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  1. I think a bit of the problem is the mentality that people had that Kickstarter is a store. I'm sure they had every intention of shipping in September, but guess what? They were asking for 30,000. They got over 3 million. Now, people might not know this, but that's a BIG FREAKING DEAL. From what info I can gather, that's how much revenue that Reaper takes in during an entire YEAR normally. Read: Revenue, not profit, and are a company that employs approximately 20 people. Compare that to Games Workshop, whose last annual report shows $30 million in profits on $209 million in revenue. This is NOT a big company. They are, unfortunately, victims of success, but also of people who think that anything on Kickstarter is a store (note that Kickstarter is changing policies PRECISELY because of issues like these; forcing any project to now have a "Risks" section, and making people realize that no, you might not get EXACTLY what you paid for). Reaper has said that if you're not happy, they will work with you on a refund; they have also said that they have a bottle shortage due to demand and can't ship out to Internationals until March (current plan). I think that's pretty clear communication. If you're international, you might want to think about either waiting, or you're going to have to go through the cancellation process.
  2. Something to think about with the paint... I know that some of the domestic orders are people who are ordering 3, 4, 5 sets of paint (and I mean 5 sets of each set of paint). If Reaper only gives out one set of each paint set per domestic KS backer, would that allow them to send paint to the Internationals? I'm wondering how much of an "International Rush" this was in regards to the paints; I know that quite a few of my friends overseas only did this KS because it was one of the only ways to get paints imported at a decent price.
  3. SO FREAKING TRUE. I was at my FLGS, and a guy was in with his girlfriend, and she said "Hey, this mini has the same getup your character in D&D has, and I could paint it for you!" Guy gets excited, saying "that's so awesome that they have me!" then is like "I'm playing a human, not a dark elf, we can't use it." /you couldn't see the mini's ears //there was nothing particularly "dark elf" about the mini. ///she gave him the wtf stare for a good solid minute.
  4. Y'know, I don't think I've ever seen the president of... well, anything, come out and say "I made a mistake." Not even that, but a "I made a mistake, and this is why I had to make the decision I made." Now, granted, I think the "Elves Outrage" was a bit silly, especially considering the alternative (we sub the elves or everything gets delayed), but I can imagine it's hard for everyone involved to suddenly realize they're 200,000 bottles short on paint, and now have to play "who gets screwed". I definitely do not want to be in their position. I do appreciate the fact that Reaper has acknowledged that, no, they haven't communicated to us as well as they could have. But then, think about how small this company is. Before Kickstarter, I doubt that they've ever had to deal with the logistics that they now have (probably sending out 17,000+ shipments in a month, when they would normally do, say, 200(? I'm making this number up)). I'm glad they fessed to knowing they could do better, and am proud of them for doing so. Now just need to watch and see if they can fill their shoes. *resumes watching email for shipment notification*
  5. I was in for $175, ended up spending $255. (All paint sets, cases, etc) I'm wondering if Reaper would have broke 4 million if Amazon wouldn't have pooped out in the last thirty minutes; I'm sure I'm not the only one who increased their pledge by nearly 50%. Also, all the other business: I ordered Reaper's paint caddy, and remember seeing that they had over 2200+ in stock... suddenly, they're at 1999... :-). And I know I've ordered quite a few existing bones and the like. Anybody else go "Take My Money!" with Reaper?
  6. While I think it is funny that the PM didn't work in IE, I'm not sure if that was a programmer issue or if IE is just crappy. Judging by how well the pledge manager was laid out and the like, I'm thinking it is the latter. By the way, how do I get my forum badge?
  7. I've noticed I've been going through withdrawl. Every time I've gotten a KS update today, I've had this rush of elation... only to find it was for the KS my wife is using my account for :-(. I really want the paints; I've got a bunch of minis that I've never painted that I began too, learned Citadel paints are too hard to work with (too thick to do anything, too hard to thin), picked up some Reaper paint and now have everything on hold... Really, REALLY hope the RPM comes out tomorrow.
  8. Unfortuantely, where I live, spray primers are pretty much a no-go. My neighbor is one of those people who are convinced that they are allergic to WIFI, and freaked out at the apartment complex when some kids played with chalk on the sidewalk saying it was aggravating her allergies. While the apartment complex knows that shes making it up (her wifi allergy? yeah, we all just turned off SSID and she got better), the only place I can spray anything is outside... in full view of said neighbor, who I know will make my life a living hell because I'm spraying carcinogens everywhere. I ordered some Reaper primer to try it out, but from what everyone is saying and the pics I can find on "this is what happens when you don't prime", that seems to be my problem. I know priming was important, I was just a noobscrub and didn't realize that you needed specially-made primers to prime; I thought that undercoating was the same as priming. It is not.
  9. Oh, I was about to ask if the pledge manager had been released. Just wanted to check to make sure the Email hadn't been blocked by a spam filter or something. Far as I can tell, nothing's been announced, which is kind of a bummer. At least keep us updated that progress is being made... or at least tell us again that they're waiting on amazon.
  10. Also, in case it matters: 1. I am using Ulthuan Grey (might be mis-spelling this) instead of the Imperial Black as my primer; I find it easier to get lighter colors on my minis if I'm not starting with the black paint that the Warhammer 40K paint set gave to me. So, could it be because I'm priming with regular paint, and it's just flaking off? (I don't ever see flakes). I find it easier to see the details on all white instead of darker-than-night black. 2. I'm not watering down any of my citadel paints, as I find it insanely hard to get the same consistency each time I need to go into the pot. If I need to make a wash or something, it's fine, but lord forbid I try making gradients or blending... but could it be that my paint is too thick?
  11. Hey, So, I started painting while waiting for the Bones to be delivered (basically to practice/prepare for the onslaught of painting I will be doing), getting so good as to get my wife to pretty much commission me to paint her Warhammer minis she bought so many years ago. I read a couple of online guides, but I'm running into an odd problem: Edges. Why the heck won't paint stay on edges? Say, for example, there is a boot, like in this mini: http://www.reapermin.../sku-down/03011 I painted his boot black, and on the bottom edge of the "cuff" if you will (the "band" of the boot), the paint has come off. I made SUPER SURE that nothing touched it there, but it seems that on edges of my minis (cloaks, capes, edges of ropes, edges of wings, etc) that the paint will magically "come off". I know it's not from my fingers, because I'm never touching the mini (magnets holding it to a stand that I turn/hold). I don't get it; it's across the entire bottom and top of the band, even though I know when I stopped to let it dry it was completely black. I wonder if this is common? The only way I've found to fix it is to seal the edges as soon as I can with either Lahmian Medium or 'Ardcoat (I'm using Citadel paints, nobody where I live sells Reaper brand within a 60 mile radius). Then, I don't run into the problem, but I've had instances of the paint being to wet and then I accidentally "glaze" the mini with the color I'm trying to seal. Any suggestions as to how to prevent this/what I'm doing wrong would be appreciated; also, if this is covered somewhere, I apologize; my google-fu is weak regarding this topic.
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