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  1. And finally had a chance to finish up. Quite a lot of fun to paint! Some Pro Acrylic Dark Silver, Silver, and Bright Gold for the ornamentation. Hair done with RMS Nightshade Purple, then Shadowed Stone and Stone Grey to keep things in the same palette. Feathers with Highland Moss and Mahogany Brown, the brown also used for the wood. Wash of Nightshade Purple, again to keep things in palette. Axe done in the Stone triad with a touch of Nightshade Purple washed in the crevices.
  2. Another session down, went with stone (RMS Stone Triad) for the first weapon to try and tie in with the stone I used for her brands. Started with a basecoat of RMS Violet Shadow, then layered on some RMS Pine Green to compliment the Highland Moss. Wash ofRMS Pearl White into the runes. Then glazed over with the stone triad to try and maintain some of the purple and green, give it more than just a grey tone. Touched up with edge highlights using RMS Linen White, with RMS Pale Green for the runes to start the glow effect. Need to clean that up a bit. Leather, so far, is just RMS Tanned Leather, now needs some serious cleanup on the skin by the straps, as well as a few more glazes for the leather in places, maybe a Brown Ink wash or Nuln Oil to add some depth. RMS Shadowed and Aged Bone on the skull.
  3. Recently got my first printer, Photon Sonic Mini 4k, and joined the RS Estudio Patron. Still not through my first bottle of resin, and a TON of learning, but have finally managed to gey the first of the legacy pack printed. Few shots below, with AnyCubic grey, primed because they tend to read a lot better
  4. The horns are a really nice detail there, nicely done
  5. Love the skin tone, and the purples and the hair really pop! Excellent work, can't wait to see more.
  6. Still working through the legacy pack in alpha order, just to see if I can make it through. Getting back into the swing of things with Anfi, primed below with a random base I found a free stl for: After session 1, happy with the progress, skin needs some serious cleanup, but much more smooth layering than I've been able to do in the past. Skin, straight RMS Dark Skin triad, nothing else. Cloth: first coat done in RMS Highland Moss. Scarring I decided to make as stone, going with an earth theme. Coat of Stone Grey to begin. Still pondering hair/feathers and strap colors. Thinking an obsidian look for the weapons, if I can find a good reference or tutorial.
  7. Thanks much! And I didn't think about the static pose side, good point.
  8. So it's been about 8 years since I painted, thanks to having a couple kids, but I've finally managed to make the time to paint again. I always found the advice of folks on this forum invaluable, amd it makes a great place to keep a painting diary, so thought I'd pick up poating WIPs here again. Picked up a 3d printer and joined the RN Estudio Patreon, as I adore their sculpts. As a challenge to myself, decided to go through their Legacy Pack in alphabetical order. So, first in the line is Aaron, plate wearing warrior, shown below primed white with Army Painter spray. First session: RMS for most paints, Pro Acrylic for the metallics. Armor: Basecoated with Violet Shadow, layered up with Royal Purple. Chainmail: Nightshade wash, drybrush of PA Dark Silver Trim: PA Bright Gold, wash of Brown Ink, touch up Plume: Carnage Red, washed with Nightshade, layered back up. Not really feeling it so far. Second session: Highlight armor with mix of Storm Grey and Royal Purple, tried to touch things up on the armor with some Pearl White. Long story short, did not turn out well. Got a LOT of practice to get in the swing of things.
  9. Since I had already painted the whole area with shadow grey previously, I just tried to keep my brush away from the edges when I came back with the lighter color. I was successful, for the most part. Some of the edges still need a little cleaning, but I want to finish getting all the base colors down before I touch things up. Thanks, much appreciated! Looking great, really matches the box there, not to mention a great job with the face and hair.
  10. I'm not sure you'll be able to really pin that enough to make a difference, the points of contact look small enough that I'd worry about accidentally drilling all the way through. But that's just me. Not sure how well it would work, but you might be able to glue the mini to a weight of some sort (washer, rock, etc.), then hollow out the top of the barrel to hide it. Might take a little Milliput to disguise things.
  11. Excellent job on the skin tones there, love the face on this one. Out of curiosity, how did you approach all those little lines on the armor, like the rectangle there on the right leg in the bottom picture?
  12. Now we need to get you a D&D group... Outstanding work!
  13. Welcome aboard and great to have you posting. You picked the right place, there's a great community of very friendly and helpful folks here. Can't wait to see where this is going.
  14. Heh, my wet blending looks like I sneezed too hard at the wrong moment. Let's hear it for Whatever Works!
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