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  1. Most of my goldwork will be the details on swords and trim on MSP Polished Silver armor. I'm building a Warlord Crusaders army, and the bulk of that army will be uniformed knights. I would really like the gold trim on the armor to look as "New Gold" as possible. So from what ive learned from this thread, once I paint the armor Polished Silver I should then paint the trim areas brown first before applying New Gold?
  2. I have a quick question about the MSP metallic colors. When a color like New Gold is applied does it have a truly metallic finish to it? My concern before buying is that it may just be a "color" rather than a realistic metal, if that makes any sense lol I currently paint with Vallejo Oil-Based Metallic paints for swords, buckles, nails, etc. I love how Steel metallic looks on my minis, (a very convincing metallic finish) but I can't get my gold to apply well and I really want to switch over to MSP paints exclusively to fully support Reaper.
  3. Wow that's sweet news! I'm glad I didn't make a noob mistake; just a noob post. Now I can play a very small game when my troop is painted!
  4. Thank you for the lists, this will really help me out in understanding and building a formidable Crusaders army. I already have the Ironspines and Duke Gerarde, I can't wait to be able to build a nice army. I also have Valandil, Lord Ironhaven, Ian, Uriel, and Halbarad. I made a super noob mistake on my last order. Planning on ordering a troop at a time, I ordered Lord Ironhaven, Valandil, Halbarad, and the 9 Ironspines. I didn't even put together that Ironhaven doesn't have a high enough point cost to command Valandil or Halbarad >.< But I plan on getting every Crusader model eventually, so I'm not upset at all lol just thought it would be an amusing story to share, especially to some seasoned Warlord players
  5. I love reading everyone's epic battles! It really shows someone like me, who recently got into this awesome hobby and hasn't played a game yet, what kind of fun and exciting experiences Warlord has to offer. It really makes me want to hurry up and get my army done and start gaming!
  6. Wow thanks a lot everyone! This helps me out a lot. I'm going to use all of your great advice and hopefully start a WIP topic in the near future.
  7. What is the best way to prime/seal minis for gaming? I am building a Crusader army for Warlord, and I plan on using those little guys extensively to get good at Warlord. Since being directed to the link about brush-on primers, I did a lot of forum searching. I'm a little worried that Brush-On Primer and Sealer won't be enough to protect my minis from gaming.
  8. I have a couple questions regarding priming and sealing minis. Has anyone used the Brush-On Primer available here in the Reaper shop? Where I live the humidity is always out of whack so spray on primer is not an option. I have tried it and have gotten some pretty awful results at times. If anyone has had any experience with the brush-on primer here, can you please give me tips and advice on how to use it properly? Also I am really tossed between matte and gloss sealers. I would really like to keep spending money here to support Reaper by getting the Brush-On Sealer. Again, any tips and advice would be very much appreciated :) Thanks everyone
  9. There are lots of things that can make a battle epic. Overcoming unfavorable odds, expert ingenious tactics, unthinkable comebacks, and other amazing feats of battle. So please, share your greatest battles of all time, your most epic battle that you have been a part of while playing Warlord.
  10. You are all awesome. I now have some awesome advice and resources to get going. I'm just going to finish this post and practice on my practice minis! Wish me luck!
  11. Thanks a lot, this gives me great insight on how to build my Crusader army. I dont have the confidence to paint a cavalry model yet, im still working on my core infantry. I have had my eye on the Pegasus model and thought that having a unit that could fly would be a great asset. Can you give me an example of one of your favorite builds?
  12. I was introduced to the awesome hobby of miniature painting for a little over a year as of this post. I am absolutely in love with my new hobby, and am a huge Reaper-Fan. (This is my favorite website) I started painting a few miniatures by Reaper just to practice, and now (Warlord Second Edition Core Rulebook and a few Crusaders minis later) have become a super-enthused Crusader army builder. I am okay at painting fully armored troops, however I find myself saving and miniatures that are not wearing a helmet because I'm not confident enough to paint eyes. I thought that now is the time to ask the pros; the wonderful people of the Reaper Community. I ask for any tips, advice, experiences, etc. anything that can help me or any other miniature painter looking for help on the ultimate beginner's nemesis - eyes.
  13. I checked out that thread about the undead crusaders, it's very cool, I wish the images worked! I tried to check out his gallery but the link took me to a restaurant site. I've decided to repaint some of my figures. I'm going to have Gerard's knights sport white linen with blue detail, armor being polished silver (seems appropriate with how they are effective against undead) with gold trim. Ivy crown will be red and gold themed, with leather or steel armor. Lions lancers will be yellow with possibly green trim. I plan on collecting all of the crusader figures. I just ordered Ironspines, Lord Ironhaven, Halbarad, and Valandil. I'm stoked to get them started. I have a tactical question about the Crusaders. What are their biggest strengths and weaknesses on the field. They seem pretty versatile at first glance.
  14. Resurrection Crusaders? I'm interested, what exactly does that mean? Did you see pics of them? What I really like about the Crusaders is that there are "sub-factions" within them. Gerard's crusaders, Ivy Crown, Lion's Lancers, etc. I was thinking instead of making the entire Crusader faction uniformed by a single theme, painting each "sub-faction" a unique color theme. What are your thoughts on this idea. Also, I apologize for asking so many questions and requesting so much feedback. I am still pretty new to miniature Wargaming and the hobby and have a great deal of respect for those who are experienced in it.
  15. Wow thanks a lot everyone, that was extremely helpful. I'm a lot more confident about how I'm building my Crusader armies now. I've been going with kind of a Templar theme and I'm happy with how they are turning out. I'm still very curious about more Crusaders army color schemes.
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