size) or 10 bases. [edit: Damn Ninjas!]
  5. Yeah, ill probably end up doing that. Im happy to wait for the time being, though, while he is recovering from the end of the KS and getting everything in place for the survey and the paypal stuff. No rush.
  6. Its not so much a problem of working out what to trade (I have a google docs spreadsheet myself). The problem is I already had a fair number of things I wanted to trade, but then the extra credit got added along with the Goliath being unlocked, which gave me ideas :P Before the Goliath and the extra credit and the bonus present were open for consideration, I was originally planning to trade in the queen and some adults/adult warriors in exchange for 2 stealth adults, 2 larva, and the egg nest, if Ed considered that ok (already a bit over the "half the pledge price" limit). Plus I added an extra $3 to my pledge for an extra hound. With the last few stretch goals, 3 of the 4 stealth adults/larva could be covered by the 3 mini bonus present (hopefully. Im not sure what size the larva are). But if I want the Goliath and Egg Nest those two alone are $55 value - even with the $20 credit Id need $35 of trades, which is starting to push it. If I added the last stealth/larva it'd be about $40 of trades on a $50 pledge level. Im just stuck with more shiny things I want than I can have. Oh well. At least as far as problems go, its a good problem to have.
  7. Be glad you can decide what to trade :D Im trying my very hardest to figure out how to somehow fit a Goliath into my Host level on top of the other trades I wanted to make... Im not sure its going to happen, but Im hoping sheer willpower will save the day.
  8. If youre planning to test it on something else beforehand anyway to make sure it doesnt go wrong, I would probably try both - have a subtle bit of paint on the sand and a little dye in the water effect. Subtle is the key, though. The sand to me implies that this area is relatively shallow and calm (If waves came in this far youd be left with more of a bare rock), which means not as much colour and darkness as for deeper water.
  9. Closed! Juuuust sneaked over the line to make the very final $54k goal. Apparently, since I pledged my level has gotten an additional three 30-40mm base creatures and $20 of credit. Thats some big value! Might even be enough to get the stuff I wanted to trade for and instead use a trade to get something big (Goliath? I dont even know...)
  10. Ahhhh. That makes a lot more sense. To be honest I hadnt even properly realised there were prizes (beyond the recognition of your peers). I mentally skipped over that part because I was more interested in the rules, theme, and the work people were doing/planning. The 3 categories you posted seem good. But even if that didnt work out, personally I wouldnt mind just having any less popular sections just being a non-prize category. (Although I also dont mean to volunteer any judges for extra work if thats an issue, either)
  11. Its gone crazy while I was asleep... Ive pledged, but I no longer have any idea what Im actually getting, or going to want to get :P (Thats a good thing) I think Im just going to have to wait until the end and complete run-down of the options before making any decisions on trades.
  12. Right. Im in for $61 (Host + International shipping + an extra $3 for add-on) I'll have to see how it all comes out in the wash as the KS finalises, but what Id ideally like to do is trade in 6 adults, 3 adult warriors, and the queen, and in exchange add a hound, 2 stealth adults, 2 larva and the egg nest. Its trading in $33 instead of the $25 but I hope itll be ok.
  13. Correction on trading: Ed has clarified that it is half of the original pledge price, not half of the add-on value of the minis. Although he says he is happy to be a little bit flexible so long as people are reasonable.
  14. Yeah, I get the problem being prevented. Im just confused because the mention of it was sort of phrased about as though people have already done it. My problem now is that the stuff I wanted to trade out all got reduced in price, and none of the stuff I wanted to trade in got reduced...
  15. I was wondering the same myself and sent a message on KS to Ed, but in the mean time Im pretty sure its the second one. On the "KS Stretch Goal Table" page theres an example in the trading section which indirectly suggests it: Its technically talking about something else and mentioning what you cant do, but it seems to imply that the "value" is intended as the equivalent add-on prices. Yeah, you can pledge at multiple levels or more than one of a single level. Just add the extra amount(s) on to your main pledge. Adding on an extra $20 (2 x $10) should be correct as far as I can tell. Whats been confusing me is the mention in the half-value restriction of people who have been gaming the system. I thought (and still think... I think...) that trades and additional pledges would simply be sorted out in the backer survey after the KS closes. So how have people been gaming it already when they havent had a chance to request any trades?
  16. The link Orlando posted is up to date now, including the $33k stuff.
  17. Metal and resin. I like him. Im assuming most people who backed the OOTS kickstarter have seen the update, but if you havent then go look - backers get free shipping on any order containing the Roy figure. No matter how much other stuff is in the order.
  18. Looks like its getting up the speed now for the final stretch... Jumped 1k in the last hour or so.
  19. I had forgotten that, actually, but not getting them wasnt really my problem... Im just balancing my budget vs the cost. Plus Im the obsessive type with things like this, where I like to have a full spreadsheet and know all the exact details before I decide. Now I have to go back and find the details of trading.
  20. I have no idea what I would use these for, and Ive been trying to keep a tight reign on my spending... and yet theres still something about this one that is really, really tempting. If it reaches $36k with a stealth warrior added to Host level that could easily put me over the edge. (If I havent cracked already) I like the larva and drone, as well. *grumbles to self*
  21. Yeah, pretty much what ObsidianCrane said goes for me as well, as a fellow Aussie. Except that winter to me means more rain (and clouds), rather than less... but still no snow. And Ive had the same thoughts on ordering. Id be tempted to try one of these contests some time in the new year, but particularly for dioramas planning and then ordering doesnt seem like it would leave a whole lot of time left to actually work.
  22. Thats not what Ive heard... To my understanding: a) It is required that the satire be commenting upon the original work (related to "transformative use"). Simply saying "Hah, look, its funny because it we made it look funny" doesnt cut it. The question is what satirical comment is being made about the dark elf by putting it in that form. What most people think of as satire/parody is often actually not protected. b) Satire/parody is a fair use defence against a copyright infringement claim. It does not in itself make it so that the work is "acceptable" without a court case. A company looking to defend its rights still has to follow the usual process of issuing a take-down, going to court, etc, in order for there to be a court judgement that says the work is satire. If they dont, then other infringers can point to it in their defences, and the IP owner cant say it was satire because they dont have a legal judgement to support that claim.
  23. Id say more traded her in, but some people also got multiples.
  24. Construction scaffolding. Shouldnt be too hard to make it so that in practice its just a holder for the rock, while looking like its there for the minis' use in excavation.
  25. Like. Or along the same lines, goblins dynamiting it.
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