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  1. I ran up an excel spreadsheet of my paints - Reaper uses standard bar codes, so a quick mail-merge later I had a printed sheet (45 to a page) that was simple to scan
  2. Swag Bag shipped. Along with a few paints I did not have to make up the free shipping. And a Ghoulie bag & 2 Lysette's
  3. This sounds very much like claims made in our technological world in times past. "Everything will be better with new xxx". For crops, we have pesticides and Genetic modifications... and from here we get "unrealistic expectations" and "unintended consequences". If everything is easy, where is the money & governance coming from? Pretty much anything can work in a magic rich world. The real issue is the justification/reasoning behind it to make it believable. Maybe start with our a rough history line of our world and walk through major decision points where magic provided the answers instead of tech, and see where you end up? Or the other way around; take an idea you like then come up with the justification, and then tie it into the others you make. Either way, backstory I would spend way too much time making such a world, and never get around to playing it
  4. Hmm... What sort of Painter am I? I have all te bonez. Lots of Zombicide and many other games with miniatures. Pretty much all of the Reaper Paints. Many brushes and other related paraphernalia. I rarely touch any of it. Instead I plan. I research. I spend endless hours pouring over what others have done in these and other forums. Colour combinations, painting techniques, ideas. Whilst I wish I actually put paint on mini, I am also happy (resigned? accepting of my own flaws?) with the enjoyment I get out of anticipating the painting. For now, the means is the end in itself.
  5. What mini are you most excited to paint? Dance of Death. Argent. Something big I can dream about, plan, and procrastinate with. Which mini do you think will be the hardest/take you the longest to paint? The first one. I have now got all the bones kickstarters, and have managed to start painting... a couple of models... none finished. 20 to go? What mini are you buying the most of (now or planned at retail)? Statues, because they are useful, and I have none. What do you hope to see most in Bones 5? A mix of lots of stuff. Bones4 seems to have hit that mix on the head.
  6. Its Friday evening. Why you make my thinky brain thing hurt?
  7. Me too. Earworms are hated things... But, my goodness, there is some good music appearing here that I am not across. Expanding my playlist :)
  8. I believe it is using a fairly large box as the minimum order (not saying this is right or wrong). I placed a starting order of 2 flight stands ($2) and had $21 of shipping applied. I have since added another $500 of items, which has increased shipping by $2 :) For me this is fine, as I know I need the bigger box. You may be better reaching out to Reaper and asking them about small orders. Interestingly, I had thought that Reaper used Aetherworks for delivery over here, which has a standard rates table for Kickstarters, so I am not sure why they are hooking into AusPost.
  9. ...and I think that is the best description of Izzy I have seen :)
  10. Ranged; either magic or bow. I don't like melee. Having said that, my favourite character of all time was a half-ogre. A half-ogre overly muscled level 1 Mage with almost no intelligence. (This is what happens when you pick a class before rolling your stats) He thought he was the greatest mage ever, and would sit back and (fail to) cast all of his spells. Only when he ran out of magic would he lift his tree stump and club things with it, usually saving the day.
  11. Found a $150 DIY printer online yesterday... I know it won't be the best, but for that price I can justify playing around with it and learning this new fangled printy stuff... The plan is to then upgrade/improve the printer myself to a better level, assuming I actually use it enough to justify further expense. I like the short wall and larger squares in this kickstarter, and it is much cheaper than other printable terrain projects out at the moment - although they look good as well, it is too early in my printing journey for the prices... TLDR: I am in for a set of tiles to learn with :)
  12. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/69656-gcb-tries-foam-core-joinery/
  13. Very low level painter, but master class levels of procrastination...
  14. One thing I don't lack is space. The work bench in my office is about 5 foot deep by 18 foot long... Computer at one end, painting station next, followed by more computing gear and rubbish... The rack above sits comfortably between where I paint and the wall. I have to stand up to reach some of the paints though. If I ever get it cleaned up I'll post a picture :)
  15. Brilliant, GCB! I have been wanting to organise my paints for a while, but buying racks was expensive, and I thought building something was too complicated... But I had access to some foam core, so I thought I would go ahead and shamelessly copy your idea This is my first ever attempt at building with foam core, and overall I am happy how it turned out... capacity is about 266 Reaper bottles. I used A2 sized sheets, so it is rather... large... and I embedded the cuts into the outside sheets rather than doubling them up. That got tricky, as I had to assemble the whole lot in one go before the glue started drying... Good fun though. Werra
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