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  1. ...I think I love you. I'll second these. And als add Zombie Nazis. I know they had some metal ones at one time.
  2. Please, join! Trying now. Not sure about a few things? Asking in my pm.
  3. That is...an impressively detailed set of thoughts, Wren.
  4. Nazis. Lots of Nazis. I need more period villains. More mook/army units in general. Goblins, orcs, hobgoblins, cavalry, knights, etc. Dragon Turtles. Everyone should have 2 different ones in Bones. A male cloud giant (Bishonen, anyone?) and female storm giant. more "monster" sentient races with equiptment like they're adventurers. Armored goblins/kobolds, Orc Shamans and wizards, etc.
  5. Hmm...let me check if I'd need to re-buy my paints. I might be PMing you to join in.
  6. Wow. he is a ....heafty mega, isn't he? Or she, I suppose. At that state of decay, not much difference physically. Make me wish I'd gotten one myself instead of relying on someone else. Oh, well. Not sure I'd know where to put it anyway.
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