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  1. Nice. The foliage added to the dryad makes a real difference - it suddenly looks like shes merging with a real tree, rather than merging with a stump. She also seems to be smiling more, but I cant tell if you worked on the face or its just the angle.
  2. Yes, Nikons generally work fairly well with older lenses. Depends how far back you go... My dad recently got a D3100 (iirc) and it works fine with his 20-30 year old lenses and filters. SD storage - yep. Used to be CF, but I think they all use SD now, especially the ones at the lower end of the price range. Battery - should be fine. Generally a purpose-made removable lithium. Zoom and macro - any Nikon or Canon SLR body will be fine. They have the capability to record the image, the question is whether you have the right lenses. You need to pay attention to what lenses are included in the kit, rather than the camera body. There will be a standard set which will most likely have a portrait / general use lens or two which may or may not be suitable, but camera shops will often put together their own packs with different lenses that may be more suitable.
  3. Star Wars was only 35 years ago. A 56 year old would have been 21 at the time.
  4. Yeah, thats what Ive been thinking. It looks like good value for what you get, provided I can actually find them in stock. At the moment only Kit 1 (the first) and Kit 3 (recommended last) are in the store, so Id probably end up with kit 3 sitting there until I could get my hands on the rest of the them. The only concern is the number of duplicates is a little weird... especially since Ive got sets 1-3 of the KS paints already locked in, which has further duplicates. Just buying kits 1&2 Id end up with I think 9 extras. (Or maybe 10... trying to figure out if black wash and black ink are the same. edit: Appears not. Both on the paint list separately.) But Id ideally like to get some LTPKs for in the meantime before the Bones stuff arrives and get in some practice. Plus I quite like the included minis for their own sake.
  5. From what I was reading in the thread where you proposed this test, I thought that was the point? I dont think anyone was claiming that its physically impossible to add enough coats to cover up the basecoat. Just that picking one or the other requires less effort because of the difficulty of covering an unwanted base colour.
  6. Not to Australia, they dont Cheapest option for out-of-US free shipping is €35, which means getting 2 of them together. Id buy them locally, but I havent seen anywhere that stocks them. I just have to be patient.
  7. So what youre telling us is that you specifically are the "you" in "Because you're in a hurry"?
  8. Looking good. Its nice seeing them as a group WIP. Id be inspired to join in... if only they had them in stock in the store. I want to get LTPK 1 & 2 at the same time so it qualifies for free shipping but theres nothing but 1 & 3..
  9. f-stop is also known as aperture. Its a measure of how wide open you have the camera set and therefore how much light gets in at one time. Smaller f numbers mean a wider aperture and more light is let in. Larger numbers (less light) give you a larger depth of field, but you have to compensate by having a slower shutter speed to let enough light in (which in turn means having to hold the camera more steady). So setting the f-stop high means a shot that is hard to hold steady but easier to get everything in focus at once. Setting the f-stop low means a shot that is harder to get everything in focus at once, but you can lower the shutter speed and dont need as steady hands. Pick whether you want to worry about the f-stop, shutter speed or both based on whether you are having problems with depth of field, steadiness, or light.
  10. Very nice tutorial :) I especially like the shot of the palette, to show what the mixes look like before they go on the mini. Thats the sort of "process" details that can be really handy but often get missed.
  11. Psst. Those are two different posters you're addressing
  12. I dont think its a matter of vision or perception, its just a matter of what you call it... Personally, I think youre both right. Doug first called it "green brown". SiliconJedi called it "darkened yellow". Darkened yellow is in fact the colour on the spectrum between darkened green and brown - theyre the same colour. Bright: Green -> Yellow -> Orange Dark: Green -> Olive -> Brown
  13. I was just looking at that yesterday... To be specific: If I counted right, 12 of the 24 "non-new" KS paints (sets 1 and 3) are also found in the LTP kits. Well, 11 and sealer. If you were to get all of the LTP kits and sets 1 & 3 of the KS paints, you'd end up with a total of 28 extra bottles of stuff you already had.
  14. Quickest, cheapest tip for improving the photos in the second set (the camera work looks pretty good): Grab a standard sheet of nice white paper and prop it up just out of frame to reflect the sun back onto the shadowy parts of the mini. I like what Im seeing. The colours on the flame are really interesting.
  15. Sounds good! Im interested to see what you came up with. Theres such a wide variety of Dreamtime creatures, so many to choose from. And so many different descriptions and artistic interpretations of the bunyip. The first thing that came to mind when I started thinking about it were the Quinkan - two races of man-like creature, one tall and thin trickster that can hide in the cracks in rocks and the other short and murderous with fat tails. I remember they were one of my favourite dreamtime stories when I learned about them in school as a kid.
  16. Hmm... Its outside of the scope of this game, but that line inspired me to think about how Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime myths would convert to a skirmish game. Very interesting possibilities. edit: Wait, no its not outside the scope! Heh. Id missed them in the description there.
  17. The green hair isnt really to my taste, but everything else and of course the paint job in general are all gorgeous.
  18. No, we want to sees the giant, not him. (Although Im sure hes very pretty too...)
  19. Theres some good tutorial stuff here on the reaper site under "The Craft" that might give you some ideas. Especially this one for the water part of the beach stuff, maybe. Or the sand cast foam terrain one. Mostly what youre looking at for cliffs and beach, though, is just a matter of finding a cheap and easy to work with material to "bulk out" the rough shapes, like the foam insulation Qwyksilver mentions. You rough out a basic shape with the big stuff, and then refine it with small areas/layers of something a little more detailed like sculpting putty and put little details on the same as you would do for a base.
  20. No, Im getting the broken image too (assuming its in the same place). But the info for me is there and in the same place as on kickstarter - box on the right listing $1277 pledged, 30 days to go, will only recieve funds if $5000 is raised by Sun 11 Nov.
  21. From an email I got 6th Oct: What "wrapping up" means exactly I dont know, but leaving it another week may or may not be pushing your luck.
  22. The shine on the eyes looks really effective. I hope we get to see them alongside a painted Tiik Champion at some point. Im looking forward to seeing the size comparison, as well as the paint.
  23. Hmm. Im not in the UK, but the ArtiFolk site mentioned there seems to have very reasonable international shipping. It possibly comes out cheaper than buying in-store here in Australia... and certainly easier to find what I want. Thanks for the link :)
  24. I dont know about other newbies, but there is 100% more me now than there was 2 months ago. I need to get more painting supplies before I can make much contribution to a lot of the sections, though.
  25. Personally I think the answer to the sling stone one is just more physics... Momentum is imparted when the stone is slung, but the stone doesnt gain weight until it touches the target. Conservation of momentum. p=mv. There is no reason to believe that the magic changes the momentum of the system, just the mass - so if p remains the same and m increases, the velocity must decrease. All you get is a much heavier but much slower moving stone, which will have an identical effect on the target as the original stone since it will be imparting exactly the same momentum.
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