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  1. Yep Thats pretty much what I figured. My only additional point is I worry that your main text which says you can add extra decks to "any pledge of $9 or more" could confuse people. If someone doesnt notice the $16 level youll end up with $25 (9+7, plus 8+1 shipping) instead of $24 (16, plus 8 shipping) pledges and have left over $1s to deal with. Theres no reason anyone would ever need to add a deck to the $9 level instead of the $16 level.
  2. Im confused by the $16 pledge level and the related description in the main text... The main text says any extras above the first deck, add another $1 international shipping. The $16 pledge is the same price ($9 + $7) but says you only need to add $1 for additional packs beyond the 2 included in the pledge level. Why offer extra decks with the $9 pledge if the $16 pledge is identical but $1 cheaper? Or conversely, if the description at the $16 level is an error and youre supposed to add $1 for the second deck as well, why have the $16 level at all since its the same as the $9 level? Im loving the art so far. I think the Spades are my favourites.
  3. Cool. Little harder to get the full impression just due to it being not a complete shot of the whole thing, but it survived the translation from concept art relatively unchanged, to my mind. The only major changes I can see is his wings seem much less tattered, his horns got smaller and stumpier, and his chest behind the ribs is filled in. Would it be correct to guess he (unlike the others we've seen) is still having finishing touches applied? I can see some indicators, such as for example one of his ribs below his shoulder is visible as a thin strip that isnt connected to the filled-in bulk behind it.
  4. Last Knight was referring to the fact that the Learn To Paint Kits recently havent had any sample pots in them - they have all been (temporarily?) replaced by full size dropper bottles because of issues with the supplier of the sample pots. If Reaper continue using all full size bottles, then the sample pots obviously arent going to be a problem.
  5. While this is somewhat true, I think its a little disingenuous to present that one quote when there have been many other quotes from Reaper made since that time and your mention of a "massive loss" was only made very recently. To reiterate what was mentioned up-thread: Reaper have mentioned that they got enough additional funds from the KS to start moving production from China back to the States, beyond the money they were originally aiming for to cover whatever percentage of master mould costs they wanted to cover to make Bones minis. Id say thats a clear indication of profit, and not loss.
  6. I dont think they actually sold all of them, just adjusted the stock level. Ive been watching to see when Kit 2 comes in stock, and the kits that were in stock were in the high 2000's, slowly decreasing over the space of a few days, then jumped from about 2500 to out of stock in the space of a day. I emailed a few days ago to find out whether the KS bottle shortage would cause problems with the LTPKs too and was told they expect to have some more in stock "very soon" (or possibly very SOONtm).
  7. Agreed. Only the bigger ones have visible sections - the drider, dragon, trolls and fiend.
  8. Ive got the Drizzt set myself (won it in a competition... score!), and some of the larger minis seem to be multi-part but pre-assembled. I can see very obvious separation lines and some glue spots. The trolls for example seem to have separate heads and forearms. I like the paint jobs. The little drakes catch my eye as quite nice. You havent got the big fiend included in the shot, is he all painted up too?
  9. Good idea. Ive been meaning to do that too. I couldnt find the official signup form, though, so I had to make some modifications
  10. Great tutorial! And great end result, too. One thought that occurred to me is wondering whether taking some sandpaper to the wire at the start to rough it up a little might make for an easier time of getting the putty to stick.
  11. You might have more success trying sense motive. *eyes hobby tools meaningfully*
  12. Given that Bryan said they only have about 100 people still needing to lock in, and presumably they are keeping an eye on that list, it seems unlikely that there are many additional people signing up.
  13. I suppose Reaper could, if they wanted, remove the reapermini.com/ks/ page so that no further people can sign up to be a part of the RPM. Im actually surprised they havent done that, if they are trying to get everyone locked in, but Im sure theres a reason.
  14. Kit (the webmaster) has said he is happy for anybody who wants to change or add more to their order to send him an email and he can reset your RPM so that you can redo it. Only restriction is you cant reduce the amount youve already paid (since payment doesnt go directly through Reaper for them to be able to refund).
  15. Just a heads up for anyone who isnt aware of it. The DriveThruStuff group does a "pumpkin hunt" on their sites for Halloween which is running at the moment - find the pumpkin icons on the site, click them, and get free stuff. There are pumpkins on each of their sites, in the same places but giving different rewards (DriveThruRPG, DriveThruComics, DriveThruFiction, WargameVault). I figured people here might be the type to be interested... I quite liked the reward of the full World of Darkness Core Rules.
  16. Agree with this. I can see differences, but personally I feel like it captures the feel of the art. My thought now is the pledge manager still seems to be open... I wonder how inconvenient it would be if I messaged Kit at this late stage and got a reset so I can add in a Cthulhu
  17. I think it would go well in addition to have the transition in the mouth. A "cooling on the outside but a belly full of fire!" look. Thats constructive criticism only, though. It looks great as is.
  18. Wow. Youre right about a lot of freehand... I feel like I want to try to copy it, but that theyd need to start making her in a 3 foot tall version. And the skink is cute. Now I want to see a familiars set with familiars that tiny.
  19. IA! IA! Very cool. Im not quite sure whats up with the big seam on his belly, but it looks like it would be easy enough to patch over with green stuff even for an amateur like me if you didnt like it. Now Im just wishing Id put him in my pledge.
  20. Nice. Theres something sort of... watery about the colours. (As in it looks like a water-dwelling lizard, not the paints)
  21. Yeah, moonlight is tough... Hard shadows, directional lighting, and not much colour. Not easy to set up the lighting. The grainy background (carpet?) probably isnt helping, it would probably be better on something black. It really calls out for some photoshopping. Pity about the rules :P Great entry, though. My first thought isnt to look at the paint, but trying to search for clues to find out the "secret" of what is going on. Which is a great sign - the story of it sucked me in.
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