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  1. For the past few months I've been working on a series of articles and videos of advice for people working on entries for the MSP Open. (Or anyone looking to improve their painting a little.) I've reviewed the most common issues that we see with entries and tried to provide both good explanations and before and after photo examples. My plan was to put this up before ReaperCon so you have the opportunity to go over your entries and see if you want to change anything before the contest. (And I'm sure many of us are still frantically painting anyway!) Common contest entry feedback and
  2. I just wanted to mention that the rules page for the MSP Open does describe the additional Reaper manufacturer awards clearly. The information is at the very bottom of the page. (I realize that the page may not have been available when the question was first asked, this is more for the benefit of later readers.) The following is just a summary, I suggest reading all the rules if it's your first year entering or you find that you have questions or uncertainties. Or even just as a general good idea. Many of us participate in multiple contests and it's easy to mix up rules and procedures betw
  3. In addition to the ReaperCon 2021 swatches, I also swatched out the paints from the holiday paint set. This has been available in December for the past few years, and is currently up for sale for those who don't like to buy paint in the winter for fear of it freezing in shipping. Ron has said that this set is being retired and will not be available next winter.
  4. On a couple of my recent Reaper streams I swatched out the paint colours that are included in the various ReaperCon 2021 swag boxes. I'm attaching them here for anyone who would be interested to see the swatches.
  5. I have done this, and it works. I fill a small glass ramekin with boiling water and try not to get the water up into the ferrule. I only do this with synthetic brushes. I've even had decent results restoring super splayed drybrushing flats to some semblance of looking like a brush head. However! It will not give them a pin-point fine point. Synthetic brushes don't start with one of those. I find that companies are making increasingly good synthetic brushes particularly at sizes 3-4 and higher. I paint watercolours, too, so some of this experience is from that end of things. I will also buy
  6. The lengthwise stripe on the right is Garnet Red at full strength and then thinned down, since the undertone in thinned down can be surprisingly different between paints. For the unthinned mass tone, I think the 89507 Paizo Asmodeus Red is the closest match in hue and value. It is more transparent, and the undertone is just little different. 9135 Carnage Red is close, but it is a little warmer, particularly in undertone. I did look at a few special edition paints and one recently cancelled one since they may still be possible to get or things you might already have. 96
  7. Hey all! I thought I'd share some additional views of Romag Davl. I have also got a blog post up listing the paint colours I used, and discussing the challenge of painting a blend into the shadows character that is still a miniature people want to look at.
  8. Thank you! Finn prefers not to comment on the level of his inebriation. ;->
  9. Hey all. I thought I'd put up some additional pictures of Finn. If you're interested in seeing the exact colours I used, they are listed in a blog post. And amazingly, only one out of production colour used, and I give you an alternative to that. I also talk about painting the darker and lighter greens, creating a focus area on a figure, and how to decide what order to paint things.
  10. It's out much later than I hoped because of the cold snap and deadlines, but I have put up an unboxing video that includes a look at assembled items and scans of the paint swatches. Unboxing RVE swag If you're super into paint I also have a video of me painting out all the swatches for those colours. Half of that was done on a Twitch stream where I also answered some questions and shared general paint info. Swatching RVE paints
  11. Is your goal to match Reaper acrylic paints to the colours of Bob Ross oil paints? That's going to be a challenge for a couple of different reasons. One is that neither company makes public pigment information. That's not unusual for miniature paints. It is less usual for quality artist oil paints. Or even student grade oil paints. At this stage in time the Bob Ross company is less selling general painting lessons and more selling painting via our system lessons, so they're motivated to get you to want to use their paint, and not motivated to help you figure out how to use somethin
  12. When I rinse out a drybrush and want to use it again before it has dried naturally, I don't just dab it on a paper towel. I fold over some paper towel and press the brush head between it with my fingers. I just keep moving to dry spots on the paper towel and pressing between my fingers until the paper towel stays dry when I pinch. You should be able to see/feel whether or not there's moisture on the towel pretty easily. Those big fluffy makeup brushes will definitely take a few presses to get dry! I don't stress if just a little bit of colour is coming off on the towel when I do the finge
  13. I have an updated answer to the differences in the Reaper blacks and whites in a newer thread that I'll link here: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/93865-white-colors-whats-the-difference/&tab=comments#comment-1985096
  14. I suspect this is highly unlikely to occur, for a few different reasons. Most of those are manufacturing. Reaper makes their paint in house, but the equipment and set up to make bottled paint vs canned spray primer is totally different. Given that spray paint is under pressure and uses chemicals, there's probably a whole other set of safety issues and whatnot as well as equipment. It would be a very limited product range going into market that has lots of options. There's a lot more strikes against it than for it happening. They could get an out of house factory to make something that they
  15. I am planning to swatch the other sets, but my order didn't make it out before the weather swooped down and walloped Texas.
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